Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (2022)

Best Turkish coffee brands and top coffee manufacturers in Turkey are listed with their short company introductions. In the list you can find the top companies offering almost all kinds including instant Turkish Coffee .

In order to prepare a good foamy Turkish coffee you need a Turkish coffee pot (Cezve or Ibrik) (the traditional method) or an electric Turkish coffee maker. (These type of special machines really do a great job)

Top Turkish Coffee Brands are:

    1. Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi
    2. Shazel Turkish Coffee
    3. Kahve Dunyasi
    4. Selamlique
    5. Tchibo
    6. Adil Kayisoglu
    7. Arinba
    8. Istanbul Coffee
    9. Detay Coffee
    10. Adiyaman Kervansaray Kahve
    11. Mahmood Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (1)

Turkish coffee is one of the most well-known and seeked Turkish made products around the World.

We have added both traditional Turkish coffee brands & manufacturers, and instant Turkish coffee manufacturers here. There is a really large market for instant coffee and Turkish coffee is no exception. The most popular hot drink in Turkey, however, is not coffee but Turkish Tea for which brands and manufacturers are listed also on our site.

Turkish Coffee is the name of the method of coffee preparation and cooking discovered by the Turks. It has a special taste, foam, smell, cooking, offering… in short, it has a unique identity and tradition. Turkish Coffee, which is blended and carefully roasted from high quality arabica type coffee beans from South and Central America, is finely ground. It is cooked by adding water and optionally sugar with the help of a coffee pot. Now many people also use electric Turkish coffee makers in Turkey. It is served in small cups. A short time is waited for the grounds to settle before drinking.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (2)

Turkish Coffee in Turkish language: Türk Kahvesi

In Turkey, Turkish Coffee is usually served together with a glass of water or sometimes with Turkish Delight or Chocolates.

Top Turkish Coffee Brands & manufacturing Companies with details are as follows:

1.Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (3)

Since 1871, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi has approached coffee production as an art form, passing on the skills, knowledge, experience and intricacies of the craft from father to son and from master to apprentice.

In line with our mission to introduce future generations to Turkish Coffee – Turkey’s gift to the world – Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi aims to ensure that coffee lovers enjoy superior quality with each and every sip of their coffee.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (4)

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2.Shazel Turkish Coffee (Traditional & Instant)

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (5)

Have you tried Turkish coffee and world coffees from our recipes? If you are looking for a different taste and experience, you are in the right place. You will experience everything about us from the first sip to the last sip. Just like the importance we attach to taste, hygiene and quality.

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Shazel is the top Turkish instant coffee brand & manufacturer in Turkey. They have various flavors and packaging options in Turkish coffee. Shazel is famous for its innovative products and wide range in coffee. The instant Turkish coffee packs they offer are very popular and can be found in almost all vchain stores in Turley. If you like Turkish coffee but want to get it in seconds why not try Shazel?

The instant Turkish coffee is very easy to prepare and provides the same taste, flavor and foam in your cup. You will not compromise the joy of sipping Turkish coffee.

Shazel also has a variety of drip filter coffee, and traditional Turkish Coffee types.

Shazel was established in Antakya Turkey in 2016.

Products Include:

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (6)

  • Instant Traditional Turkish Coffee
  • Chai Latte
  • Turkish Coffee Latte
  • Turkish Coffe with Mint
  • Clotted Cream Turkish Coffee
  • Drip Filter Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (7) Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (8)

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3.Kahve Dunyasi

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (9)

After opening our first shop in Eminönü/Turkey in 2004 as Kahve Dünyası, by virtue of our customer oriented approach, welcoming with a smile as our reflection of Turkish hospitality, tableside service and culture of catering we quickly became a highly recommended brand by word of mouth.

By showing a very rapid growing trend since the day we were established we now provide services in many of Turkey’s provinces. We conduct all of our own businesses and do not have vendors. We collect our form of sales under the three categories of shops, corners and metro kiosks. As of October 2015 we now provide services at 130 sale locations.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (10)

We opened our first store abroad in London’s Picadilly Circus in November of 2011. Since the day of its opening our shop has received great interest both from British nationals and tourists visiting London.

As Kahve Dünyası we serve all of the coffee, chocolate, ice cream and pastry products available in our stores fresh with our “producer to consumer” approach and have created a unique coffee shop concept in Turkey. We do not serve anything that isn’t our production in our stores.

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4.Selamlique Istanbul

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (11)

The mill at the Selamlique factory in Izmir can cut a single Brazilian coffee bean into 35 thousand pieces. These are green-hued beans harvested from Arabica trees that grow on plateaus and hills 800 meters above sea level. Compared to Robusta beans, they have a stronger flavour, and less acidity and caffeine. Before being extra finely grinded for Turkish coffee, the beans go through a multi-stage process that requires rigorous care and skill.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (12)

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5.Tchibo Turkey

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (13)

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6.Adil Kayisoglu

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (14)

Established in Corum/Turkey in 1945 for producing Turkish Coffee.

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7.Arinba Turkish Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (15)

Since 2011 as Arınba Food our aim is to introduce our national products grown in the fertile lands ofprocessing with natural methods in the leading European and all world markets.

Anatolian lands that host thousands of civilizations with thousands of years are the greatest heritage we have with its civilization and fertility. Anatolian lands are the biggest miracle we have with its four seasons, four harvests ans 1000 years old trees and seeds.

Arınba Food starting with the export of fresh fruits and vegetables in 2011 continues its way with the export of Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight. We have decided to strengthen the mutual trade relations with the commercial partnership and solidarity partnerships with the leading companies which have been provided with Germany, Austria and France for more than 30 years. Our respect and our love for our cultures have combined us in many common points.

Arınba Food continues to institutionalize in the Food sector with two cold stored and logistic companies and experienced staff in Heidelberg, Germany.

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8.Istanbul Kahve

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (16)

We continue our coffee journey, which we started in Eminönü 30 years ago, with its production facility in Kurtköy.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (17)
In our facility with a closed area of 8000 m2, high capacity and brand roasting machines in its field, steel and stone mills, stainless steel mixers used separately for each product, wide range of weights from 2g to 50kg, from jar to stick package, from tin to quadro bag our very large packaging capacity and we are among the pioneers of Turkey’s biggest coffee industry firms.

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The first coffee-house in Istanbul was opened in Tahtakale in the 1500s; today, coffee lovers come here to buy roasted and ground coffee, and raw beans. You don’t need a specific address – the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans will guide you around the district.

Meanwhile, in recent years, more modern coffee-houses (in terms of decoration and presentation) that represent different coffee cultures and use various brewing/distilling techniques with industrial machines have started to pop up around Istanbul – especially in Karaköy, Topağaçı and Moda.

9.Detay Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (18)

At Detay Coffee, our mission is to provide superior quality coffees – from the original, finely milled Turkish coffee to filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino and a large variety of practical instant brews.

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Our state-of-the-art, 6000 m2 production plant allows us to handle the entire roasting, grinding and packing process within a closed, fully automated system that guarantees consistent aroma and flavor profiles as well as highest hygiene standards for all of our products. Similarly, our quality guarantee system covers the entire complex production spectrum from raw bean to packaged product to ensure perfect quality and freshness.

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (19)

You can import private label Turkish coffee for your business.

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10.Adiyaman Kervansaray Kahve

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (20)

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11.Mahmood Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (21)

Mahmood coffee is a brand for Turkşsh coffee and also manufacturer of many types of coffee in Gaziantep Turkey.

Mahmood Coffee offers instant cofee and Instant Turkish coffee as well.

Mahmood Coffee is a global brand that can compete with world brands with more than 30 years of experience. It appeals to all coffee lovers with its wide product range. Mahmood Coffee, which offers traditional coffee types such as gold, classic, 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and Turkish coffee to the taste of the consumer, is an international brand that also develops new generation coffee products such as cappuccino and capsule coffee and delivers them to customers all over the world. From hot beverages other than coffee; it also includes delicious flavors such as hot chocolate and sahlep in its product range.

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How to Prepare Turkish Coffee: The Recipe

Turkish Coffee

Ingredients Measure Amount
Coffe (pulverized) 1 teaspoon 2 g
Sugar 1 teaspoon 4 g
Water 1 teaspoon 60 g


  • Measure coffee and sugar into a cezve(Coffee Pot).
  • Add water; stir.
  • Heat over low heat until it is frothy on surface; do not boil.
  • Pour frothy part into demitasse.
  • Place coffee pot over heat.
  • Bring to rising boil.
  • Pour some more liquid into demitasse again.
  • Heat once more to rising boil.
  • Pour all into demitasse.
  • Serve hot.


Nutritional Value
(in approximately one serving)

Energy 18 cal
Protein 0 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 4 g
Calcium 0 mg
Iron 0 mg
Phosphorus 0 mg
Zinc 0 mg
Sodium 1,5 mg

Fortune Telling

Love, success, money, fortune: the art of reading coffee grounds is as old as coffee itself. Coffee fortune telling was born out of Turkish Coffee and is an inseparable part of the pleasure and conversation associated with coffee.

This ritual spread to Europe at the end of the 17th century when it became fashionable in Paris, from where it spread to Austria, Hungary and Germany.

After the coffee is drunk the cup is placed upside down on its saucer. The person whose fortune is to be read says, “Let my fortune match my state”. After the cup has thoroughly cooled, the fortuneteller examines the patterns formed by the grounds. The aim is generally to impart good news and to promote a positive outlook on the future.

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12.Villa Espresso Fruit Flavored Turkish Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (22)

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (23)

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13.Artukbey Turkish Coffee

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (24)

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14. Kahvecizade

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (25)

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15.Hisar Kahve

Top 10 Turkish Coffee Brands & Manufacturers in Turkey (30)

Everything has started for us at a small shop in Hisarönü, İzmir. Such that, the alluring fragrance of the coffee that came up from that shop pervaded almost all around Kemeraltı. The coffee was roasted to a turn and thinly crushed, being served fresh all the time. The regulars of the said coffee increased by time. The calendars showed yet the first years of the Republic, i.e. 1928.

This journey has started for Hisar Coffee in such a way that the coffee cups has been full of joy, happiness and love. The excellence of our coffee was heard in all directions. All Turkey came to know our coffee that we produced with due care and continued to do so with passion, devoutness and resolve.

And our business has expanded by time. The production gained pace as the new investments such as “the first vacuum package of Turkey” and different varieties followed one another. But Hisar Coffee has never lost its energy and excitement of the first day. Procuring its fragrance and taste from the history, it carried its production technology into the future. It contributed a brand-new dimension to our coffee culture.

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Today, Hisar Coffee continues to produce coffee in the full automatic machines at its modern production facilities in Kemalpaşa. It reaches out to every corner of Turkey with the coffee delight in its hygienic and healthy packages. It mixes its decades-long experience with young generation managers. It serves the respect for its business and first of all its passion for coffee to you in coffee cups.

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Which is the best Turkish coffee brand? ›

The Best Turkish Coffee Brand To Buy
  • Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee, 250 Gram Can.
  • Al Ameed Gourmet Turkish Ground Coffee Medium Roast With Cardamom, 8 oz.
  • Selamlique's Mastic Flavored Turkish Coffee, 4.4 oz.

What is Turkey famous coffee? ›

Turkish coffee derives its name from a specific preparation method; finely powdered roast coffee beans are boiled in a pot also known as cezve in Turkish and served in a cup where the dregs settle. The most distinctive characteristic of Turkish coffee is that only the flavour is consumed, not the grounds.

What is a brand of Turkish coffee? ›

Some of the most prominent Turkish coffee brands are the following: Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. Nuri Toplar. Mandabatmaz. Kahve Dünyası

How many types of Turkish coffee are there? ›

There are three sweetness levels for Turkish coffee: "less sweet" (az sekerli) uses 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per cup, "medium sweet" (orta sekerli) uses 1 teaspoon per cup (equal to the amount of coffee), and "extra sweet" (sekerli) uses 2 teaspoons per cup.

Why Turkish coffee is the best? ›

Rich and highly caffeinated, Turkish coffee is enjoyed in many countries around the world. It's unfiltered, so it has a higher concentration of caffeine and other beneficial compounds that may provide several health benefits.

Who invented Turkish coffee? ›

Turkish coffee was first introduced into Turkey around 1540 or so. History tells us that it was introduced by the Turkish Governor of Yemen - Ozdemir Pasha. He discovered a new beverage in his region, you get three guesses for what it might have been (hint, it was coffee).

Is coffee Turkish or Arabic? ›

The word “coffee” itself is of Arabic origin. The word “coffee” entered the English language via the Dutch koffie, borrowed from the Ottoman Turkish kahve, in turn borrowed from the Arabic قَهْوَة (qahwah, “coffee”).

What type of coffee is Turkish coffee? ›

Turkish coffee is very finely ground coffee brewed by boiling. Any coffee bean may be used; arabica varieties are considered best, but robusta or a blend is also used. The coffee grounds are left in the coffee when served.

Is Turkish coffee grown in Turkey? ›

Ironically, coffee is not grown in Turkey (Turkiye): Yes, there is not a single coffee tree in the country. The climate is unsuited for growing coffee and Turks have always imported it from various countries since the year 1540, when it first appeared in the OTTOMAN LANDS.

How much is a cup of coffee in Turkey? ›

You can get a cup of instant coffee in Istanbul for around 36p. At Starbucks in Turkey coffee is between 6 and 15 lira (72p – £1.80) depending on the kind of coffee you order.

Which Turkish tea is the best? ›

Turkish Black Tea (another name Karadeniz Tea, Turkish Name: Siyah Çay) is the most quality and famous hot drink worldwide grows in Karadeniz and is produced with high-quality tea leaves.

What is Turkish coffee called in Turkey? ›

Turkish coffee is a method of preparation used throughout Turkey and other nearby countries. In Turkey, it's known locally as kahve or Türk kahvesi. It's not a type of coffee bean but a preparation method for brewing coffee. It is one of the earliest recorded ways to prepare coffee.

Is Turkish coffee healthy? ›

Turkish coffee balances the level of cholesterol in the blood. It increases the effectiveness of the painkillers, helping the pain to pass through more quickly. It helps prevent a majority of heart diseases help prevent and it is also very effective on the digestive system.

What countries drink Turkish coffee? ›

Back home in Bulgaria, as well as Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Iran and Israel, they do call this "beautiful coffee" Turkish. And they make it pretty much the same way: using coffee beans ground into a fine powder, then boiled in a little brass pot that the Turks call a cezve.

What color is Turkish coffee? ›

The hexadecimal color code #4d3930 is a dark shade of red-orange. In the RGB color model #4d3930 is comprised of 30.2% red, 22.35% green and 18.82% blue.

What is the difference of Turkish coffee? ›

American coffee tends to be more diluted and made through filter brewing (although Starbucks has changed this considerably). Turkish coffee, as opposed to the other types, is not filtered at all, it still contains the coffee grounds and is boiled slowly in a hot source.

Is Greek and Turkish coffee the same? ›

Greek coffee is basically the same thing as Turkish coffee. Like Armenian coffee, Cypriot coffee in Cyprus, Serbia's domestic coffee, and Bosnian coffee in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the term "Greek coffee" is Greece's way of laying claim to something that is very much a part of their culture.

What is the number 1 coffee brand in the world? ›

Starbucks ranks number 1 on our list of the top 10 coffee brands in the world in 2020. Starbucks Corporation is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the world's largest coffeehouse chain.

Is Armenian coffee the same as Turkish coffee? ›

Is Turkish coffee Armenian? Well, they do have very similar ways of making coffee, and the coffee does taste the same, but they are not exactly the same. Turkish coffee is not Armenian, as there are small tweaks to the way they do things.

Where does Turkey get its coffee from? ›

Turkish coffee is a blend of high-quality Arabic-type coffee beans, originating from Brazil and Central America and moderately roasted and ground finely. The way it is prepared differentiates Turkish coffee from others.

Did Sultan Suleiman ban coffee? ›

Although Islamic scripture doesn't specifically mention coffee, one hardline cleric in Suleiman's court issued a fatwa against the drink on the grounds that consuming anything burnt was forbidden.

Is Lebanese coffee the same as Turkish coffee? ›

Lebanese coffee is not a particular type of coffee bean but a method of brewing coffee that is closely related to how Turkish coffee is prepared. The coffee is made using dark roasted beans that are ground down into a very fine powder along with cardamom seeds or cardamom powder and sometimes sugar.

Who invented coffee? ›

According to a story written down in 1671, coffee was first discovered by the 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder Kaldi.

Why is Yemen coffee so good? ›

This is not a type of coffee that can be considered over the top. In a way, the flavor that is developed into the beans goes back to the normal terrain of Yemen. As the beans are laid out to dry for a long period of time, the sun dries out the beans, creating a rich flavor.

What bean is used for Turkish coffee? ›

The first is that Turkish coffee is made almost exclusively with arabica beans. The second being is that you should choose a bean the stands up well to medium and dark roasts. If you want to be authentic and have the full experience a Yemeni coffee bean is the way to go.

What spice is used in Turkish coffee? ›

Cardamom is the signature spice of Turkish coffee.

How strong is Turkish coffee? ›

Good Turkish coffee is made with pure Arabica beans. These are about 1.1% caffeine. Typically 20% of the cheaper, stronger-tasting Robusta beans are used in Italian espresso blends. These are 2.2%, twice the caffeine.

Turkish coffee stands out with different roasting and grinding methods but you need to know how to cook it to enjoy a delicious one.. In this article, you can find the 14 best coffee shops in Istanbul where you can drink or buy Turkish coffee.. The best places to drink Turkish Coffee in Istanbul are generally in Beyoglu, Besiktas, Historical Peninsula (Sultanahmet and its surroundings) and Kadikoy (Asian Side) districts.. These coffee shops are also the right places to buy Turkish coffee in Istanbul .. It’s one of the first places when it comes to Turkish coffee in Istanbul.. It’s located at the ground floor of Legacy Ottoman Hotel on the way to the historical Sirkeci Railway Station.. This place produces and grinds their own coffee and your coffee is served alongside delicious home-made desserts and fresh cookies.. Latife Turkish Coffee is located in Besiktas district, famous for its hotels with Bosphorus view.. Although this shop is not well known by tourists, it is the best place to buy Turkish coffee in Istanbul .. Bebek Kahvesi was originally a fishermen coffee house that was opened in 1945 and it has been a popular spot among many thanks to its tea, bagel, menemen, and of course Turkish coffee.. In addition to coffee and tea, you can also have breakfast here while you enjoy the Bosphorus view.. Fazil Bey’in Turk Kahvesi has several branches but it was first opened at Kadikoy Fish Market .. In addition to coffee, you can find desserts such as gingery cookies.

Today coffee shops in Istanbul are popular more than ever, as they have spread like wildfire.. We recommend independent coffee shops in Istanbul for business travelers bored with the same four hotel walls.. Here are some of the top coffee shops in Istanbul Turkey.. The House Café, is one of Istanbul’s hip coffee shop chains.. Barnie’s Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company® was founded over 2 decades ago and has grown into America’s largest privately owned gourmet coffee and tea purveyor.. John’s Coffee brought the first “Specialty Coffee” to be served in the first “Coffee Shop” in Turkey.. Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world.. In recognition of the long-standing coffee drinking culture in Turkey, Starbucks also offers Turkish style coffee in Istanbul,. With stores in over 20 countries, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a leading specialty coffee retailer and one of the fastest growing franchise organisations in the world.. Gloria Jean’s Coffees has a large range of specialty coffee including delicious flavoured coffees, and a complete menu of espresso-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, smoothie chillers, cocoas and gourmet teas.. Will the trend of drinking foreign brand coffees get old?, the demand for Turkish coffee is tremendous and is catching up.

Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Turkey.. Vehicles: US$25 billion (11.1% of total exports) Machinery including computers: $20.8 billion (9.2%) Iron, steel: $17.1 billion (7.6%) Electrical machinery, equipment: $12 billion (5.3%) Gems, precious metals: $11 billion (4.9%) Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: $10.8 billion (4.8%) Plastics, plastic articles: $10 billion (4.4%) Articles of iron or steel: $8.8 billion (3.9%) Mineral fuels including oil: $8.5 billion (3.8%) Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $7.5 billion (3.3%). For a more granular view of exported goods at the four-digit HTS code level, see the section Searchable List of Turkey’s Most Valuable Export Products further down below.. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: US$10.1 billion (Up by 28.7% since 2020) Vehicles: $9.4 billion (Up by 38.6%) Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $6.7 billion (Up by 14.6%) Articles of iron or steel: $6 billion (Up by 52.6%) Fruits, nuts: $4.5 billion (Up by 13.5%) Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefabricated buildings: $4 billion (Up by 25.7%) Gems, precious metals: $3.9 billion (Reversing a -$19.9 billion deficit) Textile floor coverings: $3.2 billion (Up by 23.5%) Salt, sulphur, stone, cement: $2.9 billion (Up by 19.4%) Miscellaneous textiles, worn clothing: $2.7 billion (Up by 15.5%). Below are exports from Turkey that result in negative net exports or product trade balance deficits.. These negative net exports reveal product categories where foreign spending on home country Turkey’s goods trail Turkish importer spending on foreign products.. Mineral fuels including oil: -US$42.2 billion (Up by 74.2% since 2020) Iron, steel: -$10.5 billion (Up by 67.1%) Machinery including computers: -$10.2 billion (Up by 20.2%) Organic chemicals: -$8.3 billion (Up by 56.5%) Electrical machinery, equipment: -$8 billion (Up by 1.5%) Plastics, plastic articles: -$7.6 billion (Up by 58.9%) Pharmaceuticals: -$5 billion (Up by 58.7%) Cereals: -$3.8 billion (Up by 28.1%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: -$3.5 billion (Up by 0.7%) Copper: -$2.7 billion (Up by 63.4%). RankTurkey's Export Product2021 Value (US$)YOY1Cars$9,636,838,000-0.7%2Jewelry$3,573,641,000+90.5%3Processed petroleum oils$3,718,144,000+75.4%4Automobile parts/accessories$4,408,623,000+31.2%5Trucks$4,197,162,000+27.6%6Iron or non-alloy steel bars, rods$2,568,787,000+85.3%7Gold (unwrought)$2,779,978,000+25.3%8Women's clothing (not knit or crochet)$2,523,670,000+35.4%9Insulated wire/cable$2,210,627,000+44%10Flat-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products (plated/coated)$1,171,223,000+144.3%11Textile floor coverings, carpets$1,171,223,000+144.3%12T-shirts, vests (knit or crochet)$2,230,168,000+21.6%13Jerseys, pullovers (knit or crochet)$2,302,830,000+17.4%14Refrigerators, freezers$1,989,524,000+31.2%15Hot-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products$1,912,152,000+31.8%16Miscellaneous furniture$1,398,467,000+76.6%17Piston engine parts$1,751,199,000+26.2%18Miscellaneous iron and steel structures$1,569,554,000+17.8%19Plastic plates, sheets, film, tape, strips$1,406,207,000+30.7%20Miscellaneous nuts$1,412,401,000+30%21Aluminum bars/rods$1,541,917,000+17.5%22Rubber tires (new)$995,888,000+79.9%23Miscellaneous iron or steel tubes, pipes$1,295,687,000+31.2%24Iron or non-alloy steel angles, shapes, sections$1,007,657,000+67.4%25Men's suits, trousers (not knit or crochet)$1,006,329,000+63.3%26Electric water heaters, hair dryers$1,290,093,000+25.5%27Tractors$1,219,127,000+31.4%28Women's clothing (knit or crochet)$1,034,037,000+50.5%29Seats (excluding barber/dentist chairs)$1,127,093,000+34.4%30Linens$1,162,942,000+25.7%31TV receivers/monitors/projectors$1,168,723,000+24.4%32Hydraulic cements$1,135,499,000+21.3%33Stockings, hosiery (knit or crochet)$1,218,695,000+12.3%34Public-transport vehicles$1,048,556,000+25.2%35Plastic packing goods, lids, caps$1,535,775,000-17.3%36Other than warp-knit fabrics$1,041,803,000+21.3%37Medication mixes in dosage$860,761,000+46.8%38Monument/building stones, art$1,079,974,000+16.8%39Bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries$1,042,085,000+20.4%40Dishwashing, clean/dry/fill machines$1,091,251,000+9%41Wheat, meslin flour$887,892,000+30.1%42Electrical converters/power units$951,074,000+16.4%43Aluminum plates, sheets, strips$933,460,000+18.2%44Washing machines$549,364,000+95.4%45Polyacetal/ether/carbonates$961,544,000+10.9%46Coiled iron or non-alloy steel bars, rods$569,943,000+83.6%47Miscellaneous preserved fruits$578,733,000+79.5%48Unglazed ceramic flags, tiles$907,728,000+13.3%49Miscellaneous iron or steel items$782,873,000+25.3%50Sun/safflower/cotton-seed oil$727,880,000+33.6%51Fresh or dried citrus fruit$736,898,000+27.2%52Synthetic filament yarn$940,974,000-0.7%53Carbonates, percarbonates$585,068,000+56.6%54Liquid pumps and elevators$809,151,000+7.7%55Poultry meat$651,883,000+31.5%56Synthetic yarn woven fabrics$545,805,000+54.7%57Copper wire$647,193,000+27.5%58Aircraft, spacecraft$474,458,000+71.7%59Paper containers, cellulose wadding$261,938,000+209.6%60Yarn wash/clean/iron machines$566,658,000+41.5%61Marble, other monumen t or building stone$639,747,000+23.7%62Taps, valves, similar appliances$663,406,000+18.7%63Pasta, couscous$604,601,000+28.9%64Yarn (85%+ cotton)$761,284,000+2.1%65Trailers$374,452,000+106.3%66Plastic tubes, pipes, fittings$527,348,000+46%67Vulcanized rubber items$613,645,000+25.1%68Coated/laminated non-wovens$629,893,000+20.6%69Cruise/cargo ships, barges$693,143,000+8.4%70Ligneous fiberboard including wood$520,020,000+43.1%71Cold-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products$488,998,000+51%72Sanitary towels, baby napkins/liners$216,469,000+231.1%73Coal tar oils (high temperature distillation)$716,954,000-0.8%74Lower-voltage switches, fuses$419,835,000+68.3%75Dried shelled vegetables$569,388,000+23.3%76Transmission shafts, gears, clutches$591,594,000+16.8%77Chocolate, other cocoa preparations$533,038,000+29.5%78Grapes (fresh or dried)$554,842,000+24.1%79Machinery parts$671,913,000+1.8%80Base metal mountings, fittings$596,180,000+14.1%81Air conditioners$548,547,000+23.5%82Centrifuges, filters and purifiers$527,783,000+28.3%83Central heating radiators$555,035,000+19.75%84Wide knit or crochet fabrics$434,144,000+51.3%85Iron and steel screws, bolts, nuts, washers$479,884,000+36.6%86Plastic plates, sheets, film, tape, strips$446,478,000+44.7%87Uninsulated copper wire, cables$479,980,000+34.4%88Whole fish (fresh)$361,910,000+76.6%89Sugar confectionery (no cocoa)$540,582,000+17.8%90Women's shirts (not knit or crochet)$487,048,000+30.6%91Men's suits,trousers (knit or crochet)$518,176,000+21.7%92Central heating boilers$376,167,000+67.3%93Plastic tableware, kitchenware, toiletry$517,248,000+20.8%94Air or vacuum pumps$473,476,000+31%95Electrical/optical circuit boards, panels$469,450,000+30%96Iron or non-alloy steel products (semi-finished)$514,292,000+17.5%97Aircraft parts$271,039,000+121%98Iron and steel stoves, barbecues$624,307,000-5.2%99Sort/screen/washing machinery$436,708,000+32.6%100Miscellaneous machinery$440,510,000+31.2%These 100 exported goods were worth a subtotal of US$148.9 billion or 66.1% by value for all products exported from Turkey during 2021.In macroeconomic terms, Turkey’s total exported goods represent 7.8% of its overall Gross Domestic Product for 2021 ($2.874 trillion valued in Purchasing Power Parity US dollars).


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