Bluelab pH Pen Review (2023)

Bluelab pH Pen review by @HonestGR.

Note to 420magazine members: I figured since there are some threads looking for a quality pH meter, I would post my utmost favourite pH meter on the market! This review is based on my observations. Anyone else with this meter feel free to add your comments and experiences with this product as well.

*Note: Where I had gotten this item has been removed per 420magazine's ToS*

Shipping- 10/10

As with the last order through *****.com, 100% Discreet, Arrived well packaged, intact, and on time! No bumps, bruises or hiccups along the way!

Initial thoughts- 10/10

Upon opening the package, I was in love. I was expecting a 10 page "how to get started" manual on how to store; calibrate the new pH pen. Instead it was an extremely easy to follow single insert. In comparison to my "old pH" meter, I had to struggle through 5 pages of barely readable small print, struggling to find the English text. It was a pain to calibrate. A small screw that only a jewellers screwdriver would fit, and if you lose the screwdriver, good luck ever calibrating it again! Not to mention you had to have a specific temperature of solution. You would almost always have to cross your fingers and hope you have the pH correct. There was ALWAYS a slight variation to the pH from where it should be. This is NOT ok for anything with a sensitive pH!

After reading the insert, Bluelab pH pen takes away a lot of the human error associated with calibration. The most important thing the user needs to do is store and maintain it properly. As with all pH pens, if it's not stored correctly, you will have a probe that does not function properly; give the wrong readings even if calibrated properly.

Initial use/functions- 10/10

This pen has both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Perfect for worldwide use. It also has a large temperature range. Although I Specifically did not test for this, the range is (0-50C) (32-122F) (0-14pH).

Automatic temperature compensation- 10/10

This means you don't need to put a heater in your solution, or into the fridge to get the "magic" number to calibrate for accuracy. It's all done for you. Not to mention, it works very well!

Hold Reading- 10/10

I have always liked the idea of a "hold" button. Although I use a bucket to pH water, I can easily see the meter. There are people who may need to place themselves in an awkward angle to get a reading. The Hold function will now allow you to just put the pen into the solution, hit "hold" and view the result. This can possibly reduce long term body pains for those who need to use it in an awkward way.

Auto-Off function- 9.9/10

So this is 25 seconds over the 4 minute mark that was on the package, but it does fall within "4 minutes". I timed the BlueLab pH Pen. I hit both my stopwatch and ON at the same time (slight variance due to human error) and stopped when I seen "OFF" show up. The time was 4 minutes 25.11 seconds. But you know what? That's O.K.! I have spent about $40 on batteries for making the error of leaving my old pen on by accident! Not to mention, If the auto-off fails, this pen doesn't have anything crazy for batteries either! 1x AAA (Alkaline). Super cheap replacement cost. I was going to give it a 9.5/10 for saying it was 4 minute shut off, but where it saves $$ on batteries, I jumped it back to a 9.9. It is well deserving in my eyes.

I will personally be using this for gardening, but it's not limited to using it just for that! Anywhere you test pH, you can easily use this product, including: fish tanks/ponds, flowers, hydroponic, industrial or testing natures water.

Calibration- 10/10

This is almost too easy!

This product came to me pretty close to calibration, my water runs at 6.8(+ added decimal points afterwards) pH through my water pipes. I have tested it with pH meters, along with pH strips. I wouldn't say the meter was necessarily wrong when it had arrived either. It was flashing between 6.8 and 6.9. After calibration it reflected 6.8 on the dot. This is the most simple calibration! You rinse the probe in clean water, put it in your pH 7.0 calibration solution and hit the "cal" button. There is no fussing with having to use that jewellers screwdriver!! It's done in a matter of seconds. You rinse the probe again, drop it into the 4.0 and hit "cal" again. YOUR DONE! It automatically takes the fluids temperature into consideration and adjusts the pH ever so slightly based on the temperature. Afterwards, rinse it off, and when you want to store it, get an eye dropper (not included) and put some storage solution into the cap (the hole for the sensor) for less spillage.

Package contents 9.5/10

In the package it includes: A Bluelab pH Pen, lanyard, pH 7.0 and 4.0 calibration solutions, pH probe KCI storage solution, information insert. However there are two items I would have liked to see in the package, both of which are minor. 1) an eye dropper (a cheap one at that). This is so you can put in very little of the storage solution without spillage. 2) for the packages (4.0,7.0 and storage solution) I would have liked to seen either a resealable package, or small bottles vs bags. This would be for any liquids that were remaining that are still usable they could be stored until needed. I like not wasting if I can help it.

Storage- 10/10

As with any tool you have, you need to store them correctly. This product comes with all necessities. Only you can prolong the life of this tool. It is very simple to store. Bluelab provides you the means to do so! There is also a cleaning kit that you can buy separate to make sure your probe is clean for accurate measurements.

Tests I performed- 10/10

Auto off : Pass (Timed Auto-Off, 4 minutes 25.11 seconds (give or take .5 sec due to human error))

Hold Function- Pass (Tested Hold Function)

Calibration- Pass (Simple Calibration)

Auto Temp- Pass (Measured solution temp with thermometer to verify accuracy)

Accuracy(Temp/pH)- Pass (Comparison with existing equipment (separate pH meter/pH strips))

100% Waterproof- Pass (Literally dunked it under water in a bucket; it popped right back up and still worked!)

Temp/pH range- N/A (I did not do this test, with gardening, it should all fall well between the ranges)

Pros: Shipped timely/no issues. Very easy to understand instructions, and even easier calibration. Removes a lot of "human error" when it comes to calibration, very important when it comes to specific pH readings. (When I refer to human error, I mean: Temperature, physical calibration; other environmental factors) Accurate (+/- (0.1 pH)/(1C)/(2F) 100% Waterproof Additional Support / Learning / Connection through Bluelab. Includes what you need to start, pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and storage solution. Comes with storage solution already in the cap for the probe to make sure it's good to go! Multiple applications for this pen. 1x AAA Alkaline battery (Cheaper alternative to button cells). Adjustable temperature scale (C/F). Back light. Lanyard. 100ml of storage solution for under $15. (Prolongs the life of pen, use an eyedropper to prolong your KCI storage solution!). Auto-Off Function. Wide temperature range. 1 year limited written guarantee.

Cons: The package should include an eye dropper for less waste of storage solution. Although already I have wasted less than having to fill up a whole cap with storage solution! I wish the packages were resealable or small bottles the meter could fit in, again for less waste. Only Blue labs calibration solutions can be used. I wish you could use any, however not all are created equal, Blue labs has set up such specific calibrating, Other solutions will give you incorrect readings. Cost; Although you pay a lot for this product, the accuracy is something you cannot match.

Overall- 9.94/10

I am in absolute love with this product. I cannot say how much I have enjoyed using this. It is extremely accurate; highly recommended for anyone needing to measure pH. Although it has some slight improvements that could be done (see cons), The quality is as high as it can possibly get without having to own thousands of dollars worth of lab equipment. There will always be something that can be improved on a product. Bluelab however has thought this pH pen out very well. They should be proud of themselves!


Bluelab pH Pen Review? ›

5.0 out of 5 starsAccurate, Fast Computing & Superb Build Quality. An excellent pH pen! It has powerful, speedy and accurate computing with a user friendly interface. The difference between a quality Bluelab pen and cheaper option is noticeable immediately in use and design.

How long do bluelab pH pens last? ›

How long will my Bluelab pH Pen last? Bluelab's pH products are charged with reference material which expends over time and use. The average life span of a pH pen is approximately 18 months.

How accurate is a pH pen? ›

Most manufacturers of pH electrodes build to a quality level that gives an accuracy of approximately 0.1 pH. If the pH sensor is properly maintained, calibrations done correctly, and stored according to manufacturer recommendations, then 0.1 is possible.

How do you use a bluelab pH pen? ›

Bluelab pH Pen - Set up and Calibration - YouTube

How do you rehydrate a Bluelab pH Pen? ›

To hydrate your pH pen or probe, follow the steps below.
  1. Make sure the pH pen or probe is clean and free from contamination. ...
  2. Place the pH pen or probe upright in a small plastic container.
  3. Add enough Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution to submerge the pen or probe tip. ...
  4. Leave to soak for 24 hours.

How do I store my Bluelab pH Pen? ›

Bluelab Storing the pH & Soil pH Pen - YouTube

What is the best brand of pH meter? ›

1. Milwaukee 102
pH MeterVerdict?Calibration
Milwaukee 102Our top pickpoint
Omega 7011-PHHBest pen type meter2 point
Apera Instruments AI311Great bet2 point
Apera Instruments AI3711Best pH meter for data geeks and techies2 point
4 more rows
Apr 10, 2022

How long does it take to get an accurate pH reading? ›

One thing I wasn't expecting is that it takes about 2-3 minutes to get an accurate reading. When I first insert the probe, the initial reading is usually around 7 or 8, and then it slowly starts going down until it eventually settles at the final reading.

What does pH stand for? ›

pH, explained

pH may look like it belongs on the periodic table of elements, but it's actually a unit of measurement. The abbreviation pH stands for potential hydrogen, and it tells us how much hydrogen is in liquids—and how active the hydrogen ion is.

What is better than a pH probe? ›

Precision and Accuracy

Although higher resolution does not necessarily mean higher precision, pH meters generally have higher precision than pH strips. Accuracy refers to the amount of uncertainty in a measurement, such that a technique with greater accuracy will yield measurements with less uncertainty.

How often should you calibrate a pH pen? ›

For most accurate results with your pH meter and sensor, it's recommended that you calibrate the device with at least two calibration solutions before every use.

How do you calibrate a pH pen? ›

How To Calibrate a pH Pen - - YouTube

Does bluelab pH pen come calibrated? ›

Bluelab pH pen - Cleaning and calibration video - YouTube

Do I have to use bluelab calibration solution? ›

Bluelab pH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 500 ml is essential for use with all Bluelab pH products. All Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

Can you reuse pH calibration solution? ›

Always Use Fresh, Unused, Unexpired pH Buffers for Calibration. You never want to re-use buffers for calibration. Once buffers are used for calibration, they are assumed contaminated and should not be used again. Reusing buffers can lead to slow responding pH probe performance or the inability to calibrate at all.

Does bluelab pH pen come calibrated? ›

Bluelab pH pen - Cleaning and calibration video - YouTube

How do you take care of a pH pen? ›

Handy tips to care for the pH Pen

Hydrate the Bluelab pH Pen for 24 hours in KCl storage solution before first use. › Always keep the pH probe tip wet. If it dries, it dies! › Rinse the pH probe tip in clean tap water between readings for accuracy. › Always place the storage cap back onto the pH pen after use.

Do I have to use bluelab calibration solution? ›

Bluelab pH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 500 ml is essential for use with all Bluelab pH products. All Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

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