How To Contact Spotify Playlist Curators (2023)

Spotify is one of the most viable platforms an artist can take advantage of when it comes to increasing the overall popularity of their songs. However, many artists lack the knowledge in matters of How to contact Spotify playlist curators.

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This article will show you how to do just that and get your music heard by new fans (plus, get you more followers on your artist profile).

Method #1 – Cold email independent Spotify playlist curators

The first and most commonly used method involves cold emailing Spotify playlisters and sharing your song directly. It may generate results, but the overall effort may not pay off.

The Cold Emailing strategy involves two distinct stages – gathering the contact information and sending the actual email.

Finding relevant playlists for your tracks

For the first phase, you will have to browse the streaming service in order to find several playlists that your song would fit. To do so, you can go to your Spotify profile and take advantage of the Release Radar.

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This function shows you some of the most important playlist updates taking place in your genre of interest.

Depending on your targeted genre, you will either find several playlists or hundreds of thousands of playlists. This depends very much on the number of genres your new music fits in.

Gathering contact information

Finding the right Spotify playlist for your track is followed by gathering the contact information of the independent Spotify playlist curator that owns the playlist. These persons are commonly referred to as Playlist Owners.

You can either look their name up on other platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) or try to find their official website. For example, many independent Spotify playlist curators in the music industry have a personal blog that has a separate page for contact information.

Addressing the issue directly

At this point, all you have to do is to write them an email (with a catchy subject line) that will generate potential interest.

After getting your music heard, the playlist curator is likely to add your new tracks to their Spotify playlist.

The main drawback of this method is related to the quite low conversion rate. The Cold Emailing strategy usually requires lots of pitching skills before generating enough interest to be viable.

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However, using the right words, you will surely be able to convince playlist curators to give you a chance and consider your track for their next Spotify playlist submissions.

Method #2 – Take advantage of the right tools

In today’s market, SoundCampaign is the most viable option that lets artists connect with curators so they can submit tracks that are very likely to get added to the most trendy playlists.

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SoundCampaign is adigital service that offers a manually-moderated base of curators ready to connect artists with their Spotify playlist. The platform offers one of the simplest acquisition processes available on the market, requiring minimal effort from the artist’s side.

Spotify campaigns for your newly released tracks

Acampaign is generally a matching process that lets artists submit songs and send them to particular curators. Each curator will listen to the music and decide whether it fits in their Spotify playlist or not.

The process is transparent and allows artists to enjoy a handful of reviews from the curators’ side.

The increased volume of feedback is also helpful for future tracks, offering artists more opinions on their songs.

Simple and rapid acquisition process

In order to start a campaign, you will have to click on theStart Campaign button available on the official SoundCampaign website.

The next step requires you to add your track (Spotify link), select all the genres you want to target and fill in any additional details (such as track language).

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After the manually-conducted moderation, you are able to set the desired budget for your campaign. The amount you are willing to spend will greatly influence the number of playlist curators you will get connected with and the chance of your music getting added to more playlists.

After launching the campaign, you get to see constant updates about how your music performs. If you want to submit your music to more curators, you can do so by starting another campaign.

Affordable pricing and Money-Back guarantee

It is very important to note that one campaign allows you to submit only one song, regardless of its genre (indie music, pop music, etc.), duration, start date, and language.

The good news about SoundCampaign is that it offers an Artist Protection Program. This feature lets you get all your money back if your music is not properly assessed by some of the curators of the best Spotify playlists.

This is another guarantee that your music will be heard by relevant creators of independent playlists.

Conclusion – How to get your song added to Spotify playlists

To put everything in a nutshell, getting your tracks added to relevant Spotify playlists brings a lot of obstacles into play. However, all these obstacles can be easily overcome by using the right tools to get direct contact with music curators all around the world.

After all, getting more monthly listeners is what each artist craves these days.

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