Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (2024)

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Bottom Line

Quicken is a popular personal finance software that empowers individuals to effectively manage their financial lives. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help users track their income, expenses, investments, and budgets.


  • Different versions to suit your needs
  • It’s secure
  • A clear picture of your finances
  • It helps you stay organized
  • Budgets and bill reminders
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Small business version
  • Investment tools
  • Ability to connect to your bank and download transactions directly into the program


  • The program is not free
  • Quicken can be complicated
  • A subscription model means a monthly or annual fee to us
  • Quicken’s Mac version lacks some features compared to the Windows version
  • It may not sync with your bank
  • Open Quicken Account Now

Do you want to manage your money better? Quicken is a great way to get started!

It’s an easy-to-use accounting software that helps you keep track of all your spending in one place, so you can see where your money goes.

Maybe you have tried budgeting the old-fashioned way and want to try something else. A personal finance app like Quicken may be the answer!

By using Quicken, you’ll have a clear picture of how much money is coming in, pay bills and track due dates, and how much is left over for fun and savings. It’s never been easier to take charge of your finances!

In this Quicken review, we will look at the benefits of using Quicken and talk about the new features that can make a difference in your budget.


Take complete control of your finances with Quicken! Plan for today and tomorrow with their award-winning software and apps.

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Table of Contents

What Is Quicken?

Quicken is one of the best personal softwares available. It helps you gain control of your spending and savings so that you can live the life you want and achieve financial freedom.

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (2)

Quicken has been around since 1983. It was first introduced as a DOS program account software by Intuit Inc, but in 2016 Quicken was sold to Equiline Partners.

It’s a personal finance management tool that helps you keep track of your spending and saving.

It’s easy to use, so it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to take control of their money.

You connect your membership with your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, loans, and other financial institutions, so everything is automatically updated.

That way, you always know where every dollar goes and how much money you have leftover at the end of the month.

The software has come a long way since it first hit the market, and there are now different versions to suit everyone’s needs.

There’s a Quicken for Mac and Windows users, plus there’s a Quicken mobile and web companion app. They also offer Quicken Home and a Business version.

Who Benefits From Quicken?

Quicken has become a popular accounting software with several different types of Quicken users:

People who want things simpler

Quicken is helpful for people who want their budget to be simple to understand and can check it on the go. Some other companies will have you pay for features you don’t need

Simplifi by Quicken is the newest program designed specifically for people who are new to budgeting, who want advice on how to save and make the most out of their money.

It also has automated sorting- so when you buy things, it gets placed in a category right away so you know how you’re doing. You’re out buying some groceries?

Simpifi will know, and you’ll both know right away if you’ve got to spend less on groceries! It’s so helpful to get alerts for overspending and unusual spending, Simplifi and Quicken make it easy and do all the leg work!

To learn more, read our full Simplifi Review here.

People who like details

Quicken is a great accounting software solution for people who want to track their spending and understand where their money goes each month.

People can create budgets and see how well they’re doing each month and do a better job managing their money.


Quicken is also popular with investors. Not only can people track their investment portfolio and see how investments are doing, but they can also create detailed budgets for each investment.

Budget newbies

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (4)

Now we’ve been budgeting for a very long time, but we know some of you are new to the game! Budgeting doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it can be difficult knowing where to start exactly.

Not every Quicken program is made for big businesses with billions to keep track of. You can find the perfect option for you with Quicken to budget your money without being bogged down by the financial minutia.

Simplifi by Quicken is made for those who want a simpler want to budget that doesn’t bewilder you with financial jargon or have you pay for a bunch of features you won’t use!

This option is perfect for college students just starting out who need help saving money or college graduates who want a good plan for paying back their student loans.

Not only is it a great option for college students/grads, but it’s also for people who like the simpler visualization or for busy people on the go – powerfully simple.

Business people who want to track both home & business in the same place, separate but together

Quicken is a great way to keep track of business expenses and get business accounting software that works for you.

It can create different spending categories for business expenses to track how much is being spent on things like office supplies and any other expenses that are relevant to doing business.

People who want accessible personal finances

Have you noticed how some budget programs aren’t exactly cell phone friendly? It can be frustrating not having access to your budget when you’re on the go.

You can check your spending as you shop with Quicken and make sure you aren’t wrecking your personal finance stats!

Well, Quicken created Simplifi specifically for us techy folks who want a Quicken mobile app budget that is quick and practical- and, of course, usable at all times!

People who don’t trust the cloud

Quicken is popular with people who prefer not to connect their financial institutions and personal information with the cloud.

They don’t want to use mobile apps and like keeping everything on their computer to be accessed very easily. You can opt to add in your transactions manually or let Quicken do it for you.

Quicken Pricing & Programs

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (5)

Quicken is an accounting software that uses a subscription model with its users.

They have four packages/subscriptions that offer different features, ranging in price from $28.68 to $71.88 when you pay annually.

Quicken is available at electronic stores, online on their website, or through Amazon. If you choose to subscribe to Quicken, there are automatic updates on all versions of Quicken for one year for free.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you lose automated downloads from financial institutions on Quicken if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Each package comes with the Desktop version and Quicken web & mobile companion app. You can also create a simple one-month budget with each package, sync your bank accounts (if you want), and pay bills online with the bank bill pay feature.

The packages Quicken offers are Simplifi By Quicken, Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, and Quicken Home & Business. Let’s take a look at each package!

Simplifi By Quicken

Price:$28.68 per year


Simplifi by Quicken was built for web and mobile, whereas the Quicken packages work best on desktops.

It’s made for people who are new to budgets, who don’t need excessive features to manage their money.

Its most notable features are the custom monthly spending plans, their updated pies and graphs (great visuals!), easy-to-navigate financial reports, and it has some investment account tracking options for your portfolio, unlike Starter and Deluxe.

It’s simpler than the experienced investor features you get with other Quicken plans.

Quicken Deluxe

Price:$35.88 per year

Quicken Deluxe helps you track all of your financial accounts and provides easy-to-use charts, graphs, and reports. Setting up your budget at the beginning of the month/year is easy.


Quicken Deluxe lets you create custom reports and track loans, investments, and retirement accounts.

Quicken Premier

Price:$50.28 per year

Quicken Premier offers even more features for the advanced investor.


Quicken Premier includes every feature of Quicken Deluxe, plus the ability to pay your bills through the software and see the current fair market value of your home through Zillow.

Quicken Premium also offers front-of-the-line access to Quicken support.

Quicken Home & Business

Price: $71.88 per year

Quicken Home & Business is the most comprehensive plan Quicken offers and is suitable for people who want to track their home and business/rental finances all in one place.


Quicken Home & Business is available to Windows users.

It includes every feature of the other Quicken plans, plus you can create invoices and track your income and expenses related to your business.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and has personal and business financial data features.

Some additional features are:

  • Rental property management, where you can view your rental properties’ information, your rent receipts, your rental property tenants, and much more
  • Personal property management, where you can add the assets you own and their estimated property value
  • Tenant management, where you can record rental payments, track tenant information, and more
  • Vehicle management, where you can add your car’s information, including the make, model, year, and mileage
  • Tools for checking the security prices every 15 minutes and the “What ifs” of buying and selling investments

Quicken Features

Like any personal finance app, changes get made along the way to be better for you!

The most recent changes were made in 2021 during the pandemic, but many of the 2021 features for Quicken are just tweaking old stuff.

However, a few updates may be of interest to potential users:

Tracking Spending/Expenses

One of the changes that Quicken made was to change the spending dashboard to see all your spending and expenses in one place.

You can view all your accounts in one place and make sure your bills are paid and that you aren’t overspending.

You can now see your spending by category, merchant, or date and even break it down by household members. Doing this will help you quickly and easily identify where you are overspending in your budget.

Another feature of Quicken is that you can check your transactions to make sure they are legitimate transactions, giving you an extra layer of protection to your finances.

Financial Planning- Money Tracking

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (6)

Financial planning with Quicken 2021 is made a little easier with the ability to create budgets, long-term financial plans, and tax planning.

You can also use the Debt Reduction calculator to help you reach your financial goals.

The budgeting tool in Quicken is one of the most popular features that allows you to track your spending and savings to make sure you stay within your budget.

You can set it up to automatically create a budget for you based on your income and expenses.

Another popular feature is the Savings Goals feature. You can set it up to automatically save money for a specific goal, like a vacation or a new car.

The Savings Goals feature helps you make sure you reach your short and long-term goals by setting a deadline and showing you how much money you need to save on a monthly or yearly basis.

Quicken also offers a Tax Center. The Tax Center includes the option to all the information you need to file your taxes, including how to report income and expenses, what deductions you can claim, and more.

Bill Management (Bill Pay)

Bills are a huge part of personal finances- and making sure your head is above water!

That’s why Quicken makes it easy to handle your bills by paying directly from your checking account.

In August 2020, Quicken moved from a Bill Pay platform to a new platform called Quicken Bill Manager.

The new platform has the latest features and is available to Premium package users and higher. Starter and Deluxe users can add it to their packages for $9.95 a month.

The Quicken Bill Management feature allows you to do everything from one place in the Bills dashboard.

You can track your bills, pay your bills, stay up-to-date with all your account balances, plus even download a copy of your invoice.

Online payments can be made through a Quicken service, either online or by mail to anyone in the United States.

Investment Tracking

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (7)

Quicken investments are available for users on Quicken Deluxe, Premiere, and Home and Business.

Investment management software is important for investors to know how their stocks and bonds are doing, plus other investments like cryptocurrency.

Quicken connects with over 14 million financial institutions, so you can be sure your investment changes will be tracked at any moment.

What I like is that Quicken can track your investments, but also it can also calculate capital gains and losses on your portfolio options.

Retirement Overview

The retirement tool in Quicken allows you to get a summary of your retirement accounts.

You can see exactly how much money is available to you at certain times throughout the year and what your monthly income would be if you started drawing from this account today.

The 401(k) retirement tool is helpful to project how long your current savings will last in retirement.

It doesn’t take the place of independent financial advice but it is valuable for those who are nearing retirement and want to know what their options are.

Quicken For Mac

Now we all know that some programs don’t translate well to Mac products, and vice versa for iOS systems.

However, Quicken for Mac is their way of making sure Mac users get all the same benefits and less of the glitches!

Before the updates, Quicken was slower on Apple devices- graphs were slow to load, account linking would take more time, etc.

But they revamped things to be twice as fast, with better graph designs and better Portfolio views.

The dashboard is all new for users, so your Home runs smoothly- it has 5 category cards: Income, Expense, Spending by Category, Recent Transactions, Uncategorized Transactions, and Top spending Payee.

Some users still think the PC version runs smoother than Quicken for Mac, but I don’t feel like it’s all that lacking when we use it.

I do use it mainly from our computer rather than the mobile app, and mobile is for quick peeks at all your accounts, so there could be some lagging on the go that I don’t see very often.

Account Synchronization

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (8)

One of the best features of Quicken is that it can be synchronized with all your personal finances, including investment accounts and credit card accounts.

Hooking up your financial institution or other accounts gives you the most benefits with Quicken’s features.

This means that all of your financial information is in one place, and you don’t have to worry about tracking multiple websites to see your account balances.

The synchronization process is simple and can be done in a few minutes. You enter your information on the Quicken website, and it will connect your accounts and download all of your transactions.

Then you choose which accounts and categories you want to be synced with Quicken and click “Update Accounts.”

Some people choose not to synchronize their accounts due to security concerns. Quicken gives assurance about the robust 256-bit encryption security of Quicken data transmitted.

Quicken Interface

The Quicken interface is one of the most popular features of the software.

The interface is very minimalistic but has a straightforward layout that is easy to navigate. Different functions are available on the home page, but they are all tucked away neatly in one place.

If you have never used Quicken before, then there is a Resources page on their website where you can watch tutorials and get more information about various features of Quicken like One Step Update or the Investment Tracker.

Signing Up With Quicken

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (9)

Quicken is a subscription model that you can pay month to month or annually, and you get access and help with your finances as long as you’re a current user.

You can access Quicken immediately upon signing up and get all your budgets lined up quickly and efficiently.

The signup process takes about 5 minutes- all you have to do is enter your name and email address, select a password and security question, and then confirm that you accept the terms of use.

Then download the software, and you are ready to go and get your finances under wraps!

Not everyone likesQuicken, so you can try the 30-day trial first, but you can also check out other options to track your money.

Pros & Cons

There are many benefits of using Quicken, which is why it has been such a popular personal finance software for over 40 years.

Here are some of the key pros and cons of the Quicken software.


  • Different versions to suit your needs – There is a Quicken for everyone, no matter your needs, and it’s usable on multiple computers, Windows devices as well as Mac products.
  • It’s secure – Quicken uses bank-level security, so your information is always safe.
  • A clear picture of your finances – With Quicken, you can see all your spending and save in one place. This gives you a clear picture of how much money is coming in, what bills are due, what your net worth is, and how much you can afford to spend on fun things.
  • It helps you stay organized – Quicken helps keep you organized and on top of your finances, which is especially helpful if you have to keep track of multiple bills to pay or investments.
  • Budgets and bill reminders – Quicken makes it easy for you to set up a financial plan by creating a budget so you can start saving more money. And you can also set up bill pay reminders to never miss a payment again.
  • Excellent customer support team – The support team is available online and by phone. Live chat representatives are available during regular business hours, and you can email inquiries 24/7. Phone support hours vary depending on the day of the week but are typically open from 8 am to midnight EST. There is also an active online community plus a Resources page for users.
  • Small business version – It helps people who have small businesses keep track of their expenses and income related to their business.
  • Investment tools – This tool can help you make smart decisions about where to put your money.
  • Ability to connect to your bank and download transactions directly into the program – This helps keep track of your balance and prevents you from over-drafting your account.


  • The program is not free – The full version of the software is $5.99 per month, billed annually for businesses. There are free programs and Quicken alternatives like Mint, with fewer bells and whistles, but the cost is zilch!
  • Quicken can be complicated – Some people can be overwhelmed by everything Quicken offers, and it can take some time to get used to the program.
  • A subscription model means a monthly or annual fee to us– To keep using Quicken, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee. The price depends on the version of Quicken you have and the current price at the time of renewal.
  • Quicken’s Mac version lacks some features compared to the Windows version – Some of the features that you can get in the Windows version aren’t available on the Mac version, making it less useful for some people.However, it is highly rated by Quicken for Mac customers, especially over the past 3 years.
  • It may not sync with your bank – Quicken may have trouble syncing with some banks, which can be frustrating.

Quicken Alternatives: Other Money Management Tools

Not sure Quicken is the personal finance app for you? Well, Quicken is great but it isn’t the only option to track your finances and better manage your money.

If you are looking for alternative personal finance trackers, two great options are Mint and Empower.


Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (10)

Mint is a free, ad-supported program that offers many of the same features as Quicken but is less complex and less customizable, making it suitable for those who want a simple program to help them with their finances.

Mint also has an excellent mobile app that enables you to keep track of your investments on the go.

You can hook up your bank account, savings accounts, and even credit card accounts and get a clear picture of where your money is going and how much money you have at any given time.

If you want a more detailed comparison, read our Mint Vs. Quicken rundown to get a better idea of which is better for you.

Empower (Formerly Personal Capital)

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (11)

Empower is another option if you are looking for a more user-friendly alternative to Quicken.

They have a free version and a paid version with other features, but they really shine as an investment tracker!

We love Empower because we can track our income and spending, but we can also keep a close eye on our investments and make sure we’re on track for our retirement plan.

It is similar to Mint in some ways, but investors particularly like Empower because it offers comprehensive investment tools that are easy to use.

Empower tends to push users to focus on their wealth management services, which is the big draw of the program, and some people prefer Quicken to avoid the upsells.

Check out our in-depth Empower Review to find out how well the app can manage your finances and investments!

Final Thoughts

Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (12)

If you’re looking for personal finance software that can help you track your spending, save money, and manage your investments, Quicken is a great option.

Overall, Quicken is a great program for personal finance that can help you keep track of your budget, bills, and investments.

It has various features that cater to different needs, plus can be used on computers, Android phones, and iOS mobile devices.

As we mentioned earlier, it is one of the most popular personal finance programs available, and it has a lot of features to offer.

However, it can be expensive and complicated to use, so be sure to consider all of the pros and cons before deciding if it’s right for you.


Take complete control of your finances with Quicken! Plan for today and tomorrow with their award-winning software and apps.

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Quicken Review 2024: Better Features Worth The Cost? (2024)


Is Quicken worth the price? ›

However, Quicken offers a large suite of tools and technology at costs as low as $3.99 per month (less than $50 per year), which many consumers do find worth the investment.

How much is Quicken 2024? ›

Overview. Quicken Classic subscription pricing will be updated in 2024. Starter: $47.88/year - an increase of $6. Deluxe: $71.88/year - an increase of $12.

Is Quicken no longer owned by Intuit? ›

Intuit does not own Quicken anymore. However, Quicken still comes in the list of the best financial management tools out there, albeit for individuals and small businesses. It also offers responsive support through the phone and chat, so you can always use the software at its full capacity.

How many people still use Quicken? ›

The app offers users a customizable way to manage finances, save money, track spending, pay bills, and much more. Over 20 million people have turned to Quicken to track their budgets and grow their money over the past four decades.

Can I buy Quicken without a subscription? ›

No. Quicken doesn't offer a perpetual license. I suppose that is because it is a consumer / retail program. You'll need to renew your subscription every year (although from time to time I believe that they offer subscriptions that may run longer than a year, but none are perpetual.

Can you get Quicken for free? ›

Is Quicken subscription only? Quicken is currently offered as a subscription-only product starting at $10.99 per month.

Can I still use an old version of Quicken? ›

if your subscription expired before that new update, you won't be able to open your Quicken file. Not to worry, you can still use the version of Quicken you had at the time your Membership expired to open your data files and, for Quicken Deluxe and above, continue to use Quicken in a manual mode.

Is Mint better than Quicken? ›

Quicken has much more functionality and can grow with you over time. It's also better than Mint if you're a small business owner or are managing rental properties. Quicken is also better than Mint for tracking investments and planning your retirement.

Is Quicken good for home budget? ›

Quicken Simplifi is one of the best budgeting apps out there, especially if you want to create a detailed monthly spending and savings plan and don't mind paying for a subscription. If you would rather get a budgeting app that doesn't have a subscription fee, you'll have to consider other options.

Why did Intuit sell Quicken? ›

Quicken is a desktop-centric business and it doesn't strengthen the small business or tax ecosystems,” said chief executive Brad Smith in a conference call with Wall Street last year. “Our strategy is focused on building ecosystems and platforms in the cloud.”

Who bought out Quicken? ›

In 2021 Quicken was sold to Aquiline Capital Partners by H.I.G Capital, who purchased it in 2016.

Does Wells Fargo own Quicken? ›

Quicken is offered by Quicken, Inc. Wells Fargo doesn't own or operate Quicken. Quicken is solely responsible for its content, product offerings, privacy, and security. Please refer to Quicken's terms of use and privacy policy, which are located on Quicken's website and are administered by Quicken.

Do I have to upgrade Quicken every year? ›

Quicken Subscription is designed so that you never go through the upgrade process again. In addition to online banking, you'll automatically receive new Quicken features, versions, and services as part of your Quicken subscription, so you'll always have the newest product.

Why has Quicken slowed down? ›

Turn off backup programs that may be running in the background (ex: OneDrive, Dropbox, Carbonite etc.). Ensure your Quicken file is not saved in a compressed drive. We have observed performance issues (such as slowness) when Quicken files are saved on a compressed drive. Check if other programs are running slowly.

How often should I start a new Quicken file? ›

Most of us here recommend NOT starting a new year or file. Just keep going in your current data file. You can run reports for the just the year you want. It's better to leave all your data and history together in one file and it should not affect performance.

What is the benefit of using Quicken? ›

You can see your net worth with your debts all in one place and you can create watch lists to watch spending on certain things!" I have been using [Quicken] Simplifi for 3 years, and I prefer it over all the others. Easy to use, the budgeting feature is the best.

What is the point of Quicken? ›

For the uninitiated, Quicken is a personal finance software program that helps manage your checkbook and credit cards, pay your bills, keep to a budget, and track investments. It's available on Windows and Mac, though there are differences in capabilities between the two.

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