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  • Rankine, was therefore much vivified by Lord Kelvin's specification (Comptes Rendus, 1889) of a material gyrostatically constituted medium which would possess this character.

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  • This partition is termed the specification of the separation.

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  • For other anoraks, here is the organ's specification.

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  • This method transforms color values using relative colorimetry, as defined by the ICC Specification.

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  • As it turned out, specification conformance was the main topic of practically all presentations.

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  • FAQs

    What is the definition of specification? ›

    : a detailed precise presentation of something or of a plan or proposal for something. usually used in plural. : a statement of legal particulars (as of charges or of contract terms) also : a single item of such statement. : a written description of an invention for which a patent is sought.

    What are examples of specifications? ›

    As the word suggests, a specification contains specific information. For example, a door is not simply a door – it has a frame and furniture (hinges, handles, locksets) and can be made from a number of different materials.

    What are the 4 types of specifications? ›

    Specifications communicate the information required to achieve a desired work result. There are four methods of specifying: performance, descriptive, reference standard, and proprietary.

    What does made to specification mean? ›

    a detailed description of how something should be done, made, etc.: All products are made exactly to the customer's specifications.

    What are the 3 main types of specifications? ›

    There are three primary types of specifications: proprietary, performance and prescriptive.

    What is the main purpose of a specification? ›

    The purpose of a specification is to provide a description and statement of the requirements of a product, components of a product, the capability or performance of a product, and/or the service or work to be performed to create a product.

    What are the four 4 methods of specifying? ›

    The four types of specifying are: descriptive, performance, reference standard, and proprietary. Proprietary specifying is when construction specifications indicate product requirements by naming specific manufacturers and, perhaps, products.

    What is a good specification? ›

    A good specification should do four things: (1) Identify minimum requirements, (2) allow for a competitive bid, (3) list reproducible test methods to be used in testing for compliance with specifications, and (4) provide for an equitable award at the lowest possible cost.

    What are the two main types of specifications? ›

    There are two ways to specify a product in a proprietary specification: closed or open.

    What are the 8 requirements of specifications? ›

    8 Types of Specifications
    • Requirement Specifications. Documentation of a business need. ...
    • Design Specifications. Descriptions of how requirements will be realized. ...
    • Material Specifications. ...
    • Standard Specifications. ...
    • Interface Specifications. ...
    • Test Specifications. ...
    • Performance Specifications. ...
    • Quality Specifications.
    Sep 17, 2017

    What are requirements and specifications? ›

    What is the difference between a “requirement” and a “specification”? The dictionary tells us that a requirement is something that is needed and that a specification is a precise description of an item.

    What is the difference between a standard and a specification? ›

    Specifications are limited to a specific project or government agency. Standards are specifications that are recognized as the most practical and appropriate current solution, that is agreed upon by a recognized authority, for a recurring problem.

    How do you give a specification? ›

    How to create a product specification document
    1. Define the problem you're solving. ...
    2. Do your research. ...
    3. Write a clear, concise summary. ...
    4. Include a timeline. ...
    5. Include a budget. ...
    6. Pick which product specifications to include. ...
    7. Run user tests. ...
    8. Get feedback and run iterative cycles.
    Jun 1, 2022

    What information is on a specification? ›

    Specification is the skill of recording specific requirements about work you (or your client) want to be carried out. A construction specification is a well-structured, detailed description of the quality, standards, workmanship, materials, and completion of work to be done which evolves across a project.

    What are the methods of specifying? ›

    Designers can choose from four specifying methods as described by CSI: descriptive, performance, reference standard, and proprietary.

    What are the key features of a specification? ›

    What makes a good specification?
    • foster supplier interest.
    • better engage with the market.
    • facilitate a competitive environment.
    • encourage innovation.
    • apply a high standard in the delivery of requirements.
    • be clear and simple and avoid onerous or unnecessary requirements.
    Oct 6, 2022

    What are the 5 methods of specification? ›

    There are 5 main types of construction specifications:
    • Performance specifications.
    • Prescriptive specifications.
    • Proprietary specifications.
    • General specifications.
    • Detailed specifications.

    Which is most important in specification? ›

    Range is the most important specification of an instrument. It indicates the range of values which the instrument can measure.

    What does the specification always begin with? ›

    (1) Every specification, whether provisional or complete, shall describe the invention and shall begin with a title sufficiently indicating the subject-matter to which the invention relates.

    Why use specification by example? ›

    Specification by example (SBE) is a user-driven contextual approach to defining software requirements. SBE requires business stakeholders to provide realistic scenarios for how the software will be used and those examples are used to determine the scope of the project.

    Who prepares specifications? ›

    Typically, specs are prepared by the architect or designers. Generally, architects will delegate them but oftentimes project engineers will be involved due to their breadth of technical knowledge.

    What is a performance specification? ›

    A performance specification defines the functional requirements for the item, the environment in which it must operate, and interface and interchangeability characteristics.

    What are the benefits of performance specifications? ›

    Performance specifications promote contractor innovation. The contractor assumes more performance risk. Contractors have the flexibility to select materials, techniques, and procedures to improve the quality or economy, or both, of the end product.

    What are the 4 C's in specification? ›

    To effectively communicate requirements, specifications must be clear, concise, complete, correct, and consistent.

    What are the 5 C's of specification writing? ›

    For specifications to be effective, they must be concise, clear, complete, correct, and consistent. These are referred to as “the Five C's”.

    What is the principle of specification? ›

    In the Data Protection Act 1998, the purpose-specification principle is the second Data Protection Principle, which states that 'Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

    What are three design specifications? ›

    For example, the design specification could include required dimensions, environmental factors, ergonomic factors, aesthetic factors, maintenance that will be needed, etc. It may also give specific examples of how the design should be executed, helping others work properly (a guideline for what the person should do).

    What are the common specifications? ›

    '"common specifications' [..] means a set of technical and/or clinical requirements, other than a standard, that provides a means of complying with the legal obligations applicable to a device, process or system."

    How many parts are in a typical specification? ›

    Each specification section is divided into three parts. These parts are Part 1–General, Part 2–Products, and Part 3–Execution. Each part includes particular information about the subject of the section. These three parts are fixed in number and title and are included in all specification sections.

    What are the two major things required when writing a specification? ›

    Specification writing has two principal objectives: to define the scope of work and to act as a set of instructions. Defining the scope of work is at the core of specification writing.

    How do you write a good specification? ›

    How To Write A Product Specification Sheet?
    1. Define the problem. What problem or challenge will this product help users solve? ...
    2. Understand customer input. What do customers want in a new product? ...
    3. Include your whole company in the discussion. ...
    4. Pick which product specifications to include.

    What kind of document is a specification? ›

    A product specification document, often referred to as a product “spec” is the document that tells the persons in the project (developers, programmers, writers, marketers) what the outcomes or deliverables will be. These deliverables include the program and user documents.

    What are methods of requirements specification? ›

    Requirement specification, also known as documentation, is a process of jotting down all the system and user requirements in the form of a document. These requirements must be clear, complete, comprehensive, and consistent. During the capturing activity, we gather all the requirements from various sources.

    What are the two options that are most widely used nowadays for specifying algorithms? ›

    Flow charts and pseudocode are more structured formats that can more precisely express an algorithm, and are popular with computer scientists and programmers.

    What is method specification in construction? ›

    Method specifications (also called material and method specifications or prescriptive specifications) explicitly identify the materials and work methods or procedures a contractor should use to complete the work included in the contract.

    What is in a specification? ›

    According to the Dictionary of Architecture & Construction a specification is, “a written document describing in detail the scope of work, materials to be used, methods of installation, and quality of workmanship for a parcel of work to be placed under contract; usually utilized in conjunction with working (contract) ...

    What is a specification in the workplace? ›

    Q: What is a Work Specification? A: Simply stated, a Work Specification (or Work Spec) is a code for all of the work defined in the body of a particular Agreement or Contract Modification or Contract Addendum. Every report must have a Work Spec selected.

    What is the rule of specification? ›

    A rule specification is an asset that represents the data requirements of a business rule in logical form. A rule specification breaks down the logic in a business rule into the following tasks: Define the types of data that a business data set contains. Define a set of conditions that the business data must satisfy.

    What does specifications mean in management? ›

    A specification, or spec, is one of the most business critical aspects when it comes to making products. Specifications dictate what's in the products we use, how they're produced, and essentially, whether or not the product will meet the needs of target consumers.

    What is job specification and examples? ›

    A job specification is the list of recommended qualities for a person to qualify for and succeed in a position. While the job description includes the title position, responsibilities and summary, the specification identifies the skills, traits, education and experience a candidate might need to qualify for that job.

    What are common specifications? ›

    '"common specifications' [..] means a set of technical and/or clinical requirements, other than a standard, that provides a means of complying with the legal obligations applicable to a device, process or system."

    Is specification the same as requirement? ›

    What is the difference between a “requirement” and a “specification”? The dictionary tells us that a requirement is something that is needed and that a specification is a precise description of an item.

    What is a specification document? ›

    A product specification document, often referred to as a product “spec” is the document that tells the persons in the project (developers, programmers, writers, marketers) what the outcomes or deliverables will be. These deliverables include the program and user documents.


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