Is Quicken Going To Be Discontinued (2024)

When Quicken was sold in 2016, some thought that spelled the end of the software. Find out if Quicken will really stick around.

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  • Will Quicken be Discontinued?
    • Discontinued Quicken Products
  • A Brief History of Quicken
  • How has Quicken Changed?
    • Pricing Structure
    • Compatibility
    • Discontinued Services

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Will Quicken be discontinued?

A lot has changed with Quicken—for better or for worse—but there's no current plan to permanently close its services. While some versions and functionalities have been discontinued, Quicken is still releasing new features and tools.

Once a product expires, it's discontinued and no longer receives support. You have to renew your subscription each time to get full access to and support for their services.

Check out which products have been discontinued, and how you can continue getting support down below.

Discontinued Quicken Products

A Quicken subscription membership lasts for 1 to 2 years. Once it expires, the product is discontinued for good.

Quicken has a Data Access Guarantee which means you can view, edit, and manually add data even after your subscription ends. But you won't be able to use any online services.

The only way to keep getting full services and support is to renew your subscription every time it expires.

How to Find Your Subscription Expiration Date
Every Quicken product has an expiration date. You can find yours by navigating to

Help > About Quicken

on Windows, or

Quicken > About Quicken

on Mac.

Here are some past Quicken products that have been discontinued:

ProductDiscontinuation Date
Quicken for Mac 2007 and 2007 for LionOctober 13, 2016
Quicken 2015 CanadaMay 31, 2018
Quicken 2016 CanadaMay 30, 2019
Quicken 2015 Windows and MacApril 30, 2018
Quicken 2016 Windows and MacApril 30, 2019
Quicken 2017 US Windows and MacApril 30, 2020
Quicken Bill PayAugust 31, 2020
Quicken Subscription ProductsBased on subscription length purchased
Quicken Premium Support1 year from purchase date or upon subscription expiration

So, it's pretty much inevitable. Your current Quicken program will be discontinued eventually. It's part of their pricing plan.

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But there are a few other reasons why some people think Quicken is on its way out. Find out more below.

A brief history of Quicken

When Quicken came out in the 1980s, it made a big splash. It quickly became the king of personal finance software. The program did everything, from tracking investments to balancing a checkbook.

But other alternatives emerged, and Quicken wasn't able to innovate fast enough to keep up with the times. As Quicken revenue declined, Intuit sold the company in 2016 to H.I.G. Capital.

Some people thought the acquisition spelled the end of the software. But fast forward 5 years and Quicken is still kicking.

Alternatives to Quicken

Quicken isn't going away any time soon. But the clunky software leaves a lot to be desired.

If you're looking to switch to a more modern and affordable program, check out these tools:

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How likely will you choose the alternatives instead of Quicken?

How has Quicken changed?

Quicken has been in the business for nearly 40 years. Naturally, it's been through a few transformations. But some users feel these could be signs of Quicken going downhill.

Pricing Structure

In its early days, one Quicken purchase would give you access to the program forever. Just pop in the floppy disk (remember those?) or CD and download the software to your computer.

This eventually changed as Quicken started to discontinue their products after three years. If you had a copy of Quicken 2015, for example, you would no longer get updates or support after 2018.

Since 2018, Quicken has switched to a yearly subscription model. Instead of upgrading once every 3 years, users now have to renew every year to use the program.

Tip: Free Quicken Alternative
If you're looking for a free way to manage your money, check out Empower. It comes with a host of robust tools—plus, you don't have to lock yourself in with a subscription.


Quicken has Mac and Windows versions, but they aren't compatible with each other. There's no easy way to transfer your data from one version to the other.

The two versions are also quite different. Quicken for Windows looks more outdated but has more functionality. Quicken for Mac looks modern, but lacks robust planning and reporting tools.

Discontinued Services

Quicken has discontinued several versions of its software. With their subscription product, this won't be an issue—as long as you're willing to pay. You'll get the latest features and tools each time you renew your subscription.

The company also abruptly discontinued their Quicken Bill Pay feature in 2020. Although they provided a new tool to replace it, some users feel it's an inferior product.

Bottom line

Quicken has been in business for a long time compared to other personal finance software companies. And they're still pushing out new features and updates.

There are many tools available for tracking investments and managing expenses. If you're unhappy with your current software, it may be time to check out other options.

But if your Quicken subscription has be working well for you, don't worry. The company shows no signs of getting rid of the product any time soon.

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As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of personal finance software and technology, I've closely followed the evolution of products like Quicken over the years. My expertise is grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, software development, and user experiences.

The article discusses the current status of Quicken, a personal finance software that has been in the market for nearly 40 years. Quicken faced a significant transition in 2016 when it was sold by Intuit to H.I.G. Capital, prompting concerns about the software's future. Contrary to initial speculations, Quicken continues to thrive, introducing new features and tools, despite the discontinuation of certain versions and functionalities.

Key Concepts Covered:

  1. Discontinued Quicken Products:

    • Quicken subscriptions typically last for 1 to 2 years, after which the product is discontinued.
    • Quicken provides a Data Access Guarantee, allowing users to view, edit, and manually add data even after the subscription ends, but online services are no longer available.
    • Renewing the subscription is essential to maintaining full access to services and support.
  2. History of Quicken:

    • Quicken emerged in the 1980s as a pioneering personal finance software.
    • Facing competition and a decline in revenue, Intuit sold Quicken to H.I.G. Capital in 2016.
    • Despite concerns about the software's future, Quicken has persisted and evolved over the past five years.
  3. Changes in Quicken:

    • Quicken's pricing structure has evolved from a one-time purchase model to a yearly subscription model since 2018.
    • Compatibility between Quicken versions (Mac and Windows) is limited, with challenges in transferring data between them.
    • Quicken has discontinued certain versions of its software and features, such as Quicken Bill Pay in 2020.
  4. Alternatives to Quicken:

    • The article suggests alternative personal finance tools for users considering a switch from Quicken, citing concerns about Quicken's clunky software.
  5. User Concerns:

    • Users express concerns about Quicken's changes, including the shift to a yearly subscription model and the discontinuation of certain services.
  6. Conclusion:

    • Quicken, despite its long history and changes, is still actively developed with new features and updates.
    • Users are advised to explore alternative tools if dissatisfied with their current software, but the article emphasizes that Quicken shows no signs of being discontinued in the near future.

In summary, Quicken has undergone transformations in its business model, pricing, and services, but it remains a viable option for users, backed by ongoing development efforts. Users are encouraged to assess their needs and consider alternatives if necessary, while recognizing that Quicken continues to be a reliable personal finance solution.

Is Quicken Going To Be Discontinued (2024)


Is Quicken Going To Be Discontinued? ›

As of January 2024 there are no plans to phase out Quicken. It has been operating since 1984 and was sold to Aquiline Capital Partners in 2021. (The seller was H.I.G. Capital, which purchased Quicken in 2016.)

Is Quicken no longer available? ›

Physical versions of Quicken are still available at retail locations, however, these do not contain a CD copy. CD copies are no longer being produced and are not necessary for installation as Quicken can be downloaded and installed directly from our website.

Is there a good alternative to Quicken? ›

Empower's financial dashboard is the best free alternative to Quicken. While the budgeting features are not quite as robust, the app will track your money and excels at helping you understand your investments.

Is Quicken no longer owned by Intuit? ›

Intuit sold Quicken software to H.I.G. Capital in 2016. The latter sold Quicken to Aquiline Capital Partners in 2021. So, clearly, the answer to is Quicken still owned by Intuit is no.

Can I still buy Quicken without a subscription? ›

No. Quicken doesn't offer a perpetual license. I suppose that is because it is a consumer / retail program. You'll need to renew your subscription every year (although from time to time I believe that they offer subscriptions that may run longer than a year, but none are perpetual.

How many people still use Quicken? ›

The app offers users a customizable way to manage finances, save money, track spending, pay bills, and much more. Over 20 million people have turned to Quicken to track their budgets and grow their money over the past four decades.

Who bought out Quicken? ›

In 2021 Quicken was sold to Aquiline Capital Partners by H.I.G Capital, who purchased it in 2016.

Is it worth buying Quicken? ›

Overall, Quicken is a powerful and robust tool for managing your finances. If you want to understand your money and plan for the future, Quicken might be the right fit for you. With that being said, our verdict is that Quicken is likely to be the best fit only for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the self-employed.

Which is better Simplifi vs Quicken? ›

Deciding between Simplifi and Quicken hinges on your specific financial management preferences and needs. If a modern, easy-to-use platform that simplifies budgeting and spending tracking appeals to you, Simplifi is likely the better choice – click here to sign up.

Is Mint better than Quicken? ›

Quicken has much more functionality and can grow with you over time. It's also better than Mint if you're a small business owner or are managing rental properties. Quicken is also better than Mint for tracking investments and planning your retirement.

What is the future of Quicken? ›

As of January 2024 there are no plans to phase out Quicken. It has been operating since 1984 and was sold to Aquiline Capital Partners in 2021.

How much is Quicken 2024? ›

Overview. Quicken Classic subscription pricing will be updated in 2024. Starter: $47.88/year - an increase of $6. Deluxe: $71.88/year - an increase of $12.

Why did Intuit sell Quicken? ›

Quicken is a desktop-centric business and it doesn't strengthen the small business or tax ecosystems,” said chief executive Brad Smith in a conference call with Wall Street last year. “Our strategy is focused on building ecosystems and platforms in the cloud.”

Does Quicken work without Internet? ›

However, you can also run the Quicken application when you don't have a connection (i.e. offline) you just won't be able to download data again (or update the application) until you are once again connected.

How do I use Quicken without online banking? ›

Select the Offline Account tab.
  1. Select which type of account you'd like to create.
  2. Name your account and select the type of transactions the account will be used for, then click Next. If you have multicurrency support enabled, you can also change the currency on this screen.
Dec 21, 2023

Where did my Quicken go? ›

By default, Quicken stores files in the Quicken folder. In File Explorer, open My Documents > Quicken.

Why can't I get into Quicken? ›

Try to open Quicken in Silent Mode (opening the program without opening a data file to view). To do this: Click the Start button and find Quicken. If Quicken opens, there may be an issue with the data file that is keeping it from allowing Quicken to open properly.

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