The best camera phones in 2023 (2023)

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The best camera phones for pros and casual snappers alike.

The best camera phones in 2023 (1)

The best camera phones are just getting better and better with each new generation. Clever AI-powered computational features, sharper lenses, faster processes and – of course – more megapixels than ever are adding up to make the latest flagship smartphones some of the most capable cameras around. This guide is here to help you find the right camera phone for you, from all major manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, OnePlus, Oppo and more.

We've picked out ten top-tier handsets at a range of prices, based on our reviewing and testing experience (learn more about how we test devices)and detailed comparison of the specs. A lot of the phones we've featured are the flagships of their lines, meaning they come at a considerable price. We've made an effort to also include some cheaper options, but you check out our guide to the best budget camera phones if the big-ticket phones are out of your reach. We also have a handy guide to buying refurbished tech if you're looking to save money on the second-hand market.

Once you've picked your camera phone, don't miss our essential smartphone photography tips. Want more photo snapping options? Check out our guides to the best cameras overall and best point-and-shoot cameras for a more specialised piece of kit.

The best camera phones available now

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The best camera phones in 2023 (2)The best camera phones in 2023 (3)

01. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The new gold standard for Android camera phones.

RAM: 8GB, 12GB | Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB | Rear camera: 200MP (wide, f/1.7) + 10MP (periscope, 10x optical zoom, f/4.9) + 10MP (telephoto, 3x optical zoom, f/2.4) + 12MP (ultra-wide, 120-degree, f/2.2) | Front camera: 12MP (wide, f/2.2)

Stunning shots in all conditions

Very good low-light performance

Gorgeous display

100x zoom is mostly a gimmick

Inevitably expensive

If you thought smartphone cameras couldn't get any better, Samsung stepped up to the plate to prove you wrong with the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its 200MP flagship camera. Now, granted, you're not likely to be shooting 200MP images very often – the real tricks are in features like 16-in-1 pixel binning that greatly enhances light and detail, delivering images of superb quality even in dark conditions. The quad-camera array on the S23 Ultra gives you real shooting flexibility, with a 10x optical zoom that brings distant subjects closer, as well as an ultra-wide module and a dedicated autofocus array.

You can ignore that headline-grabbing 100x zoom mode – it's mostly a gimmick that's pretty much impossible to use in the real world, and Samsung has come under some flak recently for possibly augmenting its 'Space Zoom' shots with some AI trickery. But this doesn't detract from the fundamentals of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It's simply the best-specced smartphone camera array on the market right now. Drop into Pro mode and record in .DNG raw format for the ultimate in shooting flexibility and performance.

The best camera phones in 2023 (4)The best camera phones in 2023 (5)

02. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

The best camera phone for Apple fans

RAM: 6GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB | Rear camera: 48MP (wide, f/1.8) + 12MP (telephoto, 3x optical zoom, f/2.8) + 12MP (ultra-wide, 120-degree, f/2.2) | Front camera: 12MP (wide, f/1.9)

Fantastic processing

Great macro photography mode

Resolution upgrade on main camera

One of the most expensive camera phones

Underwhelming selfie mode

No major design changes from the 13

If you're strictly Team Apple, the latest flagship iPhones are of the best camera phones out there. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer enough of an improvement over the 13 series to land on our list, even if they don't look all that different, design-wise.

The Pro and Pro Max have significantly better cameras than the standard iPhone, sporting that additional third lens (a telephoto with 3X optical zoom), macro abilities on the ultrawide and higher resolution on the main camera. The 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have the same cameras, as well, with 48MP main sensors that are 65 per cent larger than those found on the 13 Pro / Pro Max. That means they let in more light, improving performance in dark conditions. The 12MP ultrawide also gets improved low-light performance thanks to a new sensor and more focus pixels. We found that with an f/2.2 aperture, it's also now sharper.

Read more in our in-depth Apple iPhone 14 Pro review and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max review for more details. And make sure you check out our essential iPhone Pro camera tips to get the most out of your new device.

The best camera phones in 2023 (6)The best camera phones in 2023 (7)

03. Google Pixel 6 Pro

The best camera phone for chances of a great deal

RAM: 12GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB | Rear camera: 50MP (wide, f/1.9) + 12MP (ultrawide, 114-degree, f/2.2) + 48MP (telephoto, 4x optical zoom, f/3.5) | Front camera: 11.1MP (wide, f/2.2)

Useful camera software tools

Top camera hardware

Good deals available

Battery life isn't impressive

The ultrawide lens is fixed focus

It's not been long since Google announced the launch of the Pixel 7 Pro, and that means that right now we're seeing some great deals on its predecessor, the 2021 Pixel 6 Pro. The older phone is still widely available, and as its price has come down in the wake of its successor, we think it's really worth considering as one of the best-value camera phones.

Indeed, the Google Pixel 6 Pro was awarded the best camera phone of the year in the Creative Bloq Awards 2022. It has a big 50MP sensor on its main camera, which takes in a lot of light, as well as a powerful telephoto and ultra-wide camera.

Best of all is Google's software. We found the AI scene optimization to be fantastic at tweaking pictures. Night Sight is fairly good for low-light photography, and the Magic Eraser is good at editing out unwanted objects and even people if the shot's clean enough, although Photoshop doesn't need to worry too much yet. It can get hot, and battery life is poor when compared to the S22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, although no worse than the iPhone 14 Pro.

The best camera phones in 2023 (8)

04. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Still one of the best camera phones around.

RAM: 6GB, 12GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB | Rear camera: 108MP (wide, f/1.8) + 10MP (periscope, 10x optical zoom, f/4.9) + 10MP (telephoto, 3x optical zoom, f/2.4) + 12MP (ultra-wide, 120-degree, f/2.2) | Front camera: 40MP (wide, f/2.2)

Useful S Pen stylus

8K video recording

Excellent zoom lens

Costs over $1,000 in the US

Battery life suffers with 8K recording

Slippery case

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, while one generation old, is one of the best phones for creatives – as well as one of the best smartphones in general. It has a dazzling 6.8-inch screen with a 2K resolution, and the S Pen stylus means you can sketch or take notes with ease. But it really shines when it comes to mobile photography.

In reviewing the S22 Ultra, we found that whether we wanted to take a wide shot of a big view, needed to jump in close for a portrait shop or wanted to travel far (and really far) into the distance for a zoom shot, we could rely on it to provide. Photos taken with a 30x zoom are much clearer here than what the S21 Ultra could produce, and night photography yields warmer tones and more balanced contrasts.

And if you're into making movies on your smartphone, the S22 Ultra offers a Pro Videography mode that'll allow you to select which lens you want to shoot on and what range the mic is recording in – plus other tweaks like white balance and focus, as you'd find in the Pro Photography mode. You can shoot up to 8K video, but know it'll drain the battery and cause the phone to overheat.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (9)

05. Sony Xperia 1 IV

The best camera phone for people who like 'real cameras'

Storage: 256GB, 512GB | RAM: 12GB | Rear camera: 12MP (wide, f/1.7) + 12MP (telephoto, 3.5x-5.2x optical zoom, f/2.3) + 12MP (ultra-wide, 124-degree, f/2.2) + 0.3MP (3D Time-of-Flight)) | Front camera: 12MP (wide, f/2.0)

Useful shutter button

Loads of creative apps

Angular design

High price

Sony's been putting out some great cameras, so you would hope for good things from its camera phones, and the fourth-generation Xperia 1 doesn't disappoint. It justifies its place on this list thanks to a few key features designed more for professional photographers than average consumers.

The zoom camera on the Xperia 1 IV has a moving lens, which facilitates continuous optical zoom between 3.5x and 5.2x, giving the phone a competitive edge for people who like zoom photography.The phone also sports a physical shutter button, which can be partially depressed to find focus or fully pressed to take a picture, giving a camera-esque experience.

Meanwhile, for the first time on a Sony phone, you can record 4K and 120fps footage on any of the three rear cameras and one on the front, which is useful for videographers and bloggers. We also quite like Sony's creativity apps like Photography Pro and Cinema Pro (there's also Audio Pro for music). The photography app isn't the easiest to use since it's modelled on cameras rather than smartphones, but if you're familiar with using a DSLR, you'll have no problem with it.

Read more in our in-depth Sony Xperia 1 IV review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (10)

06. OnePlus 10 Pro

One of the best camera phones for looks

RAM: 8GB, 12GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB | Rear camera: 48MP (wide, f/1.8) + 8MP (telephoto, 3.3x optical zoom, f/2.4) + 50MP (ultra-wide, 150-degree, f/2.2) | Front camera: 32MP (wide, f/2.2)

Stylish design

Impressive cameras

More affordable than other flagships

Can get hot

No official water resistance

OnePlus's high-end phone from 2022 offers an impressive trio of rear cameras, with the company's partnership with pro camera manufacturer Hasselblad paying off again. We found the main, ultra-wide and telephoto cameras offer a lovely shallow depth in a lot of shots, although some might feel the AI optimisations leave the pictures a little oversaturated.

There are some unique modes available. XPan, inspired by the niche Hasselblad camera of the same name, takes wide panoramas, while 150-degree mode uses the ultra-wide camera to create a fisheye-like effect.

Beyond the camera, we found the OnePlus 10 Pro to be a well-rounded Android phone with a good-looking screen, fast charging and plenty of processing power. As with all phones, it has a few rough edges, and we found it ran hot when put through intense use. OnePlus has since released an update, the OnePlus 11 (there's no Pro version coming anytime soon), and while it is a little cheaper and sports some camera upgrades, it lacks the 150-degree ultra-wide module on the 10 Pro.

Read more in our in-depth OnePlus 10 Pro review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (11)

07. Oppo Find X5 Pro

A sleek camera phone with Hasselblad filters

RAM: 8GB / 12GB | Storage: 256GB / 512GB | Rear camera: 50MP (f/1.7) + 50MP (ultra wide, f 2.2) + 13MP (telephoto, 2x optical zoom, f/2.4) | Front camera: 32MP (wide, f/2.4)

Elegant design

Hasselblad colour enhancements

Poor zoom

The Oppo Find X5 Pro was one of the most talked about top-end smartphones of 2022, and mostly because of its camera, thanks to help from Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad. There's a 32MB selfie on the front and three lenses on the back neatly grouped into a kind of plateau: a main 50MP with a super fast f/1.7 aperture, an ultra-wide-angle 50MP camera with f/2.2 and a 13MP telephoto lens with f/2.4. Gone is the Find X3 Pro's dedicated microscopic macro lens.

The two main lenses are fantastic with great, vivid colours and the low apertures allow fast shots. The telephoto lens is less impressive, with only a 2X zoom, which lags behind much of the competition. The new Marisilicon X neural processing unit applies AI imaging algorithms right on RAW data to improve noise reduction in low light for photos and 4K video. Meanwhile, Hasselblad's filters that can add a film-like quality to the most mundane of images.

Cameras aside, the Oppo Find X5 Pro has a unique, sleek design – its camera bump is a smooth slope rather tan a clumsy protrusion. The display is also very good and highly adjustable.

Read more in our in-depth Oppo Find X5 review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (12)

08. Realme GT 2 Pro

The best camera phone for microscopic photography

RAM: 8GB, 12GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB | Rear camera: 50MP (wide, f/1.8) + 50MP (ultrawide, 150-degree, f/2.2) + 3MP (microscope, 40x magnification, f/3.3) | Front camera: 32MP (wide, f/2.4)

Fantastic microscope camera

Pretty affordable

No telephoto camera

Bloated software

Realme isn't a company that often gets onto 'best camera phone' lists, generally due to its lack of top-end smartphones, but the GT 2 Pro is its first top-end phone and it wins Realme a place on this list. The phone's 50MP main and ultra-wide cameras are great, but the real reason the phone is on this list is its 40x magnification microscope camera.

We found Realme's mobile miraculous for how it offers impressive camera features at a much lower price than you'd expect. The main camera is incredible for low-light photography, and would definitely give an iPhone a run for its money. It also captures loads of colour and light in daylight or well-lit settings.

We had loads of fun playing about with the microscope camera, and this is a great phone for a few other reasons too. It charges quickly, its screen looks great, and it's very powerful. Plus, it's one of the most affordable mobiles on this list, making it a great alternative to the big flashy phones from the bigger brands.

Read more in our in-depth Realme GT Pro 2 review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (13)

09. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The best foldable camera phone

RAM: 12GB | Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB | Rear camera: 50MP wide (f/1.8), 12MP ultrawide (f/2.2), 10MP telephoto (f/2.4) with 3x optical zoom | Front camera: 10MP cover (f/2.2), 4MP under-display (f/1.8)

Better multitasking with taskbar

Foldability can be handy as a tripod

S Pen support

More expensive than phones with better cameras

Lacklustre selfie camera

If you long for the days when flip phones were the standard, there's the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung has continued to make the right tweaks in order to produce the lightest and thinnest Fold phone yet.

There are five cameras spread around the Z Fold 4 – three on the back, a selfie camera in the front display, and then another in the inner display. These aren't Samsung's best cameras, but they're a notable upgrade from the previous foldable, with a 50MP main camera with an f/1.8 lens, a 12MP ultra-wide and a 10MP, 3x zoom telephoto. The selfie camera on the cover display is also 10MP, but the in-display selfie camera is a rather lacklustre 4MP. A fun feature of the phone is the way its foldability allows it to work as its own tripod. And if you open it up while taking a shot, you can give subjects a preview by duplicating your viewfinder to the front display.

This is undeniably a pricey phone, so some users may want to consider Samsung's other current folding option, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Just be aware it uses just a two-camera array on the rear, rather than the triple-setup of the Fold 4.

Read more in our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review.

The best camera phones in 2023 (14)

10. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best camera phone if you're looking for a discount on an older model

RAM: 12GB, 16GB | Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB | Rear camera: 108MP (wide, f/1.8) + 10MP (periscope, 10x optical zoom, f/4.9) + 10MP (telephoto, 3x optical zoom, f/2.4) + 12MP (ultrawide, 120-degree, f/2.2) | Front camera: 40MP (wide, f/2.2)

Wacom pen tech

Excellent camera zoom

Big and bulky


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is still a great choice if you manage to find a decent deal. Its camera array is largely the same as the one that was found on the successor S22 Ultra featured further up our list, offering fantastic flexibility with 108MP main camera and 100x digital zoom.

Features elsewhere across the board still stand up today. The S21 Ultra boasts a top-notch processor, a water-resistant body and wireless charging. It can connect to a monitor and double up as a desktop experience using Samsung’s big-screen interface DeX, and supports Samsung’s S Pen for drawing and note-taking.

What you don't get on the S21 Ultra is S Pen stylus support, which was only introduced on the later S22 Plus. Other than that, it's a fairly similar set up. It's worth really worth buying if you can find it significantly cheaper than the S22, but be aware that those deals come and go.

Read more in our in-depth Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review.

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How do I choose the best camera phone for me?

Different smartphone makers focus on different aspects of the camera, so to decide on the best camera phone for you, you need to look at the camera strengths, available modes and the shooting experience itself.

The camera strengths involve what the device focuses on (pun intended) - some have long-ranging zoom cameras, either optical, digital or a combination of both. While others might focus on sensor size or dedicated macro lenses. Available modes might help too, as most brands create their own camera modes. Samsung has Single Take and Food, both of which help you take great-looking pictures with little work, while OnePlus and Oppo have some gorgeous Hasselblad-created filters.

Finally, the shooting experience could influence your buying choice. Some phones offer and easy point-and-shoot experience, so that at the tap of a button you can take social-media-ready posts, while others have a more involved process that makes it easy to fiddle with different settings. Your choice here will depend on your comfort level with cameras, and we'll definitely note anything pertinent in our reviews.

Of course, you need to consider the rest of the phone experience in your choice too. You're choosing a camera phone, not just a camera, so you also want to consider general processing power, screen quality, batter life and the size of phone you want.

How much do the best camera phones cost?

None of the phones in our pick of the best camera phones is cheap. Based on the manufacturers' recommended retail prices, our recommended choices for the best camera phone range from $699 / £699 for the Realme GT 2 Pro to $1,099 / £1,199 for the new iPhone 14 Pro Max and a staggering $1,799 / £1,499 for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 – and those prices are for the starting configurations.

That's a difference of $400 in the US and £500 in the UK – large enough to possibly be a factor in your decision. But when it comes to comparing our top picks, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the difference in price is pretty minimal, with only around $100 generally separating the two (it depends which configuration you go for).

That said, some of the phones on our list are more likely to see discounts than others. Samsung often offers deals on its phones, especially during events like Black Friday, while Apple doesn't. Your best bet to save on an iPhone is through trade in or through a deal with a phone carrier. Google's Pixel 6 Pro is also seeing some great deals at the moment because of the release of the Pixel 7 Pro.

Are camera phones as good as digital cameras?

This is a slightly complex question. In certain ways, camera phones have physical limitations that make them inferior in a lot of ways to the best cameras. The big one is sensor size – smartphones have to use physically smaller sensors than cameras. Larger sensors are able to use larger individual pixels, which creates a cleaner image with less noise, and makes for better low-light performance.

However, clever computational tricks mean that camera phones are catching up. For instance, the 200MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 isn't really for capturing 200MP images (though it can), it's designed to use a technique called pixel binning that combines several pixel into one, creating a digital simulation of the larger pixels on a camera's sensor. This improves image clarity, and makes shooting modes like Night Photography much more potent.

Of course, some people will always prefer the form factor of a real digital camera, and we haven't even touched upon the advantage (and expense) of being able to swap lenses. Suffice to say, cameras and camera phones each have their place, and neither one is really empirically 'better' these days.

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Which phone has the best camera quality? ›

The best camera phones available now
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. ...
  • Sony Xperia 1 IV. ...
  • OnePlus 10 Pro. ...
  • Oppo Find X5 Pro. ...
  • Realme GT 2 Pro. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. The best foldable camera phone. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The best camera phone if you're looking for a discount on an older model.
Mar 14, 2023

Which phone has the best camera this year? ›

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro is simply the best camera phone you can buy at its price, it's that simple. It wipes the floor with the similarly priced iPhone 14, and beats the much pricier 14 Pro in a few key areas too.

What phones are coming out in 2023? ›

Best upcoming phones: 2023's biggest smartphone releases so far
  • Oppo Find N2 Flip. It has tried book-style foldables a few times, but the Find N2 Flip is Oppo's first attempt at a clamshell. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. ...
  • Vivo X90 Pro.

Is Samsung camera better than iPhone? ›

Perhaps the best way to describe the camera difference between the iPhone and Samsung is this: Samsung has lower lows and higher highs. Meaning, when Samsung does something poorly, it's not even comparable to the iPhone, but when it does something right, it's so far ahead that it makes the iPhone look outdated.

What are the top 5 camera phones? ›

Best Camera Mobile Phones (Apr 2023)
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Xiaomi 13 Pro.
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 5G.
  • vivo X80 Pro 5G.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Which phone has the best camera 12 or 13? ›

The ‌iPhone 12‌'s camera is still highly capable, but with more photography and videography options and improved image quality, the ‌iPhone 13‌ is the better option.

What phone has the best camera zoom? ›

Top 6 camera-centric phones with the best zooming capabilities...
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is easily the king of zoom photography on smartphones with its massive 200MP sensor for the primary camera. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. ...
  • Vivo X80 Pro. ...
  • Pixel 7 Pro. ...
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max. ...
  • OnePlus 10 Pro.
Feb 18, 2023

What is the #1 best phone? ›

  • #1 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.
  • #1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.
  • #3 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • #3 Apple iPhone 13.
  • #5 Google Pixel 5a.
  • #5 OnePlus 10 Pro.
  • #7 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • #7 Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

Which phones last the longest years? ›

Here is a breakdown of the average mobile life according to the different brands:
  • iPhone – four to eight years.
  • Samsung – three to six years.
  • Huawei – two to four years.
  • Xiaomi – two to four years.
  • Oppo – two to three years.

Why iPhone is better than Samsung? ›

iPhones handle core functionalities like calling, video recording, system navigation, and web browsing more reliably. In contrast, if you are a little more adventurous and want a template on top of which you can personalize and customize your device, Samsung phones are the way to go.

What will be the new phone in 2024? ›

Apple in 2024 may introduce a new high-end iPhone 16 "Ultra" that would be sold alongside the ‌iPhone 16‌, ‌iPhone 16‌ Pro, and ‌iPhone 16‌ Pro Max as a more expensive, feature rich option. This guide highlights everything we've heard about the possibility of an iPhone Ultra.

Which type of Samsung has the best camera? ›

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Being the latest and greatest also means that the S23 Ultra comes equipped with Samsung's newest advancements in camera technology, including a 200-megapixel main lens that's capable of capturing the highest-resolution images we've seen on any Galaxy phone.

Which camera is better iPhone 12 or Samsung S22? ›

The primary camera on the Samsung phone has a 50MP sensor that beats Apple's 12. However, the iPhone 12's has a better aperture of 1.6 — compared to Samsung's 1.8. Both phones have a 12MP ultra-wide camera with 120º field of view (FoV). However, Samsung's has a better aperture of 2.2, compared to Apple's 2.4.

Which camera is better Samsung S21 or iPhone 13? ›

The camera section of any smartphone comparison can be tricky to pin down, but we'll make this an easy one: While the Galaxy S21 has a great camera system, the iPhone 13 has an overall better camera system.

Which phone has biggest camera sensor? ›

We compared it against the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the phone with the largest camera sensor of its day – the Samsung ISOCELL GN2 was bigger than even 808's sensor with a 1/1.12” optical format (at 50MP that makes for 1.4µm pixels).

Which phone has 576 megapixels? ›

Samsung has revealed plans to release a 576-megapixel smartphone sensor by 2025. At the SEMI Europe Summit, which took place back on September 1, 2021, Samsung's Senior Vice President and Head of Automotive Sensors, Haechang Lee, presented a slide showing the history of the company's image sensor technology.

Is 108MP better than 12MP? ›

Besides the jacket being slightly darker in one of the shots, there is virtually no difference between the two photos. So, if that's the way your photos will be enjoyed, save yourself the hassle of shooting at 108MP.

How many megapixels is good for a phone camera? ›

It's quite simple: 12MP is the ideal resolution for smartphone sensors. There are several reasons for this, including storage space, processing time, and low light photo quality.

Which is more expensive iPhone or Samsung? ›

The iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23 both start at around $799, but Samsung's higher-end phones are more expensive. The S23 Plus costs $999.99, which is $100 more than Apple's iPhone 14 Plus, while the S23 Ultra has an MSRP of $1,199.99 — $200 more than the iPhone 14 Pro and $100 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Is iPhone 14 camera better than iPhone 13? ›

The big difference between the two iPhones is the improved camera capabilities in the iPhone 14, which include better (faster) low light photography and the Action Mode. The Action Mode is definitely the marquee feature and one many people are likely to use, unlike the Cinematic Mode that arrived with the iPhone 13.

Which phone has a better camera 13 Pro or 14? ›

On the hardware front, the biggest change between the two phones is the 14 Pro's new 48-megapixel sensor on the main wide camera that's also physically larger than the older iPhone, which makes just as much of a difference to photo quality as the increase in megapixels. The 13 Pro uses a 12-megapixel sensor.

Is the iPhone 14 camera better than iPhone 12? ›

The iPhone 14 has a 12MP f/1.9 front camera with autofocus, while the iPhone 12 has a 12MP f/2.2 fixed-focus camera. While both phones can shoot great shots under good lighting conditions, the iPhone 14 excels in low-light conditions thanks to the better hardware and Apple's new Photonic Engine image pipeline.

Which phone can take pictures of the moon? ›

Samsung's incredibly niche "Moon Mode" will do certain photo processing if you point your smartphone at the moon. In 2020, the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched with a "100x Space Zoom" (it was really 30x) with this moon feature as one of its marketing gimmicks.

What is the best phone camera to take pictures of the moon? ›

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the current best option for astrophotography due to its 108 MP main camera and excellent sensor. The absolute best phone for astrophotography is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This smartphone stands out thanks to a range of features and a fantastic camera setup.

How far can the Samsung S22 ultra zoom? ›

At 10x zoom on both phones, the Galaxy S22 Ultra's optical zoom lens has again achieved a sharper image overall than the Pixel 7 Pro's Super Res digital zoom.

Which one Android phone is the best? ›

The 5 Best Android Phones
  • Our pick. Google Pixel 7. Best Android smartphone. ...
  • Upgrade pick. Google Pixel 7 Pro. A more powerful Android phone. ...
  • Budget pick. Google Pixel 6a. A less expensive Android phone. ...
  • Also great. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. A no-compromises Android phone. ...
  • Also great. Samsung Galaxy S23. A smaller Android phone.
Mar 22, 2023

Which is the most buying phone? ›

Apple sold the best-selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13. Apple also sold the second-best selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple also sold the third, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth best-selling phones of the year, according to new data from research firm Counterpoint.

Is An Android better than an iPhone? ›

You Want More Freedom, Control, and Customizations. Since Android is an open-source platform, it offers more freedom and customization options than iOS. You can customize almost anything on your Android device, from how your home screen looks to how you interact with your phone.

How often should I get a new phone? ›

Upgrading Your Phone Every Three Years

Most people upgrade their phones every two to three years. By then, the battery starts to become bothersome and Android phones stop receiving updates. It's also usually enough time for tech companies to introduce some new features you might want on your next phone.

Is it possible for a phone to last for 10 years? ›

A smartphone that is made for longevity can be a real thing.

Which phones last longer Apple or Android? ›

When it comes to the lifespan of a phone, Apple has always been the clear winner. And by lifespan, I'm talking about software and security updates.

Why choose Apple over Android? ›

Fast software updates for many years: The biggest advantage iOS has over Android is its software updates: Apple generally supports new iPhones and iPads with iOS updates for five to six years after their release date, and all of those devices get the same updates at the same time.

Who sells more Apple or Samsung? ›

Android Is the King of Sales

The company's devices might last longer, work seamlessly with each other and get longer support, but when it comes to sales figures, Android is king.

Are Android cameras better than iPhone? ›

iPhones are typically more powerful than Android cameras, giving you sharper and better-quality photos. iPhones usually come with a more excellent range of features, such as facial recognition and manual focus, making taking photos easier.

Is Pixel camera better than iPhone? ›

You can really see how blurry the Pixel's image is when cropping in to 100%. Sure, the iPhone doesn't have the same reach with its 3x zoom. But its shot is much sharper and clearer, and it easily takes the win here. Pixel 7 Pro, night mode.

Are there phones with better camera than iPhone? ›

Google Pixel 7 Pro: The best phone camera yet

The Pixel 7's wide f/1.9 aperture and 2x faster shutter speed make it ideal for low-light photography and in good light, the Pixel 7 produced pictures with superb dynamic range and colour saturation, while the white balance was nice and accurate.

Are phone cameras getting better? ›

Commentary: Phone cameras are getting better and better, but they still aren't much closer to replacing dSLRs and professional mirrorless cameras. Patrick Holland has been a phone reviewer for CNET since 2016.

Why is professional camera better than iPhone? ›

However, a DSLR outperforms the smartphone camera in many areas. A DSLR camera's resolution, image sensor, and focal length are all superior to even the most modern iPhone (currently the iPhone 14 Pro Max). In addition, a larger sensor makes it ideal for professional photography and high and low-light images.

Is the Pixel or Samsung camera better? ›

The Pixel 7 has a 50MP primary sensor and 12MP 114° ultrawide. The Galaxy S22 has a similar 50MP main shooter, but it's backed up by a 10MP 3X telephoto and 12MP 120° ultrawide. Photos from the primary cameras look better on the Pixel.

Whose camera is better Google Pixel or iPhone 13? ›

Offering a superb 4x zoom lens, the Pixel gives a much more close-up view than the iPhone 13 Pro's 3x zoom.

Why choose Pixel over iPhone? ›

You should pick the Pixel if you want more bang for your buck, more camera features, the best of Google services, quick Android updates, and a smarter voice assistant. You should pick the iPhone if you rely on Apple services and already own other Apple devices.

What is the #1 camera brand? ›

Canon and Nikon could be the two top camera brands. And they have the biggest range of quality cameras. They have DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals. Sony has become the biggest hitter in full frame mirrorless cameras.

What camera do most pros use? ›

The Sony a7III is the most popular camera used by professional photographers. 7% of pros use the Sony a7III mirrorless camera, with the Canon R6 mirrorless camera and Nikon D750 DSLR camera coming in joint 2nd and 3rd.

Does higher MP mean better camera? ›

It's no longer true that the higher a camera's megapixel count the better. The only thing more megapixels will give you is the ability to enlarge and crop pictures without individual pixels becoming visible. Other factors are much more important in determining overall picture quality.

How many megapixels is the best camera ever? ›

Even though most medium format cameras top out at 100 MP (like the Fuji GFX series), there is a 150 megapixel camera called the Phase One IQ4 150MP.

Is 12MP better than 4K? ›

12MP Mega High Definition

Swann's highest resolutions available (yet) is world-leading 12MP Mega HD for security cameras. With 12.6 million pixels, 12MP resolution has around 50% more pixels than 4K.

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