50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (2023)

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (1)

When it comes to home decor for men, bachelor pads offer the ultimate living experience and status symbol. The bachelor pad is a living space that features a masculine interior design style consisting of decor and furniture for a single man. The modern bachelor pad starts with a clean and simple layout, leather furniture and entertainment system in the living room, manly bedding in dark colors for an upscale bedroom, and sophisticated decor throughout for a stylish look.

Whether you’re decorating an apartment or home, there are several trendy bachelor pad designs to consider for a rugged yet charming finish. Some men will want a classy home with beautiful furniture and a traditional interior style for an elegant look, while others may prefer a modern living space with cool decorations and a contemporary design for a trendy aesthetic.

With so many options, it can be a challenge choosing the right look for your bachelor home or apartment. To inspire you with designs, we’ve compiled a list of the best bachelor pad ideas. From a masculine living room to the ultimate bedroom, explore this guide to men’s home decor to find ideas you’ll love.

Bachelor Pad Décor Ideas

Choose The Right Interior Design

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As you begin setting up your new apartment or home, you need to decide what type of interior design suits you. From modern to transitional to industrial, there are many different interior design styles to choose from. The aesthetic you want will influence the furniture and decor of your new space, including the light fixtures, wall art, flooring, and materials used.

Some guys prefer modern style decor for a simple and functional look, while others might want to consider an industrial design featuring natural and man-made materials for a masculine aesthetic. You may even want to explore mid-century modern furniture for a unique look or a minimalist style focused on uncluttered spaces that allow for open and airy rooms.

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When thinking about ways to style your bachelor pad, you’ll want to create a budget, measure the area to optimize your living area, and invest in pieces that balance utility and decor.

Get Stylish Bachelor Pad Furniture

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (4)

Furniture can make all the difference when designing your bachelor pad. If you want to create a nice aesthetic for your modern bachelor pad, you’ll need to avoid grungy and worn-down pieces and make sure you invest in new, well-made décor.

When it comes to couches and chairs, stick with quality furniture that looks clean, minimalist, and upscale. If you have the budget, get a leather couch for a sleek and masculine style that exudes elegance. A corner couch can be a great idea for a living room that needs to balance space, comfort, and layout.

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (5)

If you want to throw parties or have friends come over, invest in lacquered coffee tables, bar stools, glass side tables, and footstools. To avoid damage to your furniture, choose dark colors that are easy to clean and can hide stains.

Choosing the right furniture for small spaces can make or break your home decor so make sure to take measurements, research carefully, and find the best pieces to maximize your living area.

Get Statement Wall Art

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (6)

This is the chance to express yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, browse the web for statement wall art and see what grabs your attention. Unique abstract paintings and interesting, carefully chosen photos are always effective. If you are a photographer yourself, take the opportunity to frame and showcase your finest work.

Statement wall art also acts as a great conversation starter on dates. If you love a particular TV show or series, don’t be afraid to display interesting movie posters memorabilia. Your home should reflect your personality, and a bachelor pad is no different in this respect.

Use A Mix of Materials

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You don’t want your bachelor pad to feel cold or unwelcoming, so curating a selection of soft materials for both walls and furniture is a wise move. Pair leather furniture with wooden coffee tables and a textured rug for vibrant contrast. You can also mix textures and patterns to create a bachelor pad that combines traditional and modern elements.

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50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (8)

Elegant vintage curtains can work beautifully with exposed brick walls and industrial fixtures. Just be careful to steer clear of garish colors and patterns as these may cheapen your space. To avoid overwhelming your color palette, it’s best to stick to neutral colors for the overall design.

Lay Nice Rugs

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (9)

Solid wooden flooring is certainly an attractive feature in a bachelor pad, but it tends to look monotonous if overused. To add texture to the space, use a rug. Shaggy rugs work well in bachelor pads, as they hide spills and dirt better than most other options.

For something more distinctive, opt for a patterned rug. A white sheepskin rug conveys elegance, particularly if much of your décor involves white beams.

Create A Space For Entertaining

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (10)

For the ultimate experience in your entertainment space, you should invest in a home theater system. Must-have technology for any bachelor includes a large television, stereo sound system, a fun gaming console, cool gadgets, and the best streaming services.

Depending on your personal taste, you can surround your TV stand with candles and decorations to set the mood when necessary or keep the area free of clutter for a minimal modern look. If you’re feeling more adventurous and have the extra space, you can feature a pool or poker table, a dartboard, or a beer pong setup.

Invest In A Security System

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (11)

Smart door locks are a way to keep yourself safe without investing in a full-blown alarm system which may aggravate the neighbors. These systems are ideal for bachelors who have frequent visitors and can store the fingerprints and faces of those closest to you for ease of access.

Embrace Natural Light

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (12)

If your place has several windows, then you should use natural light to your advantage. Not only will embracing natural light save you money on your electric bill, but it will create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. It can be tempting to darken your bachelor pad for a sensual feel, but a lack of natural light can easily make an area look dingy and rugged.

To soften the impact of natural light, install some adjustable blinds. Larger, vertical blinds are more attractive in bachelor pads, as they tend to look more modern than their competitors. If blinds aren’t for you, plush blackout curtains can work equally well. Just ensure that the colors you choose aren’t too intrusive and don’t clash with the rest of your décor.

Design A Comfortable Bedroom

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (13)

Your bachelor pad should have an amazing bedroom that serves as a comfortable sanctuary. Even the most masculine guys will appreciate a cozy bedroom with trendy decor in times of stress and burnout. Throw pillows, a luxurious comforter and some eclectic side tables will all add to the warmth of the room. Stick to dark colors and quality fabrics for your pillows, as they are unintrusive and will keep the space looking manly.

Go Vintage

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (14)

Some guys will like vintage decor and styling, giving your home a fashionable and cool look. A traditional chaise lounge or armchair can act as a statement piece in your bachelor pad, and visitors will be fascinated by the tale behind its procurement.

Use Geometric Patterns

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (15)

Geometric patterns are a great design secret worth exploring in your pad. These designs act as a direct contrast to soft and curved furnishings like round tables and couches. Whether you decide on geometric prints or mirrors, keep the color scheme simple to avoid things looking busy. Use black, white, and chrome colors to complement the style and avoid clashing with the rest of your decor.

Keep Surfaces Sleek

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (16)

When creating your bachelor pad, you will want to keep surfaces sleek and polished. Marble surfaces look incredibly effective in bathrooms and living areas, and the reflective nature of the material exhibits an almost untouchable beauty. Cool, neutral materials like stone also give otherwise boring rooms texture, so don’t shy away from them.

(Video) +50 Modern Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas to Bring Into Your Home

Bachelor Pad Apartment

Industrial Style Bachelor Apartment

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (17)

Industrial apartments are becoming increasingly popular among young professionals as they reflect the excitement of urban living. Reclaimed wood is an excellent choice for industrial flooring as it looks distressed but retains an aesthetic appearance. If you want industrial flooring which is easy to maintain, opt for dark brick flooring. Any wear and tear will appear much less pronounced than in wooden flooring.

Exposed Brick

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (18)

Exposed brick walls look rustic and appealing in any apartment, but they can be particularly impactful in a bachelor pad. When used alongside other industrial designs such as flooring or paneling, exposed brick can stop your bachelor pad from looking too sterile. To make the most of exposed architecture, keep the rest of the room polished and organized. The contrast works beautifully and looks effortless.

Wood Paneling

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (19)

For a rustic interior design that will make your home look natural and manly, use wood paneling to create textured walls in your bachelor pad. Decorative wood paneling is a classy choice for a statement wall and works best if most of your other walls are white. Be aware that this isn’t the best option for men who want a modern look, as it automatically appears rustic and worn in.

Mix Dark Colors with Light

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (20)

Mixing dark colors with light will keep your space fresh and inviting. Black and white is always a solid color combination, as it purposely draws focus to certain parts of the room. Whether you wish to put dark furniture against white walls or vice versa, the contrast created will make a lasting impression.

Cozy Decorative Pieces

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (21)

Designing a bachelor pad with meaningful pieces and decorative items can be a great way to balance your space. Although projecting a masculine image is generally the goal, you can use throw blankets, pillows, candles, framed pictures and personal mementos to create a comfortable and relaxing living area. Showing a sweet and sensitive side can also make your apartment or home more inviting for female guests.

Keep It Simple

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (22)

Minimalism is gaining traction in the interior design world. Keeping your décor simple will reduce clutter and make it easier to keep organized. Streamline your living space, so your furniture and décor work well together. Invest in simple pieces and remove unnecessary junk. After you’re left with the essentials, you can adjust your layout as you see fit to achieve a sleek and simplified result.

Invest in Good Lighting

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (23)

To properly illuminate your gorgeous interior, invest in good lighting that emphasizes the room’s features. The best way to light your bachelor pad is by using war bulbs, which are much softer than fluorescent lights or white light. Fluorescent lights can be too harsh for use in most homes and will cheapen the look of a luxury space.

You may also want to install dimmer switches and bathroom lighting. Dimmers can alter the feel of a room and are excellent when used in conjunction with candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. Recessed lighting in bedrooms and living rooms can be used to add a cool modern touch to your space.

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (24)

When it comes to interior design and lighting, natural light can make your bachelor pad look great while offering health benefits. Natural lighting can help improve your productivity, mood, sleep, and happiness. We recommend getting rid of drapes, painting walls white or off-white colors to maximize brightness, and featuring mirrors on the wall to bring in more light.

Create A Bar Area

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (25)

Nothing turns a bachelor pad into a party spot like a dedicated bar area and even small apartments can accommodate a home bar. To make your bar stand out, use colors that stand out against the surrounding décor. If you’re a true minimalist, you can keep things simple with grey tones, but an accent wall with black, blue, or dark red can transform a boring nook into a cool home bar.

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (26)

To create the perfect bar area with stylish decor, get a home bar set or invest in a high table, stools, cabinetry, and barware. Keep the setup small and place the unit against the wall. You may end up having several people over during a gathering so you’ll want to minimize clutter and maintain an open space.

(Video) Kitchen Ideas for Men | Bachelor Pad & Masculine Home Design Ideas

If you prefer taking your drinks to the couch, get a wooden or glass coffee table for your living room. Don’t forget to keep the bar stocked with quality liquor since a bachelor should always be prepared to entertain.

Maintain A Clean and Organized Apartment

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (27)

You can have the most stunning apartment in the world, but if it is dirty and cluttered, it won’t look like the modern bachelor pad you want. An easy way to maintain a clean and organized apartment is to clean your space weekly. It may seem like a momentous task at the time, but being organized and creating a cleaning schedule will keep your bachelor pad in great shape when unexpected visitors come knocking.

Decorate The Entrance

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (28)

The entrance to your pad should be practical and aesthetic. A handy coat rack will keep jackets from wrinkling and prevent hats from flattening. If you’re forgetful, an entry table with an organizer for your wallet, phone, keys, and mail can help.

Take your decor to the next level by installing a mirror on one of the walls near the door. This will allow you to check your appearance just before leaving the house and add any finishing touches to your look.

Don’t Go Overboard with Color

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (29)

Simple colors are best when it comes to decorating your bachelor pad. Your fortress should look cool, and the easiest way to cheapen your décor is with gaudy paint colors. Black and white paint works well in any space, especially if you’re going for a minimalist design, but the most effective paint colors are shades of gray.

Since gray isn’t as stark as black or white, these shades will prevent your pad from becoming dull and monochrome. Balance is important when it comes to color, so if in doubt, check in with an interior designer before picking up a paintbrush.

Blankets and Cushions

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (30)

Blankets and pillows are functional decorations for your bachelor pad. While some guys may think that throw blankets and soft cushions are feminine additions to a living area, these cozy pieces in neutral tones can immediately add warmth and comfort to your living room. Faux fur cushions look sophisticated on leather sofas and are surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Bachelor Pad Bedroom

Decide on A Theme

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (31)

When setting up your bedroom, it is a good idea to decide on a theme and roll with it to create a room that’s coherent and stylish. Color is a great place to start when picking a theme and can help you design a masculine bedroom. For a sleek and stylish look, focus on a color scheme that involves gray, black, blue, brown and dark red. You can also easily find matching bedding to fit these color combinations.

If you are a fan of pop culture, you can choose items that reflect your hobbies and interests and offer your decor some personality. For example, a Star Wars fan may wish to use LED lights or space prints to reflect their favorite characters. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep your décor tasteful.

Quality Mattress and Bed Frame

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (32)

A bed is the focal point of any bedroom and investing in a quality mattress and bed frame will allow you to rest easy. If you’re on a budget, it may be tempting to purchase a simple metal frame. However, these frames are flimsy and unreliable and tend to creak unpleasantly with any tossing and turning. For maximum comfort and longevity, invest in a sturdy bed with a headboard.

To further elevate your night’s sleep, buy a memory foam mattress. Although this isn’t a necessity, your bachelor pad will become a sanctuary of sleep if you choose a plush mattress that molds to your body. Should you be looking for a cheaper alternative, a luxurious mattress topper will work well. These toppers perfectly cushion the back and create a buffer between your skin and any protruding mattress springs.

Masculine Bedding

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (33)

Make your bedroom nice and welcoming by getting quality bedding. Start by finding a down comforter and brushed cotton sheets for an excellent sleeping experience or invest in Egyptian Cotton sheets and bedding sets for a high-end finish.

Although these sets may be expensive, this type of bedding is soft and healthy for your skin. With proper care and maintenance, the best bedding should last years and can be worth the money. When maintaining your bachelor pad, wash your bedding often. Clean sheets will keep your space looking pristine and prove incredibly welcoming.

Choose A Manly Color Scheme

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (34)

(Video) 50+ Men's Bedroom Design Ideas || Masculine Bedroom || Bachelor's Pad Design Ideas || Sundas Vlogs

Dark colors are crucial when it comes to creating a masculine atmosphere. If you enjoy more vibrant colors, choose dark blue, light brown or red. Splashes of color can bring a room to life without overwhelming it, so don’t be afraid to branch out.

For wall paint, you’ll want to pick a shade of white or create an accent wall with a dark color. Although darker shades can make spaces look smaller, you can battle this with good lighting and industrial features that will make the bedroom appear more expansive.

Balance Furniture

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (35)

Bedrooms are personal and generally smaller than the other living spaces in your home, so you will want to limit the amount of furniture in the room. The main thing to avoid is clutter, so stick to basic pieces like streamlined side tables, lamps, a desk, dresser, television, and closet.

For a modern bachelor pad bedroom, consider painting the walls black, adding a wood accent wall for texture, installing sliding mirrored closets, and color-coordinating your furniture for a sleek look.

Bachelor Pad Living Room

Open Space

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (36)

An open-plan living room is an excellent idea for bachelors as it allows ample space for entertaining. To achieve a beautiful open living area, select a large couch as a focal point and build outwards. Your coffee table, dining table, chairs, television, home theater, and rug should all be practical and minimal in design. You’ll want to remember that small apartments can look much larger when minimally decorated to create an open and flowing space.

Get Comfortable Furniture

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (37)

You may not have much control over the square footage of your bachelor pad, but you can certainly fill your space with comfortable furniture. Plush chairs and couches are a welcome addition to any home, and the best furniture is designed with comfort and appearance in mind. The classic choice is leather, but velvet or suede upholstered pieces look as sensual as they feel.

Indoor Tropical House Plants

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (38)

Plants can turn your living space into a home. If you have a green thumb, check out your local gardening store for indoor plants that you love. If you’re going for vibrancy in your pad or wish to coordinate your tropical plants with rugs and wall hangings, flowering plants are a beautiful addition to your space. Orchids are particularly popular as they require little care and live longer than other flowers.

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (39)

For a low-maintenance setup, choose a selection of succulents or cacti. These low-maintenance plants still look beautiful but only need to be watered very occasionally. If you despise caring for plants but appreciate the way they look, get fake plants. You can buy these cheaply and they can look just as effective as genuine potted plants.

Showcase Your Hobbies

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (40)

Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side in a bachelor pad. Whether you’d like to display your extensive collection of movies or spotlight your old Hockey gear, showcasing your hobbies is a great way to breathe life into your home.

Bachelor Pad Furniture

Leather Furniture

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (41)

Leather furniture is masculine and durable, making the material ideal for a cool bachelor pad. Easy to maintain and stylish, the deep brown hues found in leather furniture instantly add warmth to a space. To achieve a manly modern vibe, choose angular leather furniture with fewer soft edges. Considering coating your leather to make it last longer.

Pallet Furniture

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (42)

Pallet furniture can help liven up a space that looks too polished. Most bachelors prefer a sturdy bed with a bed frame, but pallet beds offer a relaxed and easy-going style for minimalist hipster pads. If possible, choose a pallet color that complements the walls or flooring to help pull the room together.

Masculine Home Office

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (43)

Most successful men have a cool home office that lets them work, be productive, and stay organized. Whether you design a small bedroom office or create a dedicated study area, your office should be built to maximize productivity and comfort.

(Video) Stunning Bachelor's Pad With A Manhattan Inspired Loft Bar | Condo Loft Home Tour

A stylish and functional office table and chair are necessary, but you can create a classy space by making sure your furniture is made of leather, metal, or wood. Elevate your office space by installing wall art, bookshelves, and other decorative pieces.

Embrace Wall Art and Bookshelves

50 Best Bachelor Pad Ideas (2022 Decor) (44)

When it comes to decorations that don’t take up too much space, wall art and bookshelves can be the ultimate addition to your bachelor pad. A bookshelf allows you to showcase souvenirs and achievements as well as display pictures of your family and friends. From vintage to contemporary, wall art and decor can be uplifting and inspirational. You’ll want to search for unique pieces that reflect your personality and experiences.


How can I decorate my bachelor? ›

Use A Mix of Materials

Pair leather furniture with wooden coffee tables and a textured rug for vibrant contrast. You can also mix textures and patterns to create a bachelor pad that combines traditional and modern elements.

What do you buy a bachelor? ›

Bring along some of these 19 great bachelor party gifts that will make the night a bit for fun:
  • Bachelor Party Temporary Tattoos.
  • Mug On A Mug.
  • Hand-Stamped Tie Bar.
  • MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers.
  • Heavenly Shave Set.
  • Groomsmen Bobblehead.
  • Splendid Splinter.

How do I upgrade my bachelor pad? ›

13 Bachelor Pad Upgrades That Show Women You're a Grown Man, Not a Boy
  1. No “Bachelor Funk” in the Air. ...
  2. Permanent-Looking Furniture. ...
  3. Framed Artwork on the Walls. ...
  4. Matching Dishes and Silverware. ...
  5. Real Food in the Kitchen (Not just packaged food) ...
  6. A Non-Scary Bathroom. ...
  7. Clean, High Thread Count Sheets. ...
  8. Books on Shelves.
Jun 2, 2015

What's the female version of a bachelor pad? ›

Typically, a young person (male or female) who has never been married is said to be "single" or "never married". The term "bachelorette" may indicate a woman who is unmarried by choice, the counterpart to the term "bachelor".

What size bed should a bachelor have? ›

A queen sized bed is 80”L by 60” wide and is the most popular bed that is used by kids, teens, young adults and newlyweds. It is the most used bed size for hotels, bachelor's and guest rooms. A standard king is also known as an Eastern King and is 80”L by 76” – 78” wide.

How can I decorate my room? ›

10 LIFE HACKS to Decorate Your Room! CHEAP & SIMPLE (2017)

How can I pimp my bedroom? ›

21 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom
  1. Rearrange your artwork. ...
  2. Or change the framing of the art hung on your walls. ...
  3. Cover your walls with tapestries. ...
  4. Get rid of furniture you don't need. ...
  5. Hide your cords and disguise your router. ...
  6. Get actual curtains or hang your current curtains higher.
Jan 10, 2016

How can I make my room look cool for guys? ›

7 Items That Will Make Your Bedroom Cooler! - YouTube

How do I make my room manly? ›

Color. Masculine rooms tend to be decorated in earthy neutrals. Think browns, grays, and shades of black such as charcoal. This doesn't mean the room has to be dark (although dark rooms work well with masculine decor); try shades of these colors with pops of brighter colors.

What should a man keep in his nightstand? ›

12 Nightstand Essentials For Men
  • Oberlin Nightstand. ...
  • Courant Catch: 3 Accessory Tray. ...
  • Axis Table Lamp. ...
  • Baxter Of California Black Oak Candle. ...
  • Twemco Calendar Wall Flip Clock. ...
  • Warby Parker Wilkie Eyeglasses. ...
  • The Thinking Man's Guide To Life. ...
  • Shinola Linen Journal.

What should a teenage girl's bedroom include? ›

For a designer-worthy look, choose a simple color palette of three to four neutral hues and a single, bright accent color like the eye-catching pink in this chic bedroom. Add interest with a variety of bold, trendy patterns and cozy textures like cotton, faux fur and knits.

What makes a house a bachelor pad? ›

"A 'bachelor pad' is a slang term for a living space owned by a bachelor (single man) that is designed as a collective space (as opposed to individual items) with the purpose of facilitating a bachelor in his daily activities to include but not limited to daily functionality, use of free time, hobbies and interests, ...

Does groom give gifts at bachelor party? ›

They also have plenty of duties that include planning your bachelor party and making sure you are ready for the big day. Thus, most grooms will give them gifts as a way of thanking them for being present during one of the most vital moments of your life.

Do guys give gifts at bachelor parties? ›

Gifts for bachelor parties are a lot like engagement gifts, acceptable but not necessary. The bride and groom will be receiving gifts at the bridal shower and the wedding. So it is not tradition, nor is it required to give a gift at the bachelor party. You can decide for yourself if this is something you wish to do.

What makes a house a bachelor pad? ›

"A 'bachelor pad' is a slang term for a living space owned by a bachelor (single man) that is designed as a collective space (as opposed to individual items) with the purpose of facilitating a bachelor in his daily activities to include but not limited to daily functionality, use of free time, hobbies and interests, ...

How many rooms does a bachelor pad have? ›

Bachelor suites are generally one large room with a separate bathroom. This means your kitchen, bedroom, and living room are all in one space. Bachelors are typically less expensive than a one bedroom apartment, with pricing differences dependent on property features and location.

What's the female version of a bachelor pad? ›

Typically, a young person (male or female) who has never been married is said to be "single" or "never married". The term "bachelorette" may indicate a woman who is unmarried by choice, the counterpart to the term "bachelor".

What size bed should a bachelor have? ›

A queen sized bed is 80”L by 60” wide and is the most popular bed that is used by kids, teens, young adults and newlyweds. It is the most used bed size for hotels, bachelor's and guest rooms. A standard king is also known as an Eastern King and is 80”L by 76” – 78” wide.

How do I upgrade my bachelor pad? ›

13 Bachelor Pad Upgrades That Show Women You're a Grown Man, Not a Boy
  1. No “Bachelor Funk” in the Air. ...
  2. Permanent-Looking Furniture. ...
  3. Framed Artwork on the Walls. ...
  4. Matching Dishes and Silverware. ...
  5. Real Food in the Kitchen (Not just packaged food) ...
  6. A Non-Scary Bathroom. ...
  7. Clean, High Thread Count Sheets. ...
  8. Books on Shelves.
Jun 2, 2015

Why is a house called a pad? ›

In the 20th century that sense of pad extended to the place furnished with a bed—that is, pad became another word for a bedroom and then for an apartment or house, as in bachelor pad. Pads were places to sleep, but extracurricular activity often occurred at the "pad."

What is the difference between bachelor pad and studio apartment? ›

Bachelors commonly have less square footage than one- or two-bedroom apartments, and are usually occupied by just one person. By comparison, a studio apartment is similar to a bachelor but frequently has a separate kitchen and/or dining area from the living room and bedroom area.

Is a studio smaller than a bachelor? ›

Studios are a little larger while bachelor apartments are the largest sized apartment of the three. Typically, efficiencies and studios are around 500 square feet or smaller while bachelor type apartments are sized around 500 square feet.

What is a bachelor pad room? ›

A bachelor pad may feature a pile up of dirty laundry. In spite of its lingering connotation of vintage 1960s swinging and grooviness, a bachelor pad is essentially an apartment rented by a single man or shared by a group of unmarried male friends.

What are single ladies called? ›

noun(offensive) unmarried woman. bachelor girl. lone woman. old maid. single woman.

What is difference between bachelor and spinster? ›

A confirmed bachelor (= a person who intended never to marry, often used in newspapers to refer to a homosexual man). A bachelor flat (= one suitable for a person living alone). For the word spinster, the Oxford Student's Dictionary (Ruse 1988: 608) suggests: Spinster: 1)An unmarried woman, esp an older woman.

What's another word for bachelor? ›

What is another word for bachelor?
confirmed bacheloreligible male
single mansingle person
unattachedunattached man
1 more row

What is a single person bed called? ›

Twin, Single, and Extra-Long Twin Beds

Twin beds are also known as single beds. They are 39 inches wide and 75 inches long (or 80 inches long for XL twin beds). They're the most common choice for children's rooms or multi-use guest bedrooms. These beds are narrow and fit easily into the smallest bedroom.

Can a couple sleep in a full bed? ›

The good news? A full mattress (aka double bed) has been considered the gold standard bed size for couples, and can definitely sleep two. However, some couples may find a larger queen or king size mattress is their perfect fit.

What is a bed under a bed called? ›

A trundle bed is a compact bed frame and mattress that sits low enough to the ground to be stored underneath another bed. The frame has wheels, making it easy to roll out and use. This space-saving design is ideal for people who want to be able to comfortably accommodate guests but have limited room available.


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