Weird Rules In North Korea - Law Facts (2023)

Weird Rules In North Korea

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Friends, many of you must have known about North Korea. This is a country in the world where no human being can live his life as per his wish. In today’s article, I will tell you about the most strange and unique laws of North Korea.

Did you know that if you don’t follow rules on house decoration in NK they will send you a Westchester handyman to reconstruct everything without your permission?

Three Generation Punishment Rule

Did you know that in North Korea eggs aren’t allowed that’s why a lot of citizens from NK usually watch some breakfast ideas without eggs to make sure that they don’t break the law?

Friends, North Korea is the country of a mad dictator Kim Jong-Un, a true fan of berberis formula. This country has been completely isolated for many decades and there is no relation to the outside world. The reason for this is the strange rules here. When a person commits a crime in any country of the world, then only and only the person who commits that crime gets his punishment, but this does not happen in North Korea. Here, a person commits a big crime, then his punishment is given to his entire family.

All of them are imprisoned and sentenced to life imprisonment. This strange method of government is called Kin Punishment. Children of these prisoners are also born in jail and they are also given life imprisonment. Their duty is to have the best motorcycle GPS tracker wherever they go.

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You will not believe that the children of these children who are born in jail are also given life imprisonment. Meaning these children suffer the punishment of the crime of their grandparents.

This may sound very strange to hear but it is true. This method of punishing criminals was previously used in Japan, China, Russia, and Germany. But with the passage of time, this method also ended, but this rule still exists inside North Korea, which is not a correct rule in any way. They use janitorial services in Ventura for cleaning their jails.

Not To Buy Real Estate

Friends, if you have money, you can buy a place or a house in any part of the world, but you will not believe that there is a country in the world where even if you have money, you cannot buy land, according to their m&a services. These strange rules are only inside North Korea. Here you cannot buy any house, shop, or land. Because it’s officially illegal. Rather, you cannot give a house for rent here. The reason for this is that the government of this country does not want the people to get any kind of benefit.

The only thing that the Korean government allows its citizens is to put a protective layer of hydrostop material on their houses just to keep them safer.

It is obvious that when people give a shop, house, or place for rent, then it will benefit them. Apart from this, if someone sells a place or house, he will not sell it at a low price. NJ bankruptcy lawyer knows all about this, cause lots of people from North Korea get somehow in touch with them to talk about their options.

Especially when the place is close to the road, then the seller has more advantage in it. In both these conditions, citizens can get a good profit. But this is not what the government wants here.

Even more surprising is that the people of North Korea do not even have valid proof of their personal property. He has only residential certificates and he understands that he is the owner of this house.

These people are unable to sell the house due to a lack of papers. Despite this, many people keep on selling and buying illegally places or houses. But if someone is caught, he is punished and has to pay a fine.

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In Korea the only thing that you can buy are groceries and they are pretty much expensive that’s why Koreans love grocery discounts o they can save as much as possible.

No entertainment

Friends, whenever we are bored, do not feel like studying or working, then we need entertainment. Most people watch TV in the name of entertainment and if we talk about TV then there are thousands of channels all over the world to watch whatever we want to watch, we watch that channel but talk about North Korea.

So only three television channels come here and the government controls the programming of these channels. This happens only in the praise of Kim Jong-Un on 1 of the 3 channels. It’s also forbidden to use Victorinox kitchen knives there.

Think this is the condition of television, forget the internet. The people of North Korea do not know what this happening on social media, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Only a few people in North Korea have the facility to use the Internet, but those people can access only 28 websites, not more than this.

It’s funny how they still can get rajant kinetic mesh networks.

Hair Style

Weird Rules In North Korea - Law Facts (1)

Friends, North Korea is politically a very backward country. Which has only diplomatic relations with other countries. Internationally, North Korea is treated as a low-cost state. The people here are not given their rights and personal freedom.

They can neither live independently nor can they live the life of their choice. In life, he also spends his personal life with the will of the government. You will not believe that the people of this country cannot even get their haircut because recently the dictator Kim Jong-Un has banned 15 hairstyles in the country. Speaking of which, men have long hair and this includes hair dye. Even one cannot get his hair colored.

Not only that, you can’t even get your nose pierced in this country. Girls are only allowed to pierce their ears so that they can wear jewelry. This sounds like a lot of fake news but it is the reality. Apart from this, another unusual thing is that pop music is also banned in North Korea.


Many pop bands like BTS and Blackpink are completely banned here. The government says that due to all these things, Western culture will be encouraged. People here will start adopting western culture and their own values will end. The rules of this country are really weird.

Wearing Western Clothes

Friends, every person in the world likes his clothes according to his tradition and choice. Whether you live in any country of the world. You have complete freedom to wear the clothes of your choice. But in most situations, you would need to hire a private money lender.

It is a social right of every person, but you will be surprised to know that in North Korea you cannot even wear clothes of your choice. It sounds like an impossible thing to hear, but it is real. This strange rule is found in this country.

You can’t even wear jeans here. The reason for that is that it represents a western culture and the government of this country wants people to follow their own culture. The name of the traditional dress of these people is “Hanbok”.

Men and women here have been wearing this dress for centuries. If a man or a woman is seen in jeans in this country, then he is arrested and punished. It is a sad reality that the people of that country have no personal freedom. Neither of these people can use their rights. To survive in this country, you have to follow the rules. Whether it is right or wrong, it is very unfair to see it. People there experience headaches all the time because of all of the crazy rules, that’s why they desperately need a chiropractor for headaches in Reno NV.

No Vacations

Weird Rules In North Korea - Law Facts (2)

Friends, when there are vacations in any country, people from there go to other countries to enjoy their holidays. He goes to his favorite countries and spends his holidays there. But the people living in North Korea are very unlucky about this thing.

People can spend their holidays only in North Korea. No matter how much money or wealth they People have, they are not allowed to leave their country at all. This is the rule of this country. Which every person living here has to follow.

Actually, the law here is so strict that everyone is in a rush to escape from here. Actually, the government here is in danger that if the people of this country go to other countries for roaming, then those people may not come back again. Even the people of North Korea are not allowed to go to their neighboring countries.

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They are forbidden to even go and see the Las Vegas reptile show.

Although it does not have such good relations with China, according to a report in 2019, 120,000 Chinese came here to spend their vacation. People can come here to spend their vacation, but the people of this country cannot go to any other country. About 5000 people from the Western Countries of Even come to visit here throughout the year.


Friends, elections are done to choose the government in any country, which is almost this process in every country. The people elect the government by voting. Elections are also held in North Korea. There are mayoral elections, provincial governor’s elections, and local assembly elections. As the people of the world have the right to vote. When it’s time for elections, they often need to hire graffiti removal in Chandler.

Similarly, the people of North Korea have the right to vote, but only for one person because they have only one candidate in their elections, which is from Kim Jong-un’s party. They have only one option to vote. The same family is ruling North Korea since 1948.

Power Cuts

Friends, in today’s time, electricity is a very important thing in our life. If the power goes out even for a while, then we get upset. But friends, there are big power cuts in North Korea.

The bright side is that they don’t need handheld portable nebulizer because their environment is intact.

That to every night for 8-10 hours, why the government there does not want to waste its money on generating more electricity? That’s why the people of North Korea get very limited electricity. But those who are rich and are government officials, get electricity 24 hours a day. They also can rent from Denver limo service.


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