2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (2023)

List of Official NFL Team Hashtags & Emoji

Updated on August 1, 2022

Here’s a list of NFL team hashtags in alphabetical order (by city) you can use to maximize your reach on Twitter. I’ve added the 2022 Official NFL emoji hashtags – as well as a few others that are popular among the fanbases.

I did not include the city names so you can easily copy and paste.


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Each year the NFL and Twitter get together and update each teams “official” emoji hashtag for the upcoming season. Some hashtags change year-to-year, while others are always the same.

2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (1)

The new emoji hashtags don’t always match up with each team’s most popular hashtag amongst fans. I’ve included these unofficial tags below.

The Best NFL Fanbase Hashtags

I like the cool emojis but I’ve experienced smaller accounts will find the unofficial hashtags offer greater interaction and deliver better results in most circumstances.

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#18and1 – Giants

NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter – Breakdown

Carolina Panthers (#KeepPounding)

This is one of my favorites because I can always remember it and it never changes. Panther fans are easily one the the best groups on twitter. A little extra – Did you know KeepPounding refers to Sam Mills courageous battle with cancer.

Chicago Bears (#DaBears)

DaBears is a classic and everybody knows it. Don’t overlook #BearDown for the more serious fans.

Buffalo Bills (#BillsMafia)

Greatness! This is how it’s done. The Bills fanbase is right up there with the Browns when it comes to Twitter. They’ll follow and engage with everyone. #BillsMafia on gameday is straight fire.

#BillsMafia is very popular, you might have better reach with #GoBills on game day.

New York Jets (#TakeFlight)

TakeFlight is average, which is better than some of their previous hashtags, but they share it some off-brand in Dallas . Why not #Jets, it’s perfect.

Las Vegas Raiders (#RaiderNation)

2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (2)

The Vegas Raiders have one of the best hashtags in the entire Twitter world. Visit #RaiderNation for all kinds of hot social media content.

New England Patriots (#ForeverNE)

Patriot fans and haters all pile on this hashtag. Bring a strong opinion and you’ll get a lot action both ways. Wonder what Bill Belichick thinks about hashtags?

Kansas City Chiefs (#ChiefsKingdom)

Top shelf tag here. Even better… Chiefs’ fans are some of the best on social media. Fun, smart, and willing to engage everyone.

Miami Dolphins (#FinsUp)

Miami has a big national following that gives everyone plenty of engagement juice. #Fins4Life is another great hashtag.

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Jacksonville Jaguars (#DUUUVAL)

Fun funs, terrible hashtag. Is that 4 U’s or 3 U’s? God I hope autofill is on point.#Jaguars gets a decent amount of activity.

Indianapolis Colts (#ForTheShoe)

I see a lot disgust for this one, but I love it. Indy has a big audience on twitter, don’t forgot about #ColtsNation and #Colts. My favorite source for everything Colts is Stephen Burton at No Horsing Around.

Washington Football Team (#WashingtonFootball)

We’ll be getting a name soon, right? At least the fight song is still a thing or until somebody finds it offensive too. #WashingtonFootball is way too long. Bonus: Whoever runs WFT’s twitter account is throwing heat during games… definitely a worth a follow.

Checkout #WFTPODS for some good engagement if you’re a fan or have a podcast. Thanks to Big Doug, give him a follow.

San Francisco 49ers (#FTTB)

I guess you can go for a regional tag, but FTTB is awful for several reasons. Most of all it’s got nothing to do with the actual team. #49ers gets a lot of interaction, drop it in your tweets.

Tennessee Titans (#Titans)

Finally, we get a straight up team name as the tag. Sure everyone likes some cute/creative, but for NFL content creators and marketers #Titans is welcome moment of bliss. Tennessee fans quick to engage and discuss anything Titans related.

Denver Broncos (#BroncosCountry)

Here’s the thing. #BroncosCountry autofills quickly to the emoji hashtag and that’s always great when the team or city is the first word of the hashtag. Denver’s twitter crowd is passionate and fun to interact with.

Green Bay Packers (#GoPackGo)

Greatness. Consistent, Relevant and Easy. Maximum bonus for using the actually battle cry of fans in the stands. The Pack has a big following nationwide and you can get some action with #Packers, #GreenBayPackers, #GreenBay or even target the hardcore crowd with #Wisconsin.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (#GoBucs)

Interesting year for the Buc’s twitter presence. #GoBucs is solid, but Tampa fans don’t drive much action on twitter. Maybe things will be different this season as defending champs. If not, try targeting hashtags for individual players mentioned in your content.

Baltimore Ravens (#RavensFlock)

Baltimore has one of the best fanbases on Twitter. #RavensFlock is full of juice.

New York Giants (#TogetherBlue)

It’s a little too vague for me, especially when you can find more engaging fans at #NYGiants. Although not officially sanctioned… #18and1 is the greatest single hashtag in the NFL.

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Minnesota Vikings (#SKOL)

Everything about #SKOL is badass. The Vikings fanbase doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by the #SKOL hashtag.

Arizona Cardinals (#RedSea)

Surprisingly active fanbase out there in Arizona, unfortunately they can’t seem to come up with a decent hashtag.

Atlanta Falcons (#RiseUpATL)

The dirty bird is always jacking around with some form of RiseUP, when there are several obviously great options ignored.

Philadelphia Eagles (#FlyEaglesFly)

I love the passion that comes with this one. #FlyEaglesFly and fanbase engagement are both top-shelf.

Cincinnati Bengals (#RuleTheJungle)

Well done Bengals! This year’s new hashtag is 100% better than SeizeTheDey. It makes sense and brings back memories of the glory days. Goes great with the logo too.

Seattle Seahawks (#Seahawks)

Team name always work, especially a cool name like #Seahawks.

Los Angeles Rams (#RamsHouse)

Stupid… especially for team that doesn’t give a crap about where they’re from. #LARams is another good option.

Cleveland Browns (#Browns)

The Browns have the best twitter fanbase in the NFL. If you want more followers jump into the #Browns hashtag. Don’t forget about #DawgPound and maybe even give #brownstwitter a try. Thanks to @Jessy Marie for setting me straight on the correct emoji. Give her a follow – great AFC North commentary…

New Orleans Saints (#Saints)

Solid. You should also throw down a #WhoDat. With Brees gone, we could see the return of the #Aints

Pittsburgh Steelers (#HereWeGo)

Battle cries and hashtags always work. Great fanbase, stans and haters… lots of twitter action. You can also find a crowd using #Steelers & #SteelersNation.

Detroit Lions (#OnePride)

I’m torn on #OnePride. It’s creative and easy to remember, but something bugs me… actually I hate it. Great uniforms though.

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Houston Texans (#WeAreTexans)

Gag… c’mon Houston. Tough year to be a Texans fan.

Dallas Cowboys (#DallasCowboys)

It’s good strictly from a practical standpoint. You can also find many fans using #CowboysNation or even #CowboysFam. Dallas has a huge Twitter following which you can tap into.

Los Angeles Chargers (#BoltUp)

Charger fans underperform as a Twitter fan base, but they do have one of the better hashtags going… #BoltUp is pretty cool and the most likely place to find the leftover San Diego Chargers fan base.

NFL Hashtag Strategy for Max Engagement

I’m a small account and realize I won’t get added reach simply throwing in a popular hashtag on game-day tweets. But… you can get a big boost with some extra preparation. Here’s my strategy for using NFL hashtags.

NFL Hashtag Basics

Before my strategy here’s a quick rundown if you’re not familiar with popular NFL hashtags.

Game Matchups

Each game will have it’s own hashtag. Getting the team order is very important!

2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (3)
  1. Use city/state abbreviations. For example… DAL for Dallas or AZ for Arizona.
  2. The visiting team starts the hashtag.
  3. “vs” goes in between the cities/states.
  4. The home team finishes the hashtag.

These are very popular on game-day as tons of people get updates by clicking on the hashtag to see what’s happening. Twitter will default you to a list of top results for the particular hashtag, which is great if you’re in the top 2 or 3, not so much otherwise.

General NFL Hashtags

Another important group of hashtags to help build your reach consist of the following:

  • #NFLTwitter – The best generic hashtag for NFL. Good chance of reaching the top tweets category and overall reach.
  • #FantasyFootball – Excellent tag for weekdays and Saturday night. Too much noise on Sundays.
  • #NFL – Too generic for me, but could be used on evergreen content.
  • #MNF – This hashtag is great if you tweet on Monday mornings and have time to promote throughout the day.

Let me know if I missed any.

The NFL Twitter Strategy

Early in the week target the juicy hashtags

This is the time when competition is low and you can take advantage by experimenting with popular hashtags:

  • #NFLTwitter
  • Specific game hashtag (i.e. #NYJvsGB)
  • Specific team (use one of the official team emoji hashtags from the list above)
  • #MNF

Near the top of the trending hashtags anytime Tuesday – Friday will bring you more impressions and reach than rolling through everyones’ timeline in the blink of an eye during the game.

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2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (4)
2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (5)

Switch it up on game day

On game-day start using the fan oriented hashtags like #GiantsPride or #HTTR. One of my favorite techniques is to build “hashtag stacks” and try them out during the game. If you’re live tweeting a Tampa game… be prepared to throw down a #firethecannons+ #tombrady combo at the end of your tweet.

2022 NFL Team Hashtags for Twitter - NFL Picks Pro (6)


Who is the most followed NFL team on twitter? ›

With around 4.6 million followers, the New England Patriots have the most followed NFL team account on Twitter. .

Are there NFL Emojis? ›

The league and the social media company teamed up to create a new set of emojis for the upcoming 2016 season, and each of those has a hashtag to go along with it. Most of the teams played it straight, using their main logo for the emoji, including teams like the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and New York Giants.

What is the most liked NFL Team 2022? ›

These are the Top 10 Most Followed teams in NFL 2022:
  • Green Bay Packers.
  • Seattle Seahawks. ...
  • Pittsburgh Steelers. ...
  • San Francisco 49ers. ...
  • Denver Broncos. ...
  • Philadelphia Eagles. ...
  • New York Giants. ...
  • Chicago Bears. This is a traditional NFL side, the NFL side was established in 1920 and they were first known as the Decatur. ...
Jul 2, 2022

What is Steelers hashtag? ›

RELATED hashtags for #steelers
16 more rows

What football team has the smallest fanbase? ›

The Arizona Cardinals have one of the smallest NFL fanbases. Moving to Arizona in 1988, the team just hasn't been able to get much fan support. This is most likely due to the fact that NFL fans in the area already had a team they liked prior to 1988, which geographically is probably the Dallas Cowboys.

What NFL team has the best social media? ›

New England Patriots

The reigning NFL champions have more Instagram followers than any other team in the league, and it's not just because they've won five Super Bowls.

How do you use NFL Emojis? ›

Send NFL emoji to taunt friends in Fantasy Football. Once you download it you can go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> SportsManias Emojis. You may need to also tap on the keyboard and allow full access if you run into issues.

Does Bitmoji have NFL outfits? ›

The NFL recently made the outfits available to all 32 clubs, but we think the Purple and Gold look is the best option of them all. These outfits will be accessible via both the Snapchat and Bitmoji apps globally. The Bitmoji app is available for download here.

What is the cowboy emoji for? ›

Emoji Meaning

A yellow smiley wearing a wide-brimmed, brown-leather cowboy hat. Its smile varies across platforms. May convey a sense of exuberance, whimsy, confidence, adventure, or other sentiments. Several vendors, including Apple, feature the same expression as their 😃 Grinning Face With Big Eyes.

Who is the best NFL Predictor? ›

Here's how each expert compares and who is the most accurate game predictor of the 2022 NFL season.
Past Champions.
YearMost Accurate
2020Matt Bowen ESPN
2019Kevin Seifert ESPN
2018Jamey Eisenberg CBS Sports
2017Jamey Eisenberg CBS Sports
4 more rows

What NFL team has the biggest fanbase? ›

The Dallas Cowboys haven't just managed to gain the largest fan following in the NFL. This team is actually considered to be the most valuable sports team in the world. Yes, this team is valued at more than $5 billion.

What NFL team does Obama like? ›

Chicago Bears: Barack Obama.

Which football team has the most followers? ›

Let's take a look at the top 10 most followed football clubs on Instagram in 2022.
  1. Real Madrid (122 million followers)
  2. FC Barcelona (110 million followers) ...
  3. Paris Saint-Germain (61.4 million followers) ...
  4. Manchester United (59.2 million followers) ...
  5. Juventus (54.2 million followers) ...
  6. Liverpool (39.6 million followers) ...
Jul 23, 2022

Who is the most followed NFL team on Instagram? ›

New England Patriots

What NFL team has the most fans 2021? ›

The Dallas Cowboys haven't just managed to gain the largest fan following in the NFL. This team is actually considered to be the most valuable sports team in the world. Yes, this team is valued at more than $5 billion.

What is the most unpopular NFL team? ›

Dallas Cowboys NFL's 'most-hated team,' according to study, especially in one area. With much love, comes much hate. And so it is with the Dallas Cowboys. According to a study of posts on Twitter through the preseason and the first six weeks of the NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys are the “most-hated team” in the league.


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