Donny Osmond was temporarily paralyzed after 2019 surgery complications (2023)

September 13, 2021 | 2:17pm

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Donny Osmond was temporarily paralyzed after 2019 surgery complications (1)

Donny Osmond says his arms and legs went numb during his final performance at the Flamingo in Vegas in 2019.WireImage

Donny Osmond underwent back and neck surgery in 2019 that left him temporarily paralyzed and worried that he would never walk again.

In a new interview with UK’s Mirror, the entertainer revealed that his arms and legs went numb during the final performance of his and his sister Marie’s Las Vegas residency.

“I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me. I just kept dancing and finished the show,” he said.

Doctors told Osmond, now 63, that his spine shifted due to previous dancing injuries and would need to undergo surgery.

While recuperating at his home in Utah the former teen idol discovered that he had contracted a secondary infection and was unable to move.

“I thought everything was going to be fine, but it couldn’t have been worse,” he admitted.

Osmond admitted that he feared that he might never walk again and would be left permanently paralyzed.

“It absolutely crossed my mind. But I just didn’t take no for an answer,” he explained.

Donny Osmond was temporarily paralyzed after 2019 surgery complications (2)

It took months for Osmond to get back on his feet, and he credited his Mormon faith as well as his wife of 43 years, Debbie, for helping his recovery.

Osmond is fully recovered and is performing in his first-ever solo Las Vegas residency show at Harrah’s where he performs hits including “Soldier of Love” and “Puppy Love.”

The father of five has been in show business for decades. He made his first TV appearance at the tender age of five on “The Andy Williams Show” warbling “You Are My Sunshine.” The “Dancing With the Stars” alum became a teen sensation alongside his brothers and then branched out into a successful solo career.


What health problems does Donny Osmond have? ›

Osmond has spoken publicly about having social anxiety disorder. Find Help.

What happened to Donny Osmond's neck? ›

The Seventies icon, 63, revealed to Mirror that after he discovered his spine had shifted due to dancing injuries he went under the knife - before contracting an infection while recovering which left him unable to move.

Which of the Osmonds had a stroke? ›

Marie, 60, told People Now at the time, “It's been an interesting year: my brother Virl had a stroke, my brother Tom had a quadruple bypass, Jimmy had a stroke and Donny, of course, is having surgery.” “I've had a lot of loss in my life and difficult things. Everybody does, I'm not saying there's any difference.

Has Donny Osmond had surgery on his neck? ›

While his back and neck surgery was successful, Donny had a shocking discovery during his recovery while at his home in Utah. The former teen idol discovered that he had contracted a secondary infection and was unable to move.

What did Donny Osmond do to his teeth? ›

Donny Osmond

After getting married, he decided to get a smile makeover with what appears to be at least 8 porcelain veneers in order to update his look.

What is the Osmond scandal? ›

'When I was about eight or nine, I actually thought I was gay,' Osmond told her co-hosts. 'The reason is because I had been sexually abused to the point that men made me sick. I didn't trust them, I didn't like them. '

What happened to Ozzy Osbourne's neck? ›

Ozzy has been reeling from neck injuries stemming from a quad biking accident in 2003. A 2019 fall worsened the ailment and required 15 screws to be inserted into his back.

Have any of The Osmonds passed away? ›

Olive Osmond, mother of the Osmond siblings, died on May 9, 2004, at age 79. Their father, George Osmond, died on November 6, 2007, at age 90.

Which Osmond brother died recently? ›

George Osmond, father of Donny and Marie Osmond and patriarch to the family's singing group, The Osmond Brothers, died Tuesday. He was 90.

Does Merrill Osmond have health issues? ›

“I had an EatingDisorder, I starved myself.” Aged 20, Merrill tried to take his own life.. “I was really suffering with depression and anxiety even though we had number one records.”

What caused Jimmy Osmonds stroke? ›

Osmond, a married father of four, previously suffered a stroke in 2004, caused by a hole in his heart, called a patent foramen ovale, that didn't close after birth. “A blood clot 'popped' in my head,” he told Parade in 2015. “I went on stage and felt that 'pop' and then lost my vision …

How many in the Osmond family are deaf? ›

Olive Osmond was blessed with nine children, two of whom are very special. Her oldest sons, Virl and Tom, were born with a hearing loss; Virl and Tom both being profoundly deaf.

How much money did the Osmond family lose? ›

But he claimed the loss helped the brothers concentrate to make another fortune. "We lost about $80 million, maybe $100 million in today's money," he told The Telegraph.

What did Demi Moore do to her teeth? ›

"I sheared off my front teeth. And I'd love to say it was skateboarding or something really cool, but I think it's really something that's important to share because I think it's literally, probably after heart disease, one of the biggest killers in America, which is stress," Demi Moore told the audience.

What did Denzel Washington do to his teeth? ›

You may have never seen him without his blazingly white and gorgeous smile, but one quick Google search will reveal that Denzel Washington once possessed gapped and misaligned teeth. Porcelain veneers are likely responsible for the memorable, megawatt grin he has now.

How did Demi Moore fix her teeth? ›

Although I did not do her dentistry, I wanted to share with you her photos and what modern dentistry can do. She appears to have porcelain crowns on all her teeth and a bridge across the front to fill in the missing teeth. Ms. Moore also probably had a bone graft and periodontal surgery to sculpt her gums.

Who stole the Osmonds money? ›

The false representation allowed him to get a $46,000 loan from the Osmonds and $7 million in promissory notes, which he tried to sell. In a plea bargain, Riffo pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in the case for providing false financial information on a loan application.

Is Marie Osmond leaving money to her children? ›

The country singer believes individuals who are simply "handed money" often end up lacking drive and ambition, and she wants her children to discover their own interests on the road to forging meaningful careers. As a result, Osmond told Us Weekly she doesn't plan to leave her kids an inheritance.

How is Jimmy Osmond after his stroke? ›

Jimmy Osmond has made a miraculous recovery from his stroke. His elder brother, Merrill Osmond says how the star is 'getting better everyday' and is even painting and jogging again. Merrill, 66, was part of The Osmonds in their 1970s peak with singer Jimmy and their other brothers Alan, Wayne, Jay and Donny.

What was Ozzy Osbourne's latest illness? ›

"That surgeon told me if I didn't have the surgery there would be a good chance I would be paralyzed from the neck down." Despite his constrained mobility and recent diagnosis with Parkinson's Disease, Osbourne has managed to stay creatively active with producing new music.

Why can't Ozzy walk? ›

Osbourne, who recently turned 74, also revealed this year that he's battled Parkinson's disease for several years. He's continued making music, releasing two albums over that time. But they may never be performed live.

What disease do the Osbournes have? ›

The Black Sabbath alum first shared details about his ongoing health battle in 2020, after being diagnosed with the disease in 2003. Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy Osbourne's Parkinson's disease diagnosis only brought them closer together.

How many biological children did Marie Osmond give birth to? ›

How many children does Marie Osmond have? Marie Osmond had eight children in total. Three of them are biologically her own children, and five are adopted.

Did the Osmonds meet Elvis? ›

“He sat us down and talked to us like a big brother,” said Merrill Osmond, recalling the meeting in the 1970s in Elvis' dressing room at The International, now the Las Vegas Hilton. “He told us, 'I got a new look for you,' ” said Wayne Osmond.

Where are the Osmonds buried? ›

On November 6, 2007, George died at his home in Provo, Utah, of natural causes. Affectionately known as "Father Osmond" to Osmond fans all over the world, he was buried in the East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo, Utah, beside his wife.

Which Osmonds are deaf? ›

Tom and Virl were both born with severe hearing loss; while Virl has enough hearing to hear and feel a musical beat, Tom is almost completely deaf. Their younger brothers originally conceived the musical group in part to support Tom and Virl in purchasing hearing aids.

Which Osmond brother had a brain tumor? ›

And Wayne is celebrating his 10-year anniversary as a cancer survivor after having been told his brain tumor was fatal. Even though Wayne knew he had cognitive problems from a brain tumor since he was a child, he noticed a dramatic change for the worse while he was on tour with his brothers in 1994.

Are the Osmond Brothers Mormons? ›

George and Olive Osmond were faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). All of their children are also active members of the LDS Church. In July 2008, the Osmonds united in song with the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Does deafness run in the Osmond family? ›

Many people don't know that Virl and Tom, the two oldest of the eight Osmond brothers (Marie is the only girl) were born with a “deaf gene.” Justin is the only second-generation Osmond to have the same 90 percent hearing loss.

What religion was the Osmond family? ›

The Osmonds, who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, say their religion plays a major role in how they are raising their children: Donald, 4-year-old Jeremy and 9-month-old Brandon.

Who was the youngest Osmond child? ›

James Arthur Osmond (born April 16, 1963), also known as Little Jimmy Osmond, is an American singer, actor, and businessman. He is the youngest member of the sibling musical group the Osmonds.

What caused Marie Osmond to faint? ›

But it turns out the cause of the fainting incident was simple: Osmond just forgot to breathe. “Apparently if she gets nervous she forgets to breath. As silly as it sounds, that is what she says. ”

How many of the Osmond brothers are deaf? ›

Tom and Virl were both born with severe hearing loss; while Virl has enough hearing to hear and feel a musical beat, Tom is almost completely deaf. Their younger brothers originally conceived the musical group in part to support Tom and Virl in purchasing hearing aids.

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