JDownloader 2.0 Download for PC Windows (7/10/8) (2024)

JDownloader is a fast and open-source utility offering a quick downloading process from any type of web hosting service like Mediafire, Mega, and so on. These file hosting services are useful to save your purchasing packages via gate-keeping the downloading speed. You can easily stop, pause, start, set limitations of bandwidth, auto-extracting of archives, and a lot more.

Save your valuable time by using its easy-to-extend framework feature. A large community of developers designs the app while working manually a better and usable utility for the IT world. You can download multiple files simultaneously.

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How to JDownloader Download and Installation Process

You can download the app in two scenarios;

  1. In case of downloading the file from your seedbox, click the given link, download it, and install it on your PC.
  2. Use the app for downloading files from other web services right to the seedbox, use One-Click installer, enable WebUI through using a Remote Desktop, because it is not enable in JDownloader by default.
  3. Click ‘No Thanks’ on the prompt for asking to install any crapware.
  4. Tap to ‘Allow access’ prompt for asking permission to use JavaScript for accessing internet.
  5. Select your preferred languages during installation process.
  6. On completing the installation process, updating process will start that will continue for some time.
  7. Go to status bar on the bottom of main screen and check the updating process.
  8. Update the time of app before start downloading.
  9. Select the file from the website you want to download, the app will detect its location through its ‘Linkgrabber’, click on ‘Play’ button from Linkgrabber.
  10. Tap to ‘Download’ tab for watching downloading status of file.
  11. In case of interruption, resume the file again from where it left off.
  12. Explore multiple optional features from the app’s Settings, you can change the default download folder from the Settings also.
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JDownloader Features

Compatible with Windows

With vary compatibility with all types of devices, the app has special compatibility with all types of Windows———-Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP is mainly operating systems to run the app very smoothly and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32-bit and 64-bit setup.

Free Access

The JDownloader with an open-source license available for the Windows 32-bit operating system of a laptop and PC, presented for all software users as a free trial for a specific period, free download with potential restrictions. It is belonging to the Download Manager category and was developed by Jago.

Fast & Reliable Performance

Control the entire downloading process online without relying on file hosting services. It enables you to start, stop, resume, or pause downloading. Some advanced functions like allocation of bandwidth limitations and auto-extracting of archives are also available to avoid the issues related to the file-hosting system. Because these types of issues can damage the available resources for online surfing, playing games, or doing any software work.

Moreover, the downloader easily manages the online downloading, pause it if you need, specify the download order, simultaneously downloads multiple files, auto-covering of CAPTCHA request, and transfer media files from different websites to your local machine. Additionally, no extra hardware or drivers are required, just a compatible Windows CE PC with a strong internet connection can download or burn media files from anywhere.

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Configuration Settings

You can view the serial links and launch any of them from the main screen. Set auto-starting of downloading anytime you enter a new link. Specifying the output folder for hosting the downloaded packages is possible from the Settings tab. you can add a maximum number of links for simultaneously downloading. The buttons of the toolbar and the theme can be enabled or disabled also. The configuration option enables you to restart the predefined timeout downloading as well.

Browser Integration

Interrupt the built-in browser for integrating the JDownloader from the right-clicking context menu. The extension connects the java-based JDownloader while offering the two operational modes;

  1. Start downloading process from the context menu.
  2. Redirect to the JDownloader while interrupting the built-in downloader.

Support Multiple Languages

The app is available in multiple languages like French and German and so on. It is with GNU GPL license offers multiple themes to customize your own preferences. It is with a powerful in-built OCR that demands java 1.8 for installing on your device. To understand the entire process of the app, it is better to download a file from a file host which will clear the software work, and you will find thorough information about the UI. Here you can see the file name, size, location, and availability along with host visibility.

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Main Features

  • Installation Process
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Free Access
  • Fast & Reliable Performance
  • Configuration Settings
  • Browser Integration
  • Support Multiple Languages
JDownloader 2.0 Download for PC Windows (7/10/8) (2024)
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