Dad of 'Most Beautiful Twins' Gets Bone Marrow Transplant After Instagram Plea (2024)

Thousands of people around the country responded to aplea from "the most beautiful twins in the world" to find the perfect bone marrow match for their dad, who had been diagnosedwith leukemia and lymphoma.

But it turns out, thematch he needed was much closer to home.

Kevin Clements, 39, is the father of famous nine-year-old twins Ava Marie and Leah Rose.Last December, they put out a call to their massive Instagram following, extending far beyond their Orange County, Calif.,home, for people to register as potential donors with DKMS, an international organizationdedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders.

Thousands responded, but he ended up findinga match in his brother, Chris.

"All I have to do is lay in bed for fourhours and I save his life," Chris said. "I will do anything for him."

Thetransplant took place at City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, just outside of Los Angeles, and Inside Edition was there to capture the big day. Three weeks later,Kevin was cleared to leave the hospital.

He’ll undergo tests next month to find if the transplant worked. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying time with his family.

The thousandswhor*sponded to the twins' callwon't go to waste. According to DKMS, those who participate in donor drives are added to a national registry where any patient searching for a donor can find their perfect match. To register as a donor, click here.


Dad of 'Most Beautiful Twins' Gets Bone Marrow Transplant After Instagram Plea (2024)
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