4 essential questions you need to ask about mission, vision & purpose (2024)

A clear business strategy requires clarity of thought. So often the definitions of and distinctions between purpose, vision, mission - and impact - are not clear. Here are my four essential questions to ask yourself get to clear on your business strategy:

Purpose: Why does your company exist?

What is the change you want to create in our world?

Purpose is your “why” - your guide and North Star.

Vision: What does your company want to become?

Vision is your ‘what” - your aspiration.

Mission: How does your company achieve its purpose and vision?

Mission is your “how” - it is was drives you.

Who are you impacting?

Impact is what matters, it is your “who”. Change needs people.

What change and results are you creating together?

Top tip: this works for your business, organizations, teams, projects, business functions and units, but also individuals - you too!


Author: Jules Howard-Wright, Leadership Coach & Strategic Advisor @ juleshowardwright.com.

This article was originally posted @ juleshowardwright.com.

Leadership Coach for purpose & values driven next generation leaders who activate impact at the intersection of creativity and technology.

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4 essential questions you need to ask about mission, vision & purpose (2024)
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