Why can't we stop thinking about our twin flames? (2024)

Liz Henderson,January 6, 2018Twin Flame in Union, Coach (2016–present)

You can’t stop thinking about your Twin Flame because your soul is pushing you to grow. You are constantly reminded of the greatest love of your life because you are meant to manifest this Union for your self. You do this by remaining Unconditional.

You FEEL the love for your Twin Flame WITHOUT the need for outer conditions to be perfect first. You FEEL your Union with your Twin Flame without the need for any sort of outer proof or conditions. And the whole paradox here is that when you FEEL something first, you are then inviting it in to your life. You must feel within the way that you wish to see your outer circumstances, or conditions, to play out. That's the whole reason we see 11:11, because it literally is showing you "as within, so without", it is a message from the Universe telling you exactly what to do to get to Union.

Feel the way within, that yourself and your Twin are in Union and perfect harmony, and watch your reality shift to match this. However, if you continue to vibrate at "he's running, we're in separation, we are not together" etc, then THAT in turn is what you will continue to invite in your life.

To get to Union you have to be UNCONDITIONAL. Ignore your outer circumstances completely and go within to feel the Love and Union with your Twin, in order to EXPERIENCE the Love and Union with your Twin in your reality.

Many think Union isn't possible for them and this couldn't be further from the truth. Union with your Twin is completely attainable, and once you learn to become Unconditional then Union will ensue. No one and no higher power is withholding it from you, YOU are withholding it from yourself.

As an expert in the field of Twin Flames and Union, I have dedicated my time and research to understanding the intricacies of this spiritual connection. Through my years of experience as a Twin Flame in Union coach, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this profound love.

One concept that is crucial to comprehend is that the constant thoughts of your Twin Flame are not a mere coincidence or obsession. Rather, they signify a deeper calling from your soul to embark on a journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution. Your soul is urging you to manifest this Union for yourself, and it does so by pushing you to remain unconditional in your love.

To truly understand the essence of Twin Flames, it is essential to grasp the concept of feeling the love for your Twin Flame without any reliance on external conditions. This means that you must cultivate a deep sense of love and connection within yourself, without needing any outward validation or proof. It is through this paradoxical approach that you invite the Union you desire into your life.

The phenomenon of repeatedly encountering the numbers 11:11 holds a profound message from the Universe. It serves as a reminder that the key to manifesting Union lies in aligning your inner state with your desired outer circumstances. By feeling the love and harmony of Union within yourself and your Twin, you pave the way for your reality to shift and mirror this desired state.

However, it is crucial to understand that your vibrational frequency plays a pivotal role in attracting the desired Union. If you continue to vibrate at a frequency of separation, fear, or doubt, you will inadvertently invite these circumstances into your life. To achieve Union, it is imperative to adopt an unconditional mindset, disregarding any external circumstances, and focusing on feeling the love and Union within yourself.

It is a common misconception to believe that Union is unattainable for some individuals. In truth, Union with your Twin Flame is entirely within your reach. Once you embrace the concept of being unconditional in your love and release any self-imposed limitations, Union will naturally follow. It is important to recognize that neither external forces nor a higher power are withholding Union from you. Instead, it is you who may be withholding it from yourself by not fully embracing the unconditional love required for this transformative connection.

In summary, the journey towards Twin Flame Union requires a deep understanding of the principles of unconditional love and inner alignment. By remaining unconditional, disregarding external circumstances, and cultivating a sense of love and Union within yourself, you can manifest the profound connection you seek with your Twin Flame. Remember, Union is not only attainable but also your birthright as you embark on this transformative spiritual path.

Why can't we stop thinking about our twin flames? (2024)
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