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What Is A Store Name Generator

Our BNG store name generator is a simple tool that helps you create the perfect store name for your new business.

We use the latest artificial intelligence to power the generator. This ensures you get relevant and unique store name ideas.

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INSTANTLY check domain name availabilityThe generator uses AI to create memorable namesFILTER the name ideas based on your preferencesCompletely FREE to use and generate unlimited ideas

The store name generator is part of our huge collection of niche-specific business name generators.

Tutorial for Creating Store Business Name

How To Use Our Store Name Generator

The store name generator is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

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Insert the targeted keywords in the search barFilter the results based on your requirementsRegister the selected store name idea

The generator instantly provides ideas and checks for domain availability. This makes it easy to pick the right company name for your store.We recommend using our jewelry business name generator, if your business specializes in the jewelry market.

Generate A Store Name Now!

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Head to our company name generator to create inspiring business name ideas.

How To Name Your Store

First impressions are extremely important for every business since you often get only one chance to capture the attention of potential buyers. That’s why It’s vitally important you take your time when picking your store name.

One of the first things buyers see is your store name. It’s extremely important you find a catchy store name that buyers notice and remember.

We recommend you use our free store name generator to create the perfect store name idea in minutes.

Remember, every good business idea needs a great business name.

What Makes A Good Store Name

A good store name is the one people remember. This is the most important thing for every business.

What else should you look for in a good name? These are some tips you should follow.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (9) Keep it short – Short store names are easy to remember. They make it easy for people to recommend your store.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (10) Keep it relevant – Use any relevant keyword that explain what you sell and how you want to be positioned.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (11) Avoid numbers and misspelled words – It’s harder to remember names with numbers and misspelled words. Try to avoid this to make your podcast easy to recommend.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (12) Make it memorable – Try naming techniques that make podcast names memorable. Alliterations and rhymes are popular styles to try if you want a memorable name.

You should also make sure you can get the domain name for the store name you selected.

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20 Interesting Shop Name Ideas To Use When Naming Your Store

We are going to help you generate the perfect name for your store. We’ll start with a few examples of catchy shop names that you can use for inspiration when starting your brainstorming process.

We suggest you use our store name generator to help you speed up the process. We’ll share actionable tips and tricks you can use to create the best company name for your store.

Are you ready to get started? These are twenty catchy name ideas that can be used for a store.

The Authentic CornerBrilliant BoutiqueCartmaxMore In Your Pockets
DollarSmartMegaplexFuller ShelfShopper’s Delight
Get MoreOrganicumShopperiaSmart Store
Studio BelleeFarmsVendiraShop & Smile
FreshcommerceMagnolia MarketRedFox ShopTransacta

Best Store Names Right Now

To help you brainstorm potential names, let’s take a look at three successful stores and break down why and how they’ve chosen to name their shop and why it works for them. Hopefully, this inspires you and helps you create your own shop name ideas list.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (14) AlieExpress

AliExpress currently ranks as one of the biggest online stores. The store is named after the umbrella company called Alibaba. That name comes from 1001 Nights in Arabian literature. The character outwitted thieves and got their treasures. In a sense, AliExpress is an online treasure chest.

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Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (15) The Map House

The Map House is a name that dives right into the niche. The name has a bit of an old feel to it, and that’s absolutely intentional. The Map House sells antique maps, some of the products being incredibly important and expensive. Relevant and niche, the name does precisely what a good store name should accomplish.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (16) LIberty – A State of Mind

This is a women’s fashion and lifestyle store. The name is indicative of the store’s intrinsic mission. The aim is to create spaces where people are free and have a chance to explore their inner needs and aesthetic desires.

As we see, there are different ways we can create memorable store names. Some are simple and straightforward, while others rely on uniqueness to differentiate themselves. We’ll look at some actionable steps we can take to create a modern and catchy store name idea.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (17)

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Naming Your Store

This section includes 10 actionable tips that will help you create the perfect name for a store. This is the complete guide you should follow when brainstorming catchy shop name ideas.

1) Analyze Your Competitors

Before we start brainstorming name ideas, we need to know our market and other shops that are similar to ours. This is an essential step that a lot of people overlook when they start thinking about their store name ideas.Start by listing down ten or twenty existing shops that are similar to yours. Think of the stores you will compete against in the market.These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when analyzing your existing competitors:Can you find any trends and words that often appear in their store names?Do they use similar name types?Do any names stand out for being very different?

2) Position Your Store

There are two basic options you have when positioning your store:– You can make your store fit in the market.– You can make your store stand out in the market.If you want to fit it, you should copy the name styles of existing shops. You can even use the same words other companies use.Just make sure you’re creating names that are different enough and won’t get you into legal trouble.If you want to stand out in the market, focus on using unique words and name styles. Make sure your name is different from other shops in the market.This is the approach we recommend for all new stores. People remember things that are different and stand out. This is the easiest way to position your store for success in the retail industry.

3) Look For Inspiration Elsewhere

We already analyzed the names of other shops in the market. Now it’s time to move beyond that. You can turn to different markets and niches for inspiration. Pick a niche or market that’s different than yours.Let’s, for example, pick gardening. Look at the names people use in this industry.You will probably notice a lot of companies use words like “seed”, “grow”, “green”, “bloom”… Can any of these words be used for your store?Of course. The word “seed” can represent growth and prosperity. The word “bloom” can serve a similar purpose. The words “green” and “grow” can easily be used to describe sustainability. These are just examples. You can turn to any market or niche for inspiration. Don’t spend all your time going through the names in your niche. This expert tip can help you create names that stand out.

4) Understand Different Name Types

We won’t bore you with details or make this theory too complicated. But it’s important we understand the basics of the naming theory. There are four main types of names:

  • Descriptive (literal) names – These names describe what the brand does or its functions. This also includes acronyms, initials, founder names, and geographical names. (ex. AliExpress, Cartmax, etc.)
  • Invented (made-up) names – These names don’t have any real meaning. They are either completely made-up or come from foreign languages. (ex. Transacta, Vendira, etc.)
  • Experiential names – These names describe the experience of shopping in the store. They basically show what people get when they shop at your store. (ex. Fuller Shelf, Shop & Smile, etc.)
  • Evocative names – These names represent the stores in a metaphorical instead of literal way. They represent what the store stands for instead of what it does. (ex. RedFox Shop, Magnolia Market, etc.)

We won’t go any further. This is enough to give you a basic understanding of different name types.

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5) Go Beyond Descriptive Names

We learned about different name types in the previous point. We saw that descriptive names are the simplest names out there. While there’s nothing wrong with them, they can’t help your store stand out in a crowded market.We suggest you move beyond simple descriptive names when opening yourstore. Descriptive names are great when we want to blend in. But we already learned that this isn’t the best approach for new brands, especially in competitive markets like retail.Instead, think of unique words, phrases, and metaphors that could be used to represent your store. What keyword could you use to stand out from your competitors?

6) Brainstorm Your Name Ideas

It is now time to start brainstorming what words could fit into your store name ideas. Your goal here is to create a list of words or names that come to mind when thinking about your shop.You can use words like “commerce”, “cart”, and “smart”. These words can be related to classic retail while also suggesting that you can expect a modern, creative outlook from this store.If you’re stuck on words to use, try our online store name generator. The generator will create unique store name ideas you can use.

7) Shortlist Your Ideas

Once you’ve developed a list of possible store name suggestions, analyze your ideas. Remove any names that could be hard to remember, spell or speak aloud.Keep names that are brandable, sound great, are memorable, and communicate your store values to your target audience.Here’s a quick checklist you can run every idea through to help shorten your list of names:Is the name simple and easy to remember?Is the name easy to read and say aloud?Is the name different from competitors?Does the name convey a relevant meaning?Does the name avoid overused words or cliches?

8) Get Some Feedback

You should now have a list of 3-6 great store name suggestions, and you can start gathering feedback. Ask potential customers or people working in the industry for feedback (your target audience).Avoid feedback from family and friends. They are more likely to praise every name idea, and they aren’t your customer.Be sure to ask questions like:What first comes to mind when you hear the name?How would you spell it?With your customer feedback, you can start objectively analyzing the store names you picked. Ask yourself – Is this idea still relevant? Does the idea still represent my shop?

9) Check If It’s Available

At this point, it’s good to have at least three great store names on your list in case any of your names are already taken.You can start by doing a quick Business Name Search online to see if your name idea is available within your country/state. While doing so, it’s also good to make sure that the name is available for Trademark registration. It’s good to make sure you can legally use the names you created. This can save you a lot of trouble down the road.It’s a good idea to also check domain name availability for your shop. Our store name generator shows which names have available domain names.

10) Develop Your Brand

This is the last thing you need to do before opening your store. The name on its own isn’t enough to help you dominate the retail market. You have to create exciting visual cues that go with the name.How will the name look in the logo? Which tagline will you use for your shop? What colors represent the emotions of your store?Make sure you create a cohesive brand identity where all elements work together. We suggest you get help from a professional graphic designer for this step.

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The Difference Between A Shop Name And A Store Name

Let’s answer this by first looking at what a store is and what a shop is. There’s a difference between these two terms in British and American English. We’ll start with American English.

American EnglishA building or a part of a building where goods are sold.A very small store with one type of goods (ex. antique shops).
British EnglishA very large shop.A building or a part of a building where goods are sold.

In both British and American English, we also use the term “department store” for very large shops that have separate departments selling different types of goods.

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As we see, the difference between a shop and a store depends on where you are. This also dictates which keyword to use for your name. In reality, both these words work. It’s up to you to decide which one you’ll use.

ShopFor smaller shops and niche-specific shops that mostly sell one type of goods.
StoreIf you want to be positioned as a big brand or if you sell various goods.

Use shop if you’re running a small business and use store if you’re running a large brand.

At the end of the day, both words describe a place where customers can purchase different goods. The line between the two gets even more blurred when we analyze them from the perspective of online stores.

Pick the one that works best for you and sounds better with other words in your name.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (19)

Let’s also quickly check the difference between online stores and offline stores.

Online StoreA store that sells online. These are always accessible and don’t have working hours.
Offline StoreA store that operates at a physical location. It usually has working hours.

Keep in mind that some stores have both physical locations and online stores.We recommend using our website name generator to create memorable website name ideas.

The Top Creative Shop Names Right Now

We listed actionable steps to help you create interesting shop names. But coming up with creative names is hard. That’s why we’ll list a few very creative names of real shops to inspire you and give you direction when creating your own company name.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (20) Groupon

The website that helps people save money on purchases with collective shopping was created as a blend of words “group” and “coupon”. These two words accurately describe what the shop does but use a unique word that sounds hip and creative.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (21) Upwork

The largest freelancing website in the world is basically a shop where you can purchase creative talents. The name was created as a response to the word “work” itself, which can sometimes sound like a “downer”. The name indicates that the platform offers different kinds of work. This matches their brand value.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (22) Alibaba

One of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world was named by the founder Jack Ma. He asked a random waitress in San Francisco if she knows about Ali Baba, the mythical figure. And she knew about the “open sesame” story. He then asked more random people and everyone knew who Ali Baba was. This is when he knew he hit the right metaphor.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (23) Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where crafters and artists make their income. You can buy handmade and vintage items in the shop. The true origin of the word “Etsy” is a mystery known only to the founders. They even encourage their employees to make up a story if someone asks them where the name Etsy comes from.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (24) Zappos

The company was initially called, but rebranded shortly after its launch. The word Zappos is a catchy variation of the Spanish word for shoes: “Zapatos.” They intentionally didn’t call it “zapatos” because their vision was much larger than just becoming the largest online shoe retailer.

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Different shops thrive on different types of names. You will have the best chance of coming with creative store names if you follow the steps we listed in this article and if you use our store name generator that can help you create different store names in a second.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (25)

Stylish Names For Shops

Let’s look at examples of stores that use stylish names. What are stylish names? These are the names that now only sound hip and modern, they also look appealing. These are the names people love saying and recommending to their friends. These are the shops with the most stylish names:

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (26) Amazon

Amazon has not always been called Amazon. The two names Jeff Bezos considered were and After that, Bezos scanned the dictionary until he found the word amazon – the world’s largest river. This went hand in hand with his vision to create the world’s largest online bookstore.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (27) Zalando

Zalando is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce companies selling fashion items. The store used the name “Ifansho” initially but later changed to the name to Zalando, which was inspired by the Italian word “zalare”, which means “making fun”. This matches the shop’s playful nature.

Store Name Generator - Generate Names for Stores & Shops (28) Ocado

Ocado is a British online supermarket. The name “Ocado” is “a made-up word, intended to evoke fresh fruit”. Neil Taylor, an Interbrand consultant, stated that the company name was a variant on the avocado fruit. The name evokes the emotions the shop wants to be known for.

These three examples show that finding a stylish name is both hard and doable. You need to have the right strategy. We equipped you with everything you need to know to create your own stylish shop name ideas. We suggest you use our online store name generator to speed up the process. We also recommend using our band name generator and tech business name generator to create niche-specific business name.

Store Name Generator

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