Jax Taylor's net worth since leaving Vanderpump Rules is unmatched (2023)

Jax Taylor may have left Vanderpump Rules a while ago, but he is surely missed by the majority of fans. He also has a massive net worth.

You might have thought that when someone leaves a reality TV show, they don’t take the paycheck with them. While that’s true, Jax is even better off.

He appeared on the Bravo show while working at SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant) in Hollywood, where cameras are always set up.

Leaving the show to focus on “new endeavors” seems to have worked in his favor financially, so we explored his net worth since the sudden departure.

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo



Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo






Jax’s shocking 2021 net worth

Jax’s net worth this year is a whopping $2 million, making him the second richest (yet former) Vanderpump Rules star.

He previously worked as a bartender at SUR, but hasn’t done so for the last five years. Since his exit, it looks like he’s kept up the salary somehow.

During his appearance on the Bravo show, he earned $25,000 per episode.

However, he’s managed to stay rich by creating shows, producing and investing and working closely with Amazon for ‘Jax’s Corner’.

Jax and wife Brittany recently bought a $1.9m Los Angeles mansion!

Sandoval misses him. Jax was annoying but he knew what his job was. Sandoval and Schwartz would love Jax back. The show is tanking. #PumpRules

— @venice745 (@venice745) November 17, 2021

What does Jax do for a living now?

His main job involves producing, investing and creating shows. He even hinted that him and Brittany may return to TV in future…

Jax also earns money from Amazon by aiming to help his fans “find cool gifts that they didn’t know they needed for the holidays”.

His Amazon page features health supplements, clothing, dog food, tech gadgets and baby toys – basically everything he buys for himself.

He also earns money via Instagram advert endorsements, such as with Muscle Tech. This is similar to his wife Brittany, who works with brands.

Jax recently done a massive teaser announcement with Access Hollywood, which revealed that he wrote a children’s book.

In March earlier this year, he shocked fans by sharing a picture of a production set with Robert de Niro’s name on a chair. So, watch this space…

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His former net worth on Pump Rules

Jax was reportedly worth $400,000 in February 2020, when he was a regular cast member on Vanderpump Rules.

This means that his net worth has multiplied by five times, highlighting the success he has made for himself since leaving the show.

Lisa Vanderpump is, of course, the richest cast member. When Jax was working for her, she had a $75 million net worth.

Jax, who was also the founder of drink mix company Just Add X (which seems to have fizzled out now), made most of his paycheck from Bravo.

In 2016, he told Complex: “If I’m smart about it, and if I live reasonably, I’ll be good for the rest of my life.” Seems to be working out for you, Jax!



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