How to Successfully Pitch to Brands in 2023 | Later (2023)

How to Pitch to Brands: The Elements of a Great Pitch Email

While a pitch email should only be 2-3 paragraphs long, there are a few important elements you shouldn’t miss.

Here are five things to include in your pitch to brands:

  1. Craft the Perfect Subject Line

  2. Introduce Yourself

  3. Highlight What You Love About the Brand/Product

  4. Create and Attach a Media Kit

  5. Share Your Rates and a Call-to-action (CTA)

#1: Craft the Perfect Subject Line

The inbox of the person receiving your pitch will likely be flooded with internal company memos, project briefs, and other pitches.

So, if you want your email to stand out, your subject line is key.

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Make sure it’s short, succinct, and direct. In other words: keep it simple.

For example, a standard subject line format might look like:

[Brand Name] X [Creator Name] — [Detail About Pitch or Content Style]

In practice, it’d look like:

Later X Lizzo — IG Reel Partnership

You can also include a small greeting or emoji in the subject line to grab their attention.

#2: Introduce Yourself

If you're looking for a long-term partnership, it's important to build a genuine foundation, and your pitch email is the first way to do so.

The person receiving your email doesn’t need to know your whole life story, but it’s important to paint a picture of who you are and why you’re introducing yourself.

Try swapping out the typical blanket statement, “Our brands align and I think this partnership would be a great fit,” for a few of your core values and how they complement the brand.

TIP: Now’s a great time to hyperlink your top social media accounts!

#3: Highlight What You Love About the Brand/Product

Brands tend to gravitate towards creators who’ve previously used (and loved) their product.

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Plus, working with a brand you actually enjoy will make it easier to create content and speak to your community about it.

When brainstorming what to highlight in your pitch email, use these prompts to get started:

  • Do their values and mission align with yours?

  • Has the brand done anything specific that resonated with you?

  • What is your favorite way to use the product and why do you love it?

  • What is one thing you didn’t know about the product until you used it?

  • Have you already created user-generated content about the brand?

  • Have you noticed past collaborations with other creators that prompted you to reach out?

TIP: Focus on your shared values and why you’d be the perfect match.

#4: Create and Attach a Media Kit

If you’re pitching to brands, having a media kit is one of the best ways to highlight your work and what you can offer.

Think of it as your business card, CV, and portfolio of work all in one document.

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How to Successfully Pitch to Brands in 2023 | Later (1)

How to Successfully Pitch to Brands in 2023 | Later (2)

How to Successfully Pitch to Brands in 2023 | Later (3)

It’s important to include:

  • Your bio and contact information

  • An overview and/or snapshot of your social stats (hint: Later’s verified analytics report will help with this)

  • Your community’s demographics — including where your followers are located, their gender, age, language, etc.

  • A breakdown of your blog or website stats (if you have one)

  • Previous partnerships and testimonials

  • Examples of how you’ve built brand awareness, driven conversion, or traffic in previous partnerships

  • Your rates (it’s helpful to also have a separate rate card that you can send to brands who inquire specifically about your rates)

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Remember to create your media kit as a PDF (easier for brands to share internally), and make sure it’s beautifully designed and aligned with your social media aesthetic.

TIP:Latermakes creators' lives easier with tools including a media kit template, your personal best time to post, and more.Create an account and get started:

You should round out your pitch with a high-level overview of your rates, a call-to-action (CTA) to review your media kit, and an invitation to continue the conversation.

While your rates will also be included in your media kit, including them directly in the email will make it easier for the brand to quickly gauge whether they have enough budget for a partnership with you.

New to setting your own rates?

Unfortunately, as the influencer marketing industry is still fairly new, there’s no universal one-size-fits-all pricing rule.

That said, historically, many digital marketers have adhered to the one cent per follower (or $100 per 10K followers) rule as a starting point.

However in recent years, Later’s influencer marketing team has noticed that increase to about $300-$500 per 10K followers.

Our suggestion? Use these numbers as a baseline.

TIP: Referring to resources like Clara for Creators and FYPM can be a massive help for setting rates.

So there you have it! Everything you need to successfully pitch to brands, including how to craft the perfect email.

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When crafted with care and intention, you can stand out from the crowd and start to build a long-term partnership. Good luck and happy pitching.

Ready to find brands to partner with? WithLater's creator tools, you can search for brand campaigns, schedule your social media content, and more.Start your free trial:


How do you get a brand to notice you? ›

Post consistently. Use hashtags and geotags. Tag brands in your posts.
Know your worth.
  1. Define your brand. You'll see the best engagement if you're able to define your niche. ...
  2. Know your audience. Knowing your audience is critical for convincing a brand to work with you. ...
  3. Post consistently.
Nov 12, 2020

How do you reach out to brand deals? ›

How to Reach Out and Collab with Brands
  1. Build your portfolio. We all have to start from somewhere. ...
  2. Do your research. Some people like to set their portfolio up and wait for brands to come to them. ...
  3. Show off! Okay, not in a bragging way, but let them know how you stand apart from the others! ...
  4. Go! Push that send button!
Oct 12, 2022

How do you pitch yourself to brands as a micro influencer? ›

10 tips on how to pitch as a micro-Influencer.
  1. Pick The Right Brand To Approach. ...
  2. Do Your Homework On the Brand. ...
  3. Know Your Value. ...
  4. Help Them Help You. ...
  5. Get Creative On What You Offer The Brand. ...
  6. Make Sure Your Ducks Are In A Row Before You Pitch. ...
  7. Be An Industry Expert. ...
  8. Position Yourself Differently.

How do you pitch yourself to brand for collaboration? ›

Communicate the mutual benefits that you and the brand can achieve through this partnership. Focus on telling them about the value that you can bring to their brand. Talk about who you are, a little bit about your personal background, your past work experience, and your aspirations. Give them an insight into your life.

How do I get a strong brand identity? ›

Photos courtesy of the individual members.
  1. Center Your Brand In Your Story. ...
  2. Ensure Customer Experience Reflects Brand Promise. ...
  3. Make Sure Your Employees Love You. ...
  4. Start With Great Self-Awareness. ...
  5. Identify The Emotion Your Brand Evokes. ...
  6. Differentiate From The Competition. ...
  7. Don't Be Afraid To Use Video. ...
  8. Poll Your Customers.
Apr 25, 2019

How do I get a buzz around my brand? ›

Here are 7 tips to easily and successfully create buzz through social media around your new product.
  1. Release behind-the-scenes videos. ...
  2. Create mystery around the product. ...
  3. Run ads on Facebook or LinkedIn. ...
  4. Team up with influencers. ...
  5. Organize giveaways and contests. ...
  6. Create educational and informational videos. ...
  7. Take pre-orders.
Sep 4, 2018

How many followers do I need to be an influencer? ›

10,000–50,000 followers = Micro-influencer. 50,000–500,000 followers = Mid-tier influencer. 500,000–1,000,000 followers = Macro-influencer. 1,000,000+ followers = Mega-influencers.

How many followers do you need to reach out to brands? ›

Usually, brands won't consider you an influencer (or micro-influencer) without having at least 2,000-2,500 followers in your community. If you want to collaborate with brands on Instagram as an influencer, we recommend working on building up your community before approaching brands.

How do small influencers reach out to brands? ›

Engage with the brand's Instagram account.

Comment on their recent posts, post their product or Instagram posts on your stories with a tag, and don't be afraid to send the brand a little love in their DMs. (I always like DMing them saying something like “Omg I love your clothes!! Just wanted to send you some love!!

How do I sell myself as a brand? ›

Personal branding basics: Essential rules for selling yourself in the digital age
  1. Your brand must be authentic, credible, and inspire trust. ...
  2. Your brand must be consistent. ...
  3. Your brand must emphasize what it is that makes you different. ...
  4. Your brand must help communicate how you can add value. ...
  5. Your brand must be focused.

How do brands notice you as an influencer? ›

Brands will always prefer an influencer with a robust and regular presence on their profile. Hence, posting consistently on social media will make you fall under a brand's radar. You can also only build a relationship with your audience when you connect with them online and engage via comments or with commenters.

How many followers do you need to be considered a micro-influencer? ›

A micro-influencer is someone who sits at a follower count between 1,000 and 100,000. Most often, they have a niche that helps differentiate them from other content creators.

What is perfect pitch example? ›

Perfect pitch refers to a person's ability to identify a musical note correctly upon hearing it. For example, if someone were to play the note C sharp (C#) on the piano, a person with perfect pitch would be able to name the note without having seen which key was struck.

What do you say in a 3 minute pitch? ›

Adrienn suggested the following structure:
  • Greeting – establish contact with the audience.
  • Tagline – summarize the essence of your product or service.
  • Problem – present the problem by telling a story that makes it more real and emotional.
  • Solution – tell what's so unique about your solution.
Jan 10, 2021

What is a good sentence for pitch? ›

He was taken to hospital after his collapse on the pitch. He dribbled the ball to the edge of the pitch. At the end of the match, the pitch was a real quagmire. Unfortunately the game was cancelled because of a waterlogged pitch.

How do you say yes to a brand collaboration? ›

Thank you so much for reaching out. I'd love to discuss a collaboration and agree we are a good fit. I have some ideas but I'd like to hear from you what your brand needs right now as far as content goes. I look forward to working together!

How do you ask a brand for collaboration examples? ›

I'm reaching out because [insert what you saw in their feed, posts and what they are passionate about and relate it to your brand's purpose]. We'd love it if you would collaborate with us [insert any collaboration specifics in mind]! Please let me know if you're interested and I'll share more details. Thanks!

How do you write a proposal to a brand for collaboration? ›

A brand collaboration proposal is often required to finalize your influencer campaign.
Send Your Proposal
  1. Keep it to 2-3 pages, turn it into a PDF, and attach it to an email.
  2. Include a brief message.
  3. Offer to be flexible with the deliverables.
  4. Follow up a week after you send it, if you haven't heard back.
May 15, 2020

What are the 7 steps to brand identity? ›

Building a new brand essentially boils down to seven steps:
  1. Research your target audience and your competitors.
  2. Pick your focus and personality.
  3. Choose your business name.
  4. Write your slogan.
  5. Choose the look of your brand (colors and font).
  6. Design your brand logo.
  7. Apply your branding across your business.
Oct 29, 2022

What are the 7 elements of brand identity? ›

These seven elements of a strong brand will help you cultivate a strong, positive brand image to tell the world the right story.
  • Purpose-driven. ...
  • Unique. ...
  • Knows its target market. ...
  • Stays on-brand at all times. ...
  • Authentic. ...
  • Thick-skinned.
May 2, 2018

What time of day is best to launch a product? ›

According to research, the best day to launch a product is a Tuesday, and the best hour to do it (if you are launching on Product Hunt) is right after midnight.

How do you hype a product launch? ›

Making your customers feel special is an excellent way to create hype for a product launch. You can build a sense of urgency and promote exclusivity through limited-offer deals. Using phrases like “limited stocks only” or “available only for a limited time” may hype more customers and drive more sales.

How much do beginner influencers make? ›

Nano influencers (1000 - 10,000 followers): $800 per post. Micro influencers (10,000 - 50,000 followers): $1,500 per post. Mid-tier influencers (50,000 - 500,000 followers): $3,000 per post. Macro influencers (500,000 - 1,000,000 followers): $5,000 per post.

What do influencers do all day? ›

They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views. Brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy products they promote.

How much does 2 million followers on Instagram pay? ›

Instagram influencers with up to 1 million followers can see $10,000 per post. Have over 1 million followers? You could charge $100,000 or more.

Can brands tell if you have fake followers? ›

Brands can identify fake followers by looking out for: extreme engagement rates (very high or very low), spam comments and an uneven number of follower to following ratio. They can also use free tools to analyze influencer profiles and reveal the level of audience authenticity – but more on that later.

Can I get brand deals with 1000 followers? ›

First and foremost, there really is no ideal number to be able to work with brands. I have done brand deals with creators and influencers with less than 1,000 followers because they fit exactly what the brand was looking for.

How hard is it to get 10k followers on Instagram? ›

Only 10.9% of Instagram accounts get 10k followers. 10k followers opens up the swipe up to link feature. Don't take shortcuts to get followers.

Which 3 R's are useful when identifying influencers? ›

Communicators working with just reach, relevance and resonance will identify influencers by their size of audience, the topics they discuss and how much their audience engages in their content.

What should you not do in influencer marketing? ›

What Not To Do In Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Forgetting your goals when framing strategy. ...
  • Focusing only on Instagram. ...
  • Not creating video content. ...
  • Neglecting passive users. ...
  • Not keeping a watch on competitors. ...
  • Only collaborating with mega and micro-influencers. ...
  • Curating similar content in every campaign.

What type of influencers do brands prefer working with? ›

So, it's no surprise to hear that marketers and brands are more interested in working with micro influencers than traditional celebrities for influencer marketing campaigns. The majority (77%) of marketers say micro influencers top their list of ideal influencers, shortly followed by macro influencers (64%).

What are the 3 C's of branding? ›

The 3 Cs of brand messaging: Consistency, clarity and character.

What is a good personal brand statement? ›

Your personal brand statement has to be strong, descriptive, short, and catchy all at the same time. Some examples include: “I help individuals reassess their life choices to discover their true paths to success.” “I develop sustainable business models and marketing strategies to fuel small business growth.”

How do you get brands to recognize you? ›

Know your audience. Post consistently. Use hashtags and geotags. Tag brands in your posts.
Know your worth.
  1. Define your brand. You'll see the best engagement if you're able to define your niche. ...
  2. Know your audience. Knowing your audience is critical for convincing a brand to work with you. ...
  3. Post consistently.
Nov 12, 2020

What do brands want in an influencer? ›

They're expert communicators. Influencers live and breath in the digital space so, as they've built their empire, they've developed a knack for digital communication. Therefore, they're excellent at communicating a brand's vision and message in a way that their followers will engage and connect.

What makes an influencer stand out? ›

They Know Who You Are & Want You Want. Influencers don't operate in a vacuum, churning out social updates and content like traditional broadcasters. They know their audience and what you like–in fact, they often know what you'll like before you do.

What are the 4 types of influencers? ›

4 Different Types of Influencers Based on Follower Count
  • #1: Micro-influencers. Number of followers: 5,000 — 100,000. ...
  • #2: Mid-tier influencers. Number of followers: 100,000 — 500,000. ...
  • #3: Macro-influencers. Number of followers: 500,000 — 1M. ...
  • #4: Mega-influencers. Number of followers: 1M+
Oct 7, 2022

What are the 4 types of influencer marketing? ›

Mega-influencers with more than a million followers (think celebrities) Macro-influencers with 500K to 1 million followers. Mid-tier influencers with 50K to 500K followers. Micro-influencers with 10K to 50K followers.

How much does an influencer with 1 million followers make? ›

Instagram influencers' earnings can vary widely depending on their niche, their audience size, and the type of content they produce. For example, an influencer with 1 million followers could potentially earn anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 per sponsored post.

What do you say during pitching? ›

Caroline suggests this format for your pitch:
  • Tell a story.
  • Explain your solution.
  • Describe your successes.
  • Define your target market.
  • Explain your plan for customer acquisition.
  • Outline your competition.
  • Describe your business model.
  • Provide your financial projections.

What do you say when pitching an idea? ›

Here's how to do it:
  1. Step 1: Start with a problem or story. ...
  2. Step 2: Share a concise and clear value proposition. ...
  3. Step 3: Explain what your idea will do with a pitch deck or demo. ...
  4. Step 4: Use proof points, real examples, and successes. ...
  5. Step 5: Learn the Art of Stage Presence.

How do you start a pitching speech? ›

Start your elevator pitch with something that grabs attention and builds rapport, like a common problem in your industry everyone will be familiar with. Spark curiosity by saying that you solve this problem. Say who you are and what you do. Explain how you do it and what the results are.

How do you write a pitch letter to a brand? ›

How to Write a Pitch Letter That Gets a Brand's Attention
  1. Network first. Pitch second. ...
  2. Toe the line between professional and casual. Now that you have made relevant contacts, you can begin reaching out. ...
  3. Don't write too much. ...
  4. Include an actual idea in your letter. ...
  5. Maintain the relationship even when you're not pitching.
Oct 12, 2017

What are 2 rules of pitching? ›

Pitchers must make their actions known; they must step toward the base they plan to throw to and must be facing the batter when pitching. Pitchers can't let the ball drop out of their glove, remove their hand from the ball once set in place or fake a throw when they don't have the ball.

What are the 3 rules about a pitch? ›

In essence, there are three core rules to pitching:
Jul 11, 2017

What are the 5 steps of pitching? ›

Coach Corral's basic steps to pitching include the setup, the step back, the plant foot, the leg lift, power position, release and extension.

How do you pitch in one sentence? ›

The one sentence pitch

My company, [name of the company], is developing [a defined offering] to help [a defined audience] [solve a problem] with [secret sauce].

What do you say in a 1 minute pitch? ›

Here are 10 tips to help you identify a high-impact 1-minute pitch.
  1. Make it tangible. No big words, no big concepts, no terminology. ...
  2. Show your passion. ...
  3. Keep it fresh. ...
  4. Adapt to your audience. ...
  5. Know your competitive edge. ...
  6. Don't gabble. ...
  7. Keep to two primary benefits. ...
  8. Don't hard sell.

What makes a great pitch? ›

A successful pitch involves knowing your products or services and target audience inside and out so that you'll have confidence when delivering the idea. You'll also want to include plenty of information on why there is a clear need for your product or service and show that you've done market research.

What are the 10 steps of pitching? ›

10 steps on how to write a pitch deck
  • Introduce yourself: ...
  • Use storytelling: ...
  • Use common language: ...
  • Prepare a stunning design: ...
  • Respect your timeframe: ...
  • Rehearse: ...
  • End memorably: ...
  • Add contact details:
Jul 9, 2020

How do you write a pitch example? ›

How to write a pitch
  • Read the submission guidelines. The first step when writing a pitch is to ensure you're abiding by the guidelines for submitting the pitch. ...
  • Introduce your idea and establish your angle. ...
  • Explain your methodology. ...
  • Estimate a deadline for a preliminary final version. ...
  • Be prepared to take questions.
Feb 25, 2020

What does a pitch letter look like? ›

A pitch letter is a short version of the larger story you wish to tell. Pitch letters should not exceed 1-page in length and you should write them in the style and voice of the publication that you would like to write for.


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