22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (2023)

Be honest. When your own birthday rolls around, does a preformatted digital card in your inbox actually make you feel special? Didn’t think so. This year, do your friends, family, and coworkers one better by delivering a personalized birthday video instead.

Birthday videos are a unique and memorable way to make anyone in your life feel special. And best of all,making a birthday videois surprisingly easy.

To jump-start your creativity, we rounded up 22 of the best birthday video ideas, plus a ton of templates to get you started.

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Tips for making a highly watchable birthday video

Before we dive into the birthday video ideas, let’s talk for a minute about what makes a great video in the first place. After all, you want the recipient to enjoy watching your video as much as you enjoyed making it.

Follow these simple tips for birthday video magic.

Rely on family and friends:

Ask friends and loved ones to comb their camera rolls for photos and video clips. Or better yet: send them aRecordrequest with Biteable. Using a simple link, they can record a new video message for the bday superstar. The message automatically uploads to your Biteable account so you can easily add it to your bday video.

Start with a template:

If your creativity is stuck, start with abirthday video template. You can edit the template as much or as little as you like using Biteable’s intuitive, easy-to-use editing tools.

Don’t worry if you only have static pictures:

Turn your images into a video with simple effects, transitions, and animated text.

Remember the music:

A spot-on soundtrack turns a ho hum video into a birthday masterpiece.

Personalize, personalize, personalize:

A successful birthday video speaks to the recipient’s unique personality. Think about colors, font styles, and animation themes when you design yours.

Birthday video ideas for the office

We’ll start at the office since, let’s face it, staff and coworkers are some of the hardest people to gift. (How well do youreallyknow Rick from accounting?) Birthday video ideas for the office are tough to come by, but we’ve got you covered.

It’s okay to be short and sweet for an office birthday video, especially if you have a big staff. Save time with a video template, but personalize the template for each birthday by adding new music, pictures, and animations. That way, staff won’t think you’re just dialing it in.

1. Animation nation

Gathering pictures and video clips for every office birthday isn’t realistic. But a thoughtful, personalized animation is easy. Use the opportunity to tell the recipient why they are such an amazing team member. Or, make it even more special with a tasteful anecdote.

“Remember that time you dressed up as a burrito for Halloween? Jim, you make office life fun.”

Fit the animation style to match your office culture, or the personality of the recipient, and you have yourself a winner.

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2. Pass the prop

This is a fun birthday video idea for a smaller office or an individual team.

Find a wacky prop, like a stuffed artichoke or an outrageous wig. Have each person snap a five-second video of themselves, with prop, giving a happy birthday greeting. Do it at their desks or around town during their lunch break and viola! You have yourself a thoughtful birthday video and a team-building exercise all in one.

(Video) Birthday video template Idea for friends.

3. Go in for the team

If you work in HR or as the leader of a large team, it isn’t always feasible to knock out a birthday video for every staff member. Instead, group birthdays together and send out a monthly video card.

Make sure to change the skin tone and hair color to fit each staff member, and further personalize it with a one-liner about the birthday boy or girl. These small details let recipients know you put thought into their birthday greeting.

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Classic birthday video ideas

These birthday video ideas are classics for a reason. They are simple, but they work well for just about anyone in your life.

4. Share a favorite memory

Sharing a favorite memory is a great way to make a person feel appreciated on their birthday. It shows that you value your relationship and took the time to put thought into your birthday video greeting.

Ask friends and loved ones to film themselves sharing a memory or anecdote. Using Biteable’s suite of tools,trim off any video footageyou don’t need then compile it all into a sure-to-please masterpiece.

5. Video gift reveal

Remember that time your parents got you a trip to Disneyland for your birthday? Okay, maybe not. But if they did, chances are you were both excited and (at least in the moment) a little disappointed.

People love experience-based gifts, but there is also something gratifying about opening a tangible object. A video gift reveal bridges this gap. Add stock footage to give the recipient a sensory experience and pump them up about the fun ahead.

(Biteable has over 24 million stock clips, images, and animations. No matter what birthday gift you’re revealing, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits to a tee.)

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6. Take your gift on a journey

This one is similar to the “pass the prop” video idea, except now your birthday gift hits the road.

Shoot footage of your wrapped gift in creative locations. These could be wacky places, like riding in the toddler seat of your grocery cart, or places with sentimental value. At the end of the video, feature a shot of your birthday gift on the recipient’s front door. Good times to be had.

(Video) 🔰 SPECIAL BIRTHDAY VIDEO IDEAS || 30+ INTRO's | MARVEL | 20th CENTURY FOX || with Download Links✅

7. Happy birthday sing along

Just like the “share a memory” video, ask friends and loved ones to record themselves singing the birthday song. Take the best cuts from each and compile them all into one epic birthday song mashup.

Bonus points if anyone dances. Or sings in an operatic voice (you know at least one person will try it).

Video ideas for milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays warrant a special touch. If the recipient is the sentimental type, one of these video ideas is sure to do the trick.

8. A trip down memory lane

Dig deep into your photo archives andmake a birthday video slideshowthat spans the years. Go chronologically or group pictures by theme.

The key to success here is all in the details. Think a killer soundtrack and witty captions. Take it one step further with movement effects that turn yourstatic images into instant videos.

22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (3)

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9. Birthday wishes video montage

This is similar to the “share a favorite memory” video, but with a milestone birthday spin. Send a BiteableRecordrequest asking folks to share a birthday wish for the year (or decade) to come.

Coming-of-age birthdays are a great fit for the birthday wishes montage. But whether it’s 18, 40, or 80, you’re guaranteed to draw out a few tears with this one.

10. Birthday quotes compilation

Why think of something new to say when the brightest minds have already said it better?

Pass the proverbial mic to the poets of the world and compile a series of heartfelt quotes about friendship, aging gracefully, seizing the moment, or living life to the fullest. Pull it all together withanimated text effects, a soundtrack, and maybe even stock footage in the background.

11. Life story video

If the family matriarch turns 90 years young this year, she probably doesn’t need much in the way of gifts. But the gift of sharing her story with the next generation is priceless.

Gather together pictures or video clips from the key moments in her life, then turn it into a story with short-but-sweet text overlays. Make the gift extra special by showing it to her in the presence of her grandchildren. Trust us, it will make her whole year.

Ideas for funny birthday videos

Not every birthday girl or guy is the sentimental type. Sometimes, offbeat is the way to go. In this case, try one of these funny birthday video ideas on for size.

12. Surprise party reveal

Look behind you…

If your party guests can manage to stay quiet, this one is a surefire hit. Start off the video with a clip of yourself standing in the party room. Open with a standard birthday greeting, then show a pre-recorded clip of the party guests jumping out from their hiding spots. A beat later, hit them with the real thing.

Mini-heart attack? Maybe. Memorable? Definitely.

(Video) Animated Birthday Greetings with Happy Birthday To You Song (Mixed Scenes Including Cake, Cards) 4K

13. Favorite song dance along

This idea takes the classic happy birthday singalong to a whole new level of awesome.

It’s simple: grab a track of the recipient’s favorite song and dance, dance, dance. Ask friends and family to film themselves dancing solo or in a group. Lip sync, sing along, do the moonwalk, strut your stuff. Any way you slice it, this video is fun.

14. How well do you know the birthday boy?

Okay, so we repurposed this from a classic wedding shower game. But why not?

Choose four or five friends who know the birthday boy or girl really well. Give them each a set of obscure questions about the recipient. (When in doubt, pick mom or dad’s brains for early childhood facts.)

Ask each participant to record themselves answering the questions. Sometimes, they’ll get it right. But when they get it wrong, it is often hilariously so. Compile the best answers (some wrong, some right) into a birthday quiz show that will have the recipient rolling with laughter.

Pro tip:Using Biteable’sRecordfeature, you can send multiple prompts in one request. Each prompt will be recorded as a separate video clip for easy compilation and editing.

22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (4)

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15. Random person birthday greeting

This birthday video idea is a little out there, but totally hilarious. Instead of sharing a birthday greeting from a loved one, why not share a greeting from a random guy standing outside the supermarket? It’s so bizarre, it just might be awesome.

16. The joke’s on you

Everyone appreciates a good over-the-hill joke now and again. Take that joke off the page and turn it into a video card instead. Just like the “birthday quotes” idea, build this out with text effects and lively backgrounds.

22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (5)

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Birthday videos for that special someone

Whether it’s your significant other, your BFF, or your favorite sister, some people in your life are so special they deserve a little extra somethin’-somethin’ for their birthday video. These birthday video ideas take a little more time to pull off. But your effort will be well worth it.

17. Remember when?

Think through the major moments in your relationship, then rustle up pictures and videos to match. If your special someone has a good sense of humor, don’t be afraid to include a few embarrassing throwbacks like your first junior high school dance or a picture from “the year of the mullet.”

Add animated captions and a soundtrack that depicts your relationship. Press play and enjoy.

18. Man-on-the-street

If your special someone’s family and friends are close at hand, why not pull off a man-on-the-street style birthday video? Film yourself interviewing each person with questions like:What do you appreciate most about Johnny?orWhat is your first memory of the two of you together?

This works long-distance as well. Jump onto a video call or have them do their own videos, answering each question after they read that question aloud. Tastefully crop each clip into a video montage worthy of the bestTonight Showhost.

19. Year in review

You were there for all the highs and lows, but let’s focus on the highs for this one. It’s a celebration, after all.

Start by brainstorming the milestones of the past year. This includes moments unique to the recipient as well as the ones you shared. It doesn’t have to be anything major like college graduation or an early retirement. Think about all of those little moments that make up a good life, like attending a baseball game together or the release of a new album you both loved.

No worries if you don’t have pictures to fit each moment. Draw heavily on stock video footage if you have to. The sentiment will still ring true.

(Video) 22+ Free Instagram Birthday Story |Happy Birthday Templates 2023

20. On location birthday greeting

A birthday greeting is nice. But a birthday greeting on location is twice as memorable. This video borrows from idea #6 (take your birthday gift on a journey). But instead of a wrapped present, you are the gift.

Don’t forget the birthday invite video

Celebrating in person this year? Rally the troops bymaking a birthday invitation video.

21. Birthday invitation videos for kids

Raise your hand if your child ever lost a paper invitation in the depths of their backpack, only to unearth it mere minutes before the birthday party is set to start.

Don’t be that mom. Send an invite video straight to the grownups’ inboxes instead.

22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (6)

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22. Birthday invitation videos for all ages

Static digital invitations are, well, static. Go big and go bold with a birthday video invite as lively as your party. Keep it simple with text and animated graphics, or personalize it with pictures and video footage depicting all the fun to be had.

22 easy birthday video ideas (with templates!) (7)

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Send your birthday video into the world

Now that your head is full of birthday video ideas, it’s time to focus on delivery. This step deserves nearly as much thought as the video itself.

Your video delivery method is like the wrapping paper on your present. A sloppy wrap job shows a lack of effort. The same is true here.

Think through the context of your relationship with the recipient, as well as how that person usually consumes their information. Is he or she a social media junkie? Do the two of you Whatsapp back and forth constantly? Or is the recipient special enough that only an in-person video reveal will do.

Also, does the video include anything personal or embarrassing that is best kept between friends? In that case, social media probably isn’t the way to go.

Here are the most popular options for sending out birthday videos:

  • Embed it in an email:This is a top choice for office birthday videos (although Slack works, too). Do it right byembedding the video in your email. Just sending a naked link looks sloppy, so definitely take this extra step.

  • Immortalize it on social media:Email trains come and go, but a Facebook post lasts forever. Easily match your video to the specs of any social platform with Biteable’svideo resizer tool.

  • Turn it into a story:If you live your life on Instagram Stories, this is a fun option as well. Break your video up into bite-sized bits that slowly reveal themselves like layers of wrapping paper.

  • Make your video the center of the party:Sometimes an epic birthday video warrants an epic reveal. An in-person reveal during the party works especially well if this birthday is a milestone.

A video made with Biteable is icing on the cake

Take your birthday video idea from so-so to amazing with theBiteable video maker. Begin with one of hundreds of brandable templates and video scenes or start from scratch and let your creativity soar.

With 24 million stock clips, images, and animations to choose from, one thing is for sure: your Biteable-made birthday video will be the icing on the cake.


How do you make a unique birthday video? ›

How to make a birthday video
  1. Launch Canva. Open Canva and search for “Birthday Videos” to create from scratch or start with beautiful, curated templates from our collection.
  2. Upload your favorite moments. ...
  3. Customize your birthday video. ...
  4. Make it specially yours. ...
  5. Save and share.

What is the birthday video maker app with templates? ›

Promeo, available on iOS and Android devices, is the best birthday video maker available. With this free app, you can quickly transform images with premier design tools and templates. Turn any video clip or image into a truly spectacular birthday greeting in a matter of seconds with Promeo.

What is the easiest app to make a birthday video? ›

To create a free birthday video, you can use YouCam Video, a free video editing app available on iOS and Android. Simply download the app, import your birthday photos or videos, add personalized text, effects, and music, and export the final video for sharing and celebration.

How long should a happy birthday video be? ›

Give friends + family some guidance around the length of their birthday message video. I usually suggest 1-2 minutes if you're getting videos from a big group. Otherwise, the finished product gets to be the length of a major motion picture.

What should be in a birthday video? ›

Classic birthday video ideas
  • Share a favorite memory. Sharing a favorite memory is a great way to make a person feel appreciated on their birthday. ...
  • Video gift reveal. Remember that time your parents got you a trip to Disneyland for your birthday? ...
  • Take your gift on a journey. ...
  • Happy birthday sing along.
May 25, 2021

What is the free video template app? ›

In this article
  • Filmora for Mobile (Formerly Known as FilmoraGo) - Best for Beginners & Vloggers.
  • Promeo Video Making App With Templates for Mobile.
  • LumaFusion Video Editing App With Templates for iPhone/iPad.
  • KineMaster Video Editor Program With Templates.
  • VivaVideo.

What is the best birthday slideshow maker? ›

Kizoa is the best free online birthday slideshow maker. It allows you to create a stunning birthday slideshow in a matter of seconds. Select photos, videos, music, and you're done! All templates below are available in landscape, square or portrait mode.

How do you put birthday videos together? ›

4 Steps to a Brilliant Birthday Montage
  1. Invite Friends to Record a Birthday Video Message.
  2. Collect Video Messages From Loved Ones.
  3. Compile Video Messages Into a Montage (or Get Help)
  4. Give Your Final Video to the Birthday Star.

What is the best birthday reel app? ›

Magisto – Our Choice

Before creating a greeting, you can pick the desired video orientation: square, portrait or landscape. Besides, it is possible to change the size at any time. You can use both the online version of this birthday video maker app and free video editing apps for iOS and Android.

How do you make a virtual birthday special? ›

Discover how to throw a virtual birthday party with these 9 tips:
  1. Do some pre-planning planning. ...
  2. Pick a theme. ...
  3. Decorate. ...
  4. Plan the menu. ...
  5. Play some games. ...
  6. Do a group activity. ...
  7. Keep the conversation flowing. ...
  8. Send a present.

How do you make a long birthday video? ›

4 Steps to a Brilliant Birthday Montage
  1. Invite Friends to Record a Birthday Video Message.
  2. Collect Video Messages From Loved Ones.
  3. Compile Video Messages Into a Montage (or Get Help)
  4. Give Your Final Video to the Birthday Star.


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