How To Dress A Man With A Big Belly (2023)

You're not obese, you've just got a little extra cushion around the midsection. But this can cause some pretty intense insecurities.

Some call it a beer gut, some call it a dad bod… whichever you choose, you'll know the struggle of dressing well with that spare tire hanging around your mid-section.

The concerns you face are:

  • Avoiding the painful feeling of your trousers pushing into your belly.
  • Finding comfortable clothes.
  • Constantly having to suck in your tummy.
  • Dealing with the discomfort of your stomach sticking out when you sit.
  • The buttons on your shirt breaking after a heavy meal.

Is it possible to learn how to dress a man with a big belly and stay stylish without compromising comfort? Absolutely! In this article, we'll show you how…

Big Belly Style Tip #1: Get Comfortable Wearing A Jacket

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The first item of flattering clothes for big stomach you should pay attention to is a jacket. It helps to distribute your body image so that people don't focus on the gut. Wear a blazer, a sports coat, or an overcoat – any well-fitted jacket that accentuates the shoulders and creates the illusion of a slimmer frame.

A double-breasted jacket, preferably in a dark color, helps disguise an obese torso and offers a relatively flattering profile. A well-fitted jacket is an elegant option and will make you look great irrespective of your body shape.

The lines created by a tailored jacket will make you look narrower and taller. Adding an extra layer in the form of a jacket in light fabric is an effective way to narrow and lengthen your frame.

To achieve this effect, wear a dark jacket/blazer over a light-colored shirt/t-shirt. The lighter hue of the inside layer creates a more prominent vertical line and helps to extend your torso visually.

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Big Belly Style Tip #2: Fit Is King

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Fit is always the most important part of your wardrobe, but when figuring out how to dress a man with a big belly, it is king.

Many big guys try and fit into clothes that are slimmer and flatter smaller body types.
Skip the latest trends and find some quality, classic and practical clothes that make you feel confident.

When you have something to hide, don't call attention to it.

Loose clothing makes you look bigger and tight clothing hugs your body in the wrong places. Get the right fit – slim, not overly tight, nor excessively loose.

The common mistake is to cover your protruding belly with loose, baggy clothing. Unfortunately, this trick has the reverse effect – making you look even bigger.

Buy clothes that fit your body now.

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You may want to buy clothes which will fit you in two months, after the success of your current fitness goals. This self-manipulative trick to force you into sticking to your plans will draw attention to the fact that you are overweight now.

It's easier to find clothes that fit the largest part of your body and then have them altered by a tailor. If your pants are tight at the thighs, size up and tailor the waist.

Wear your shirts untucked? Casual shirts with a curved hem gently fall over the stomach flab while pulling up on the sides. They need to be long enough to prevent exposed flesh when stretching or bending.

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Only wear Long-sleeved shirts. These shirts create a more proportioned look for your body. Sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts draw more attention to your gut.

Big Belly Style Tip #3: Lightweight Fabric Is Your Friend

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Clothing made from heavy or thick fabrics emphasizes your bulky stature. Avoid the heat-trapping properties of heavy fabrics and switch to clothing made from lighter materials.

Avoid wearing satin, silk, or lycra, as these materials will cling to your frame and accentuate the parts you are trying to hide.

You need to learn the differences between the fabrics available to you. You need to understand tropical weight wool and the kind of tropical weight wool you need.

Understand the difference between lightweight cotton and thicker cotton.

Avoid baggy chunky sweaters. Instead, go for cashmere V-neck sweaters, as they won't add bulk to your body.

Big Belly Style Tip #4: Wear Stretch Fabrics

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Stretch fabric technology has made some tremendous advancements over the last couple of years.

The idea is NOT to wear tight clothing that stretches but to wear proportionate clothing that tends to have a bit of a give.

This tactic will give you much more comfort when you are doing your day-to-day activities. When you're moving around in the office, reaching over to grab the phone, or bending down to pick something up, the stretch fabric will move with you rather than pull back.

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Look for pants that have elastic sliders. Keep in mind that you can stick to your regular classic fit – no need to go extra baggy, as the beer belly man usually has normal-sized legs. The elastic band around the waist allows some leeway when walking around.

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Big Belly Style Tip #5: Simple Dark Colors

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You've heard women say, black is slimming. There is some truth to that statement.
Lighter colors attract attention while darker shades detract. If your midsection is more prominent than your bottom half, dark clothing on top and light on the bottom half can create a more proportionate look.

Dark, solid colors hide the blemishes that your clothes cannot. The extra folds where the fabric cannot drape your body are not visible when the cloth is a darker shade. You don't have to make it evident that you are always wearing all-black to try and hide your silhouette.

There are gradients in the same color family as black that will also do the trick for you – colors like navy blue, blue-black, midnight blue, slate blue, and gunmetal will add some pop to your ensembles.

However, wearing dark-colored shirts and pants together can make you look dull. Pair a contrasting color to highlight the complexion of your face.

Wear a maroon shirt with a pair of navy blue trousers, for instance. You could also choose colors as per your skin complexion. Men with a dusky or wheatish skin tone could play with bold colors, like navy blue, dark brown, olive green, or even deep red. If you are fair-skinned, then go for muted colors, at least for your shirts and T-shirts.

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Big Belly Style Tip #6: Wear Shirts That Hide Belly Fat

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If you’re a guy who has been blessed with the “Dad Bod,” then one of the best ways to adjust your wardrobe and style is to choose clothes that help hide any unwanted belly fat. While it may be tempting to wear tight-fitting shirts in order to show off those extra curves, this can actually draw more attention to areas you’d rather not emphasize.

Instead, opt for looser-fitting shirts that hang loosely over the midsection to help minimize any excess bulk and create a more flattering silhouette.

For example, button-ups or henleys made from lightweight materials are great choices, as they provide some coverage without making you look like you’re trying to hide something. Linen and cotton are especially good fabrics for Dad Bod style, as they tend to be more breathable and comfortable than synthetic materials.

Additionally, try layering these shirts with a lightweight sweater or blazer if you want to give off a dressier vibe – just make sure the pieces are properly fitted so that your silhouette isn’t overwhelmed by excess fabric.

When I say ‘loose fitting' I DON'T mean baggy. When wearing shirts that hide belly fat, you should ensure that they still fit you and don't make you look like you're wearing a tent.

To achieve a well-fitted look, ensure your shirt fits well across the shoulders and the chest. By this, I mean that it should be neither too tight nor too loose and should fall comfortably across your midsection without any pulling or ballooning.

Big Belly Style Tip #7: Accessorize To Balance Your Frame

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Here are a few additional tips on accessories to pair with the clothing items mentioned above:

  • Suspenders are a practical alternative to belts. They create a vertical, unobstructed line for the viewer instead of breaking with a horizontally placed belt that draws attention to your midsection. They also force your pants to sit up on your waist and avoids your belly hanging over the waistband.
  • Wear pants with a comfortable fit. The elastic bands on the side of the trouser waistband give your belly the room it needs after a heavy meal.
  • Your tie needs to be wider than average. When you tie it, the tip should reach the upper line of your belt, not any higher, not any lower.
  • If you decide to wear a watch, go for one with a wide strap.
  • A stylish hat that suits your personality makes you look more confident.

Learn to control your image and minimize sending negative signals that you are fat and sloppy. Instead, be confident with your size and show that you have style and care about the details.

  1. Get Comfortable Wearing A Jacket
  2. Fit Is King
  3. Lightweight Fabric Is Your Friend
  4. Add Some Clothing With A Stretch Fabric
  5. Simple Dark Colors
  6. Smart Accessories To Balance Your Frame

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Knowing how to dress a man with a big belly will change your life and the way you feel about yourself.

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