how to use kodak underwater disposable camera? (2023)

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Are you on the beach and enjoying swimming and some water sports with your friends. Have you bought a Kodak disposable underwater camera to capture memorable moments? You might be thinking about how to use this Kodak Underwater disposable camera.

After reading instructions, turn the thumbwheel to the right to advance the film until it produces the click sound and won’t turn anymore. See from the viewfinder and push the shutter button to capture the picture. Remove the film from the disposable underwater camera and develop the snaps in a lab.

In this article, you can learn about the Kodak disposable underwater camera, how to use it? The steps to capture clear pictures and how deep does it work effectively? In addition, you can also learn the role of flash in Kodak disposable underwater cameras. Let’s start.

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How to Use a Kodak underwater disposable camera

It is simple to use a Kodak underwater disposable camera. Kodak manufactures different models that work underwater depending upon their functionality and different depth ratings. It is a single-use camera, so you must know its functions and practical usage to avoid wasting time and money.

It is waterproof, light in weight, has a plastic lens, a shutter button, a thumbwheel, a flashlight, loaded film of 35mm, and can take 27 shots. A rubber strap is attached to the camera to hold it around the wrist while underwater photos.

When you are swimming, snorkeling, boating, playing on the beach, playing water sports, enjoying snowfall, and even heavy rains, you can use a Kodak disposable underwater camera. An average Kodak disposable underwater camera can work upto 50 ft – 60 below water, so a diver can also use this camera to explore the marine world and make more fun of its diving adventure. Let’s discuss how you can use a Kodak disposable underwater camera effectively.

Before shooting

Before deciding to shoot underwater, you need to see the Kodak disposable underwater camera instructions plus the labels. It can help you better choose where to shoot and how deep you should go underwater.

You should select the area where the sun is shining in its entire mood, and everything is evident in the water. You can take only 27 photos, so plan the right place for shooting. The film is loaded in the camera, but you need to understand the camera functions from reading the instructions.

During shooting

During shooting with the Kodak disposable underground camera, you need to be very careful. Roll the thumbwheel to advance the film loaded in the camera until it locks and does not move further. You can hear a click sound. It means your camera is now ready to take a shot.

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The viewfinder is very clear and water and shockproof. See the viewfinder and push the shutter button to take the picture by staying close to the subject. It is better to capture the snaps during the mid-day when plenty of sunlight is reaching everywhere. You need to get close to the subject to get bright and clear pictures.

If you take photos from a long distance, it will blur the captured image. So, keep the camera close to the subjects while maintaining your body weight underwater. You can take the 27 different shots.

After shooting

After taking the 27 shots, the film is over, and the next is to remove the film from Kodak’s underwater disposable camera. For saving your money and time, the essential considerations you need to do after shooting are:

  • How to open the kodak disposable underwater camera?
  • How to remove the film?
  • How to develop the film at home?
  • How to get the film roll from Kodak underwater disposable camera on the phone?

Let’s explain all of the considerations in detail.

How to open the kodak disposable underwater camera?

Opening the camera is a little tricky as it is made of durable plastic that is waterproof and crushproof, so you have to open it with the help of a tool. Steps to open the kodak disposable underwater camera are:

  • Open the wind knob by inserting the tool from one side. Remove the o-ring below.
  • Open the pull tag by exerting a small movie force with the tool.
  • Remove the back cover.
  • Tap the camera on the hard surface to loosen the film inside. Protect your eyes to avoid ant damage from the broken pieces of plastic that can hurt.

How to remove the film?

After opening the kodak disposable underwater camera, remove the film from the camera case. You have to pull the film roll from the camera. Do not pull out the film from the roll. Discard the camera parts or send them to the company for recycling.

(Video) Disposable vs. Nikonos V - Waterproof 35mm Cameras

How to develop the film at home?

After removing the film from the Kodak underwater disposable camera, you can develop the pictures at home if you have the photo-developing lab and skills to create the images. The best is to send the film to your nearby photo lab that is more convenient for picking the photos after one week.

How to get a film from Kodak underwater disposable camera on the phone?

Once you have developed the photos, you can get the pictures on your phone by downloading the photo scanner app. After installing the photo scanner app, you can scan the images in lightroom and save their digital copy into your phone.

Tips to get good pictures

Although disposable/single-use cameras are different from regular underwater cameras because of their advanced features of taking good quality pictures, the Kodak disposable cameras are waterproof and still give better images. Some of the tips to get good pictures are:

  • Always take pictures in a good light because the disposable camera has a limited focus function and captures the shot. So, shoot where more light is present.
  • Kodak disposable camera is a single-use camera, so its functions are elementary. It lacks zoom-in or zoom-out property, so take the shot very close to the subject.
  • Some models come with a flashlight. But using a flashlight in a light area will whiten the photos.
  • It is good to take photos in natural light.
  • Select the brighter color subject if you want a better picture quality from the Kodak disposable underwater camera.

Can you use a used Kodak Disposable underwater camera?

After inserting a new film inside the camera, you can only use the used Kodak underwater disposable camera if you are a master in setting up all the camera components. It is pretty difficult to adjust all the camera parts correctly. The shutter button and the thumbwheel cannot work as efficiently as before.

It is disposable and manufactured with the materials and features that can work efficiently. It is good to buy the new one and avoid reusing Kodak disposable underwater camera as it is not expensive.

The only way to reuse the camera is its recyclable material. So, it is better to send it to the company back where the camera is recycled to make the new camera.


How long does a Kodak underwater disposable camera work?

It is made for one use only, so it has limited features to get good pictures. It can take 27 photos, and after that, it is useless. So, you can use the Kodak disposable underwater camera when you cannot stop yourself from shooting the moments underwater while swimming or diving occasionally. It works until you finish the camera roll to capture 27 different shots.

The 1AA batteries are installed in the Kodak underwater disposable camera. The batteries can run until your film is completed, and even you have used the camera flash for all 27 images.

How to use flash on Kodak Underwater disposable camera?

Sometimes, you need to use the flash in Kodak underwater disposable camera when clouds and shaded subjects look dark. To make the photo clear, you have to turn on the flashlight by pushing the button on the upper side of the camera. The red light turns on, which means your camera flashes are ready to brighten up the images.

Final verdict

Finally, you can say that Kodak underwater disposable cameras are simple to use for swimming, snorkeling, or even diving for adding more fun to your trip or a picnic on a beach. Before starting your shoot, select the area where more light is available to brighten up the subject, then use the viewfinder of the Kodak disposable camera and press the shutter to capture the scene. After completing the film, remove it from the camera and develop. You can get the digital images of this film on your phone by installing a photo scanning app.

Batteries are installed, and the camera can take 27 photos underwater with these batteries. I hope this guide has informed you of a lot of helpful information. Comment below if you know something more about it.


How do you use a Kodak disposable camera? ›

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How do you get the best results with a disposable camera? ›

12 Tips To Take Better Shots With A Disposable Camera
  1. Avoid Bad Light. ...
  2. Don'T Forget The Subject. ...
  3. Find Patterns. ...
  4. Look For Symmetry. ...
  5. Always Have The Flash On. ...
  6. Shoot Above Eye Level Portraits. ...
  7. Select A Good Background. ...
  8. Take Lots Of Shots From Different Angles.

How many pictures can you take on a Kodak disposable camera? ›

The Kodak FunSaver is like all single-use cameras with a simple plastic lens, manual film advance, and 27 exposures.

How do you take out pictures from a disposable camera? ›

Convenient Drop-Off

With CVS Photo, it's easy to get your film processed into photos that you can share, place in albums and show off in frames. Simply bring your film or disposable cameras to your local CVS location and drop it off.

How do you use a disposable camera step by step? ›

How to Use a Disposable Camera
  1. Set the Film. Turn the scrolling wheel on the right of the camera until it clicks in place. ...
  2. Set the Flash. ...
  3. Hold the Camera to Your Eye. ...
  4. Press the Button. ...
  5. Finish Your Roll of Film. ...
  6. Take Your Disposable Camera to Be Developed.
Sep 20, 2021

How do you use a disposable waterproof camera? ›

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Should you always use the flash on disposable cameras? ›

Unless you are shooting towards a reflective surface (ie. mirrors, water, glass), make sure to use the flash! Exposures always come out sharp in settings with high light allowing for a lot of contrast. That said, even in daylight, turn the flash on for best results.

What should you not do with a disposable camera? ›

While disposable cameras appear to be a very simple-to-use film camera, there's a couple of things to keep in mind when shooting with one. By far, the most important tip is to slow down, stand still, and don't shake the camera. You're not shooting with a DSLR or smartphone here!

Why do my film photos come out blurry? ›

The most common reasons that lead to unsharp film photos are motion blur, caused by using too slow a shutter speed; missed focus, caused by not having enough depth of field to work with; and underexposure, caused by not exposing for the shadows.

How many shots do you get on a disposable camera? ›

Each shot was valuable because you could only take a limited number of photos and had to wait for the results. Modern film cameras can take between 24 and 27 exposures.

How many times can you use disposable camera? ›

A disposable or single-use camera is a simple box camera meant to be used once. Most use fixed-focus lenses. Some are equipped with an integrated flash unit, and there are even waterproof versions for underwater photography. Internally, the cameras use a 135 film or an APS cartridge.

Can you reuse Kodak disposable camera? ›

Despite the fact that the most are "single-use" only, they can be disassembled and recharged with film and a battery. In order to disassemble the camera, you will need: a disposable camera with the exposed film. new film.

How do I get my Kodak disposable camera pictures on my phone? ›

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How do you get the film out of a Kodak disposable camera? ›

How to Remove Film From Disposable Cameras
  1. Step 1: After you finish taking pictures with the camera, continue winding it until it all goes into the film canister. ...
  2. Step 2: Open the door, and you should be able to pull out the film canister.
  3. Step 3: The film will slide right out.

How long do disposable cameras last? ›

However, you can use it for around five to six years if you properly store it away from humidity and heat. Your disposable device integrates a battery when it produces a flash. Many cameras include this cell in the purchase and come with an irreplaceable design.


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