DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (2023)

Everyone is buzzing about the most recent drone that the industry leader has released, with its vertical camera and innovative design.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (1)

However, only a few mention the DJI Mini 3 Pro battery. How much voltage is it? How is it charged? What are its main features?

We will give you all that information and more in this article.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro battery can be charged in one of two ways: by connecting the USB cable directly to the drone, or by using the new two-way charging hub to charge up to three batteries sequentially.

The fact that this drone can be used withtwo batteries, even if the Plus version is only accessible in a few regions, has struck many as a big surprise.

Maximum flying time with the basic version is 34 minutes, whilewith the Plus version is 47 minutes.

If you are looking for information about your new Mini 3 drone battery, you are in luck, as we will cover everything you need to know in this guide.

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What battery does the DJI Mini 3 Pro use?

The Mini 3 Pro uses the most recent DJI Intelligent Flight Battery, as is the case with every other DJI drone.

But this time, the new best-selling product from the Chinese manufacturer may also use a differentbattery, the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, which provides longer flight times.

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However, these new batteries also come with a couple of downsides:

  • They are only available for purchase in certain territories.
  • Using them makes the aircraft weigh more than 250 g.

On paper, this is how long each DJI Mini 3 Pro battery lasts:

Intelligent Flight Battery34 minutes
Intelligent Flight Battery Plus47 minutes

The Mini 3 Pro’s standard battery has two cells with a voltage of 7.38 V and a capacity of 2453 mAh. The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus has two cells as well and produces 7.38 V.

However, it has a higher amperage of up to 3850 mAh. Because of this, it provides a flight time that is up to 10 minutes longer than the standard version.

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Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Features

We have seen the main difference between the standard battery and the Plus version.

Now, let us take a look at the main features offered by these new intelligent flight batteries.

  • Balanced Charging: When the battery is charging, the cells are automatically balanced for equal filling.
  • Auto-Discharging: When the battery has been inactive for more than a day, it automatically drains itself to prevent swelling, bringing the charge down to 96%. After nine days of inactivity, this will be reduced to 60%.
  • Overcharge Protection: When the battery is fully charged, it will stop charging further.
  • Temperature Detection: The battery will only charge when it is between 41° and 104° F (5° and 40°) to prevent damage. If the battery reaches 131° F (55° C), the charging process will end automatically.
  • Overcurrent Protection: The battery will immediately stop charging if an excess current is detected.
  • Over-Discharge Protection: When the battery is not in use, the discharge automatically pauses to prevent excessive discharge.
  • Short Circuit Protection: If a short circuit is detected, the power supply is immediately turned off.
  • Battery cell damage protection: When a battery cell gets damaged, a warning will be displayed on DJI Fly.
  • Hibernation mode: The battery enters Hibernation mode to prevent over-discharge of the battery cell voltage to less than 3.0 V or the battery level to less than 10%. You must charge the battery to start it up.
  • Communication: Intelligent flight batteries transmit information on voltage, capacity, and current to the aircraft. These data can be seen in the DJI Fly app.

How to Charge the DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery?

DJI recommends that you fully charge the batteries every time you use them. To do that, only official cables and chargers should be used.

Always remember that charging LiPo batteries can be dangerous. Nothing should happen, but it is recommended that you always keep an eye on them when they are charging.

Note: Do not leave your LiPo batteries unattended.

If the batteries catch fire, do not use water to extinguish the flames, since this is a Class D fire (combustible metals).

The use of a dry powder extinguisher is the correct method for putting out this kind of fire. The fire and any oxygen it has will be smothered by this extinguisher.

There are two ways that you can charge your DJI Mini 3 Pro battery:

1. Charging the DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery through the New Two-Way Charging Hub

The new Mini 3 Pro two-way charging hub is included in the Fly More Combo, but can also be purchased separately for $49.

This accessory can charge up to three intelligent flight batteries sequentially, which means one after the other. They are charged from high to low power levels.

When connected to AC power through a USB charger, a new interesting feature of the two-way charging hub is that you can now also charge the remote controller through it.

(Video) I Test and Review the DJI Mini 3 Extended PLUS Battery

First, it will charge the batteries, then the remote.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (6)

A step-by-step guide to charging your batteries through the Two-Way charging hub:

  1. Remove the DJI Mini 3 Pro battery from the drone.
  2. Carefully insert the batteries into the charging hub until you hear a click.
  3. Connect the two-way charging hub to a power outlet using the official DJI cable and charger, such as the DJI 30W UBS-C charger.
  4. The charging process will start in the battery with the highest power level.
  5. The other batteries will follow.
  6. The remote controller will be charged if it is connected to the two-way charging hub after the batteries have finished charging.

Charging the DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery through the Drone

You may charge a single battery while in the drone if you only have one.

Follow the steps to do it:

  1. Ensure that the battery is properly fitted in the drone’s battery compartment.
  2. Connect the DJI 30W portable charger or the USB Type C cord to the back of the drone.
  3. Connectthe DJI 30W portable charger to a power outlet or connect the USB Type C cord to a power bank. Verify that the input voltage ranges from 100 to 240 V.
  4. Wait untilthe battery finishescharging. The LED lights included can be used to determine the state.
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How long do DJI Mini 3 Pro batteries take to charge?

With the new Intelligent Flight Flight batteries included with the DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI has slightly improved not only the flight times of the aircraft but also the time required to fully charge them.

Standard Battery

Charging the standard battery with the DJI 30W USB-C charger should take around 1 hour and 4 minutes. This is 18 minutes shorter than what it takes to charge the battery of the Mini 2.

If you own the Fly More Combo package, it will take you 3 hours and 12 minutes to fully charge all batteries.

Plus Battery

Due to its larger capacity of 3850 mAh (compared to the standard battery’s 2453 mAh), the Plus battery takes a little longer to fully charge.

As a result, it will take 1 hour and 41 minutes to fully charge one Plus battery.

If you have 3 Plus batteries, it will take you 5 hours and 3 minutes to fully charge them.

Are you a Professional?

If you work with drones professionally, you know that three batteries are frequently insufficient.

So, if you want to use additional batteries, here is a table that will help you determine how long they will need to charge:

Number of BatteriesCharging Time StandardCharging Time Plus
11 hour 04 minutes1 hour 41 minutes
33 hours 12 minutes5 hours 03 minutes
66 hours 24 minutes10 hours 06 minutes
1010 hours 40 minutes16 hours 50 minutes
1516 hours25 hours 15 minutes

How do you know when the battery is charged?

At this point, you should be charging your batteries, either through the two-way charging hub or by plugging the USB cable directly into the drone.

So, how will you know when they are fully charged?

Fortunately, intelligent flight batteries, unlike the LiPo batteries of FPV drones, come with LEDs that display the battery level. Take a look at the following graph:

LED DisplayBattery Level
2 LEDs Blinking0% to 50%
3 LEDs Blinking50% to 75%
4 LEDs Blinking75% to 100%
4 LEDs On100%
DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (8)
(Video) Using the DJI Mini 3 Pro Charging Hub | Charge the DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone On The Go

How to insert and remove a DJI Mini 3 Pro battery

You wouldn’t believe how frequently people failto correctly insert or remove the battery from their drones.

If that has not happened to you yet, you are either a novice pilot or a superbly cautious one.

As you may expect, improper battery insertion in a drone can have disastrous results. As a consequence, while performing this work, you should always be careful and pay close attention.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (9)

Battery Insertion

Inserting the battery is a bit easier than removing it. To properly insert it, simply let it slide inside its compartment until you hear a clicking sound. This will indicate that the battery has been securely fastened.

If you did not hear the clicking sound, pull it out a bit and insert it again until you hear it.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (10)

Battery Removal

You need to be a little extra cautious while removing the battery because if you pull too hard, you can lose your grasp and the battery will fall.

Press the textured part of the battery buckles that are placed on the battery’s sides, then pull the battery out to remove it.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know (11)

Note: (1) Do not insert or remove the battery while the aircraft is powered on. (2) Make sure the battery is securely attached before operating the aircraft.

How long will a DJI Mini 3 Pro battery last in reality?

We have already seen how long the DJI Mini 3 Pro batteries should last, but only according to DJI. As you know, the flight times given by the manufacturer are always determined by specific flying conditions.

In reality, a typical battery should provide us with about 20 minutes of flight time, with a maximum of 34 minutes when conditions are the same as in DJI tests.

Have a look at the video below for some reference.

Precautions to take when using Mini 3 Pro batteries

This guide to the DJI Mini 3 Pro battery would not be complete without this important section.

LiPo batteries can be dangerous, the same as operating your drone recklessly, so some precautions must be taken when using them.

  • Flying in severely cold weather, 14° F to 41° F (-10° to 5° C), drastically reduces battery capacity. Before starting your drone’s operation, hover still for a bit to heat the batteries and prepare it for whatever task you have in mind.
  • Temperatures below 14° F (-10°) are too low for Intelligent Flight Batteries to work.
  • Batteries must be above 68° F (20° C) to ensure proper functioning.
  • Low-temperature settings lead to a decreased battery capacity, which lowers speed resistance performance.
  • Fly carefully at high sea levels.
  • The temperature of the environment has an impact on how quickly batteries charge. They need to be charged at a temperature of 77° F (25° C), if possible.
  • The DJI Mini 3 Pro two-way charging hub is compatible only with standard and Plus batteries. Do not try to charge other batteries with it.
  • When charging batteries with the two-way charging hub, do not touch the metal terminals.
  • Intelligent Flight Batteries cannot be charged if the aircraft is powered on.
  • An intelligent flight battery shouldn’t be charged right away after usage. Hold off till it cools.
  • Fully charge the batteries at least once every 3 months to maintain their health.
  • When traveling with batteries, keep their power level low. It is recommended to discharge them to 30%.

That is all for today, pilot! We hope that you have a better understanding of how to properly use your DJI Mini 3 Pro batteries.

(Video) How To Update Battery Firmware On The DJI Mini 3 Pro | Update Battery Firmware Before Flying

And remember, if you are still hungry for more drone information, keep browsing Droneblog!


DJI Mini 3 Pro Battery - All You Need to Know? ›

The Mini 3 Pro's standard battery has two cells with a voltage of 7.38 V and a capacity of 2453 mAh. The Intelligent Flight Battery Plus has two cells as well and produces 7.38 V. However, it has a higher amperage of up to 3850 mAh.

What battery does the DJI Mini 3 Pro use? ›

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone is equipped with a LiPo 2S battery.

Is it OK to leave DJI batteries on charge? ›

There's no *safety* risk leaving them on the charger but you'll be buying all new batteries every month or two. I've charged the DJI batteries overnight or for several hours and never, ever an issue but make it a habit of taking them off the charge once fully charge of course.

How do I maintain the batteries in my DJI drone? ›

Store your batteries indoors (in normal room temperature). Never store them in a hot car. Power up your DJI drone, start DJI GO, and set the Time to Discharge setting (see the screenshot below) to the number of days you'd like your batteries to wait before starting to auto discharge down to the storage level.

How high can a DJI Mini 3 Pro fly? ›

What is the maximum flight altitude of DJI Mini 3 Pro? The maximum flight altitude is 500 m for safety reasons.

How far can the DJI Mini 3 Pro fly? ›

This system offers a maximum operative range of 7.4 miles (12 kilometers) and a video quality of 1080p 30 FPS from the aircraft to the DJI Fly app that your device will be running.

How do I store my DJI batteries long term? ›

  1. Storage for 24-48 hours: fully-charged is okay.
  2. Longer than 48 hours: store at 40-50%.
  3. Longer than 10 days: be sure to charge the battery before flight even if showing acceptible percentage level (is in self-discharge mode).
  4. Never store a battery for long-term below 20%.
Dec 24, 2021

How many times can a DJI battery be charged? ›

DJI battery is only rated for 100 cycles. DJI FORUM. What do you think about this? DJI explicitly recommends not to fly more than 100 cycles per battery.

How do I wake up my DJI battery from hibernation? ›

The battery will enter hibernation mode if depleted and stored for a long period. You cannot manually turn off the battery power LED in this state. Leave the battery unattended for 5 minutes, and then the light will turn off. Recharge the battery to bring it out of hibernation.

How do I check my drone battery health? ›

How do I check my DJI battery health? [4 simple insider checks]

How do I wake up my DJI battery? ›

Turn on the battery (still no lights), wait five minutes. Put on the DJI charger. The charger light goes from red to yellow for about 15 hours then back to red.

What does intelligent flight battery mean? ›

DJI Technologies - Intelligent Flight Batteries - YouTube

Can DJI Mini 3 Pro follow me? ›

Yes, the DJI Mini 3 Pro has a follow-me feature known as Active Track mode which is a part of Focus Track. It allows the drone to follow the selected subject automatically. The DJI Mini 3 pro is the first Mini series drone that comes with the Follow me feature.

Does DJI Mini 3 Pro have GPS? ›

Based on the spec there is no gps in this controller only the drone. I found my blue indicator didn't work until I re calibrated the compass in the DJI RC controller. But I've also found that when I move it can be off again. Based on the spec there is no gps in this controller only the drone.

Does the DJI Mini 3 Pro have anti collision lights? ›

The kit includes the Mini 3 Pro drone without remote, SanDisk 128GB microSD card, Lume Cube STROBE anti-collision light, optics cleaning kit, and 22" drone landing pad. The Mini 3 Pro already comes with tri-directional obstacle avoidance sensor system, which is further enhanced with the Lume Cube STROBE.

What class is a DJI Mini 3 Pro? ›

Placed among the safest weight categories of drones, the DJI Mini 3 Pro can be flown in the A1 subcategory of the Open Category (flights over uninvolved people, but not crowds) without operators needing to do drone training, like the A2 CofC.

What is DJI golden ticket? ›

DJI Golden Ticket can be redeemed for exclusive rewards on the upcoming DJI Day 2022. Note: Your Golden Ticket will be revoked if you cancel your purchase or return the product.

Does DJI Mini 3 Pro have zoom? ›

Digital video zoom at up to 2x is available in 4K, 3x in 2.7K, and 4x in Full HD. Even though the DJI Mini 3 Pro is under 249 grams, it still arrives with extended flight time. At a maximum flight of 34 minutes, Mini 3 Pro can capture more landscapes and destinations on a single charge.

Do DJI mini 2 batteries work in mini 3? ›

Thinking of getting the 3 Pro but wondering if I need to get the Fly More Combo if the mini 2 batteries could work with it. Thanks! Absolutely not compatible.

How do I charge my Mini 3 battery? ›

The DJI Mini 3 Pro battery can be charged in one of two ways: by connecting the USB cable directly to the drone, or by using the new two-way charging hub to charge up to three batteries sequentially.

Is DJI Mini 3 really 48MP? ›

DJI's latest consumer drone, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, is ultra-lightweight and has a 48MP camera capable of rotating to capture portrait video and photos. The new DJI Mini 3 Pro weighs just 249 grams, meaning it sits just under the 250-gram limit that requires FAA registration.

Does DJI Mini 3 Pro have return to home? ›

DJI Mini 3 Pro "Return To Home" Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube


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