Best Bread for IBS: Can You Eat Bread with IBS? (2024)

ByDr. Jorge, Ph.D.

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Do you have IBS but can’t shake your love of bread? We don’t blame you! Read on to find out which bread is most helpful for preventing IBS flare-ups and which kinds you may want to stay clear of.

Is bread OK for people with IBS?

Bread might be safe to eat for those with IBS, but it depends on the variety and your personal trigger foods. Certain types of bread, like those made with whole grains, contain a high amount of insoluble fiber. The high fiber content in whole grain bread makes it harder for the body to digest and can aggravate IBS symptoms in some people. On the other hand, sourdough bread tends to be well tolerated by IBS sufferers due to its long fermentation process that breaks down the components of bread that often cause gastrointestinal symptoms.

What is the best bread for IBS sufferers?

Sourdough bread and gluten-free bread are the best types of bread for people with IBS. The lengthy fermentation process used to make traditional sourdough bread reduces the amount of fructans, which are the kind of carbohydrates in bread that cause IBS symptoms. Sourdough bread also has less gluten because of the prolonged fermentation process. Another great option for IBS sufferers is gluten-free bread since gluten often causes IBS flare-ups.

Is toast better than bread for IBS?

Toast can be better than bread for those with IBS. The toasting process breaks down the carbohydrates in bread which can make toast easier to digest. Even still, it is recommended to choose low FODMAP bread to prevent an IBS flare-up. Some examples of low FODMAP bread are sourdough bread, gluten-free/wheat-free bread, and cornbread.

Is sourdough bread better for IBS sufferers? Is sourdough bread OK for IBS?

Sourdough bread does tend to be better for those with IBS. This is because the fermentation process required to make sourdough bread breaks down fructans in the bread. Fructans are among the fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols, known as FODMAPs, that have the potential to trigger IBS flare-ups. As a low FODMAP bread, sourdough bread is often one of the best-tolerated breads by IBS sufferers.

Is white bread good for IBS? Is it OK if I eat white bread with IBS?

When consumed in moderation, white bread can be a good option for people with IBS. White bread typically contains insufficient fructans to trigger an IBS flare-up because it is made with refined grains. When suffering from IBS, limit your intake of white bread to no more than one slice per meal.

Is whole grain bread good for IBS? Is it OK if I eat whole grain bread with IBS?

No, whole grain bread is not beneficial for some people with IBS. Whole grains are generally harder for the body to digest and break down, though this can vary depending on how your IBS presents itself. Despite being nutrient-dense, whole grain-based food often triggers certain IBS symptoms like cramps, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. Make sure to start with a smaller portion size if you're not sure how your body will respond to whole grain foods.

Is multigrain bread good for IBS? Is it OK if I eat multigrain bread with IBS?

Multigrain bread might not be beneficial for IBS sufferers either if it is made entirely with whole grains. However, multigrain bread can be made with a mixture of white (refined) flour and whole grains, which may be easier for people with IBS to digest due to the lower insoluble fiber content in white flour. When determining whether you can eat multigrain bread, you should check the ingredient list for rye and barley, two grains that can make IBS symptoms worse. However, grains like oats or spelt can also be used in multigrain bread and are typically well tolerated by those with IBS.

Is rye bread good for IBS? Is it OK if I eat rye bread with IBS?

Rye bread is not beneficial for those with IBS, as it contains a high amount of fructans, which tend to aggravate IBS. However, there are rye bread varieties that might be easier to digest for IBS sufferers. Since sourdough bread is generally easy to digest, IBS sufferers might want to opt for sourdough rye bread instead.

Is it ok to eat bread every day with IBS? Is it ok to eat sourdough bread every day with IBS?

​​It is recommended to consume low FODMAP bread and limit consumption to one slice of bread per meal if you have IBS and want to consume bread daily. Sourdough bread, gluten-free bread, and white bread are some examples of low FODMAP bread options. Sourdough bread is often recommended for those with IBS since its long fermentation process breaks down gluten and FODMAPs, both of which are known to irritate the digestive tract.

Where can I buy healthy bread online?

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Best Bread for IBS: Can You Eat Bread with IBS? (2024)
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