13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (2022)

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (1)

The days when garages were viewed as nothing more than a drab, utilitarian parking area for vehicles and a modest amount of home storage have long since past.

Modern garage spaces are now capable of being one-of-a-kind, showroom-quality expressions of your style that function at a high level.

Garage Living has successfully completeld thousands of garage makeovers in North America since we started in 2005.

We’ve done projects both large and small, from large garages in luxury homes to more modest makeovers in smaller homes.

13 awesome garage makeovers that turn heads

Regardless of the scale and budget of the projects Garage Living works on, our goal always remains the same – to transform our clients’ garages into beautiful-looking spaces they can get more enjoyment and functionality out of.

We’ve compiled a list of 13 awesome garage makeovers that showcase what we can accomplish in just about any garage space. You’ve heard of “garage envy” before? Well, we think these incredible makeovers are perfect examples of why the expression was invented.

Hopefully what you see will give you some ideas and inspiration to transform your garage into a part of the home that is a true extension of your living space, just like these rooms have.

1. The underground garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (2)

The photo above isn’t from a Lamborghini showroom or a movie set – it’s the outcome of one of our more unique makeover projects.

The remodel was done in an underground residential garage located below a traditional above-ground garage. Although it’s hard to imagine it, pre-makeover this garage had a look that could best be described as “dull”.

We think you’ll agree that “dull” and the parked presence of the homeowner’s Lamborghini Huracán Spyder simply don’t go together.

The garage’s appearance is elevated to that of its four-wheeled occupant with the pairing of a Charcoal Floortex™ floor coating and GL Custom Steel cabinetry with a black matte finish. They provide the perfect decorative complement to the supercar’s sleek paint finish.

A blend of the floor coating’s silver, black, and white decorative flakes results in a beautiful showroom-quality surface that helps hide dust and dirt.

Ample cabinet storage space holds all of the garage’s belongings and keeps them organized while keeping them hidden to preserve the room’s high-end appearance. Bright lighting helps offset the garage’s darker color scheme.

Click to view more photos from this makeover.

2. The Harbor Blue garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (3)

The inspiration for Harbor Blue, Garage Living’s newest custom cabinet and flooring color, came from this client’s desire to find a garage aesthetic that complemented the home’s location within a lakeside resort community.

The lighter shade of blue, a color that’s well-known for its calming effects, fits perfectly for a residence that’s a weekend getaway for the client and surrounded by water. Harbor Blue was also designed to match the color of a prominent exterior design feature on the client’s condo building.

(Video) Building a Showroom Style Garage [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

In addition to the Harbor Blue Floortex™ floor coating, surrounding slatwall and GL Custom cabinetry provides ample storage space for bikes, golf equipment, and equipment for various water activities.

This project nicely showcases the design flexibility and willingness of Garage Living to go above and beyond for our clients when it comes to meeting the requirements of their projects!

Get a closer look at this makeover by viewing the gallery.

3. The luxury garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (4)

Garage Living specializes in luxury garage makeovers that we think are befitting of any home, whether you own a mansion or a more modestly sized residence.

We believe that experiencing the feeling of luxury the moment you arrive home is important. There’s no better way to make that happen than to transform a garage space into a true home showpiece.

And if you own luxury vehicles, you’re doing them a disservice by parking them in a shabby-looking garage that doesn’t complement their high-end appearance.

This project includes all the must-have features of any luxury garage:

  • a clean, modern, and high-end look
  • cabinetry for hidden storage that maintains the garage’s tidy appearance (including customized recessed cabinets that hide an electrical panel, central vac system, and the home’s elevator motor)
  • superior quality flooring that provides long-lasting floor protection
  • slatwall for hanging items to keep the floor clutter-free

Get a better look at this luxury garage gallery.

4. The fitness room garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (5)

Garages aren’t just for parking cars and extra home storage. They’re capable of multi-purpose functionality, such as setting up a workshop or a workout space.

The latter is what the owners of this home wanted to use their garage for. The active couple preferred to use their single-car garage as a fully functional gym instead of a parking space.

Overhead racking, a cabinet system, and slatwall on the garage’s side walls provided the perfect solution for storing all of their exercise equipment.

To address the fact that the garage would need to accommodate workouts during the winter, the old garage door was replaced with an insulated steel garage door. A high lift door conversion raised the height the garage door opens at to facilitate workouts that required more vertical space.

A heater was also added which, along with the already-insulated walls, made the garage more comfortable during the cold weather months.

Rounding out the project is a floor coating that adds a professional look to the garage, is easy to clean, and can withstand the wear and tear from daily workouts.

Take a more in-depth look at this garage’s gallery.

5. The his & her garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (6)

One of our most awesome garage makeovers was a remodel project for home improvement expert and TV host Bryan Baeumler.

The building of their country home was the focus of season three of his House of Bryan show on HGTV Canada.

Garage Living worked with Bryan and his wife Sarah to design and install a pair of bespoke garages (one for him and one for her and the family’s kids) that were connected.

Bryan’s garage provides plenty of functional space so he can work on his motorcycle and other vehicles. Naturally, Bryan has a large tool collection to store. All his tools and other garage belonging are kept organized in GL NEOSElite cabinetry, with additional slatwall used for hanging storage.

Both garages received a Floortex™ floor coating in Blue Nightfall. For Sarah and the kids, their personalized garage space utilized a GL Premium cabinet system for storing gardening tools and accessories, as well as the kids’ things.

(Video) 8 ways to make a GARAGE or any ROOM smart

Slatwall storage also complements the cabinet storage space and allows for hanging outdoor apparel right beside the door into the main living space. This transitional area can function as a de facto mudroom, which reduces clutter in the home’s main living space.

Get more information and photos from this dual garage makeover.

6. The minimalist garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (7)

The Marie Kondo-fuelled minimalist philosophy is trendy and extends to beyond keeping homes free of clutter and too many things that don’t “spark joy”.

More homeowners are applying minimalism to their home décor, which is what this client did for their garage remodel. The neutral colors chosen for the garage interior project a clean and modern look, with a tasteful simplicity that’s anything but boring.

The grey, black, and white colors that make up the Charcoal polyaspartic floor coating were ideal for this garage.

A black GL Custom Steel cabinet system and slatwall panels (in Gun Metal grey) adds enough storage space so the garage stays clutter-free. Even Kondo herself would approve!

The cabinets were also customized to keep an exposed circuit panel and central vac hidden. The customization extended to designing the cabinets to accommodate some home theatre components (including designing doors and shelves to provide adequate airflow).

View more photos from this gallery.

7. The Audi R8 garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (8)

If any car is worthy of a garage redesign that can match its sharp looks, it would be an Audi R8.

This smaller garage that’s home for the luxury car had the same must-have features added that just about all of the awesome garage makeovers you see on this page include. That means a new floor coating, a slatwall storage system, a cabinet system (GL Signature), and overhead racks.

Here are a few other interesting details about this project:

  • the color choice (Harbor Blue) for the cabinetry, slatwall strips, and flooring was influenced by the Nardo Grey color of the R8
  • to create a seamless and consistent look, the Floortex™ floor coating was also applied to the garage’s wall base and steps into the main living space
  • LED lights below the slatwall strips add visual appeal and are activated by the garage door’s remote control
  • the bright room has three windows, which made the garage door’s rails visible so a high lift conversion relocated them above the windows

It all adds up to a garage that’s stylish enough to make an Audi R8 look right at home. The room, which includes a TV mounted in the cabinet system, is also comfortable, clean, and organized enough for the client to use as a home entertainment space.

Find out more about what went into this garage makeover.

8. The fully rebuilt garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (9)

This large garage, which is approximately 1,600 sq.ft., was fully rebuilt from the ground up.

After installing new drywall and priming and painting the garage, we installed Gun Metal grey GL Custom Steel cabinets. The cabinet system includes a TV cabinet, sink, and butcher block countertop.

Two of the garage’s electrical panels are hidden behind the two locker cabinets to the far left in the picture above.

A durable Pebble Beach Floortex™ coating was applied to the floor to protect it and further enhance the garage’s appearance.

View our gallery featuring before and after photos of this project and many more awesome garage makeovers we’ve completed.

9. The driving enthusiast’s garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (10)

We’ve established that for anyone who drives a luxury vehicle, owning a garage that doesn’t project a similarly upscale look makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

(Video) Garageflex 1000th Garage Makeover Case Study

The BMW M4 Coupé in Tanzanite Blue Metallic inspired the custom color scheme for this garage. There was a lot that went into this remodel including:

  • a Floortex™ floor coating in Harbor Blue
  • grey slatwall panels for hanging storage and Harbor Blue slatwall strips outfitted with lower LED lighting
  • GL Custom Steel cabinets in Harbor Blue with a built-in undermount sink and pullout shelving
  • a TV that is mounted in the cabinet system with a soundbar and subwoofer
  • a LiftMaster garage door opener that operates quietly and has features smart myQ technology
  • a garage heater and LED ceiling lights

Discover more about this makeover on its gallery page.

10. The home entryway garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (11)

A big reason homeowners desire awesome garage makeovers like the ones shown here is they want to make the area they most often use to enter and exit their house look nicer.

According to an online study by the Chamberlain Group (the industry leader in garage door opener sales), 55% of homeowners use the garage as their house’s primary access point.

This makes perfect sense, given the numerous benefits and conveniences of parking in the garage:

  • you avoid being exposed to inclement weather when entering and exiting vehicles
  • snow and ice doesn’t have to be scraped off your car or truck in the winter
  • vehicles are kept more secure than leaving them parked in the driveway
  • getting groceries from the car to the kitchen is a lot easier

For all of these reasons and a wish to create a more upscale storage space for his family’s Maserati and Mercedes, we worked with one of our clients to create the garage you see here.

Slatwall, GL Premium cabinets, and wall-mounted tire racks give the owners of this home all the storage space they could possibly need. Zero floor clutter makes the pristine floor coating in Blue Nightfall look that much more impressive!

See more from this gallery here. You can also learn more about the project from an interview we did with the client.

11. The basketball court garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (12)

When we said our clients love getting more functionality out of their garages, we weren’t kidding.

How about using the garage as a parking space and a fully functional basketball court (that looks ridiculously cool)?

The client for this project, who was amazed at the finished result, has two grandchildren who are talented, passionate basketball players. He wanted to create a space that allowed them to practice year-round and give him a chance to see his grandkids more regularly.

Here was the unique challenge presented to Garage Living: could they transform the floor of this large two-story garage (with a level below it for storing farm equipment) into a realistic mini basketball court with a three-point line, free-throw line, and colored key?

Garage Living Cincinnati owner Matt Ziebro and his team had never done a project like this before, but resourcefully found a way to get the job done.

The 1,200 square foot floor had a Charcoal Floortex™ floor coating applied. Here’s why the polyaspartic coating was perfect for the job:

  • the court/parking surface has a glossy, professional appearance that won’t fade over time
  • since the coating is so durable, the floor can withstand the wear and tear of regular athletic activity
  • the surface’s appearance is preserved with the coating’s ability to resist hot tire pickup (where hot tires can leave permanent floor markings)
  • with the textured surface, anyone playing hoops gets better foot traction

Garage Living used stencils to paint perfect lines on the court. The red and blue paint (the latter being the University of Kentucky’s signature “KY Blue” color) complete the one-of-a-kind project’s look.

Check out a few more photos of one of our more unique awesome garage makeovers.

12. The unfinished garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (13)

A frequent reason our clients call us to handle their garage makeover is they want to finally make the space look finished.

Unfinished garages with poor storage systems, non-existent décor, shoddy-looking flooring, and other deficiencies are ripe for the transformative touch of a pro like Garage Living.

Jay, the owner of this garage, hired us to fix all of these issues in his home. Once the project was completed, he found it to be a dramatic improvement over what previously existed.

With space at a premium in this single-car garage, there was simply no room for floor clutter. Otherwise, parking inside the garage became too problematic.

Slatwall panels with hanging accessories that best fit Jay’s needs maximize the garage’s storage space. Yard tools, snow shovels, a ladder, and sports equipment that were previously leaned against the wall or kept in a corner are now organized and stored off the floor.

(Video) Ex Rugby Players Studio Apartment Home Gym | Garage Gym Life Media

The slatwall also provides a significant visual upgrade over the unpainted drywall that was visible for the many years he’s lived in the home.

Just as the addition of slatwall creates a more finished interior appearance, so too does a fresh floor coating. Jay chose the Nightfall color for his Floortex™ floor coating and loves how much better it looks and how easy it is to clean than his old floor.

Watch our interview with Jay about his garage makeover.

13. The storage-rich garage makeover

13 Awesome Garage Makeovers That Will Give You Garage Envy (14)

Large garages obviously give you more storage space. That means they can also hold more clutter and quickly look very untidy, however.

Clutter and a lack of storage space is (no surprise) a non-issue for the owner of the garage pictured above.

After we had completed this makeover, the garage was positively storage-rich and required much less effort to keep organized.

Before the garage renovation, the room’s primary storage systems were standalone steel racking units with shelving that was overloaded with items. If you view the #7 “Before” photo on the makeover gallery page, you’ll notice that patio furniture and other things are unsafely stacked high on the top shelf of both racks.

Loose items were also being left on the floor, leaned against walls, and even blocked doorways.

The garage’s storage problems were solved by adding an abundance of organized storage space in the form of slatwall, overhead racking, and a GL Custom cabinet system.

Fresh paint and a Sedona Floortex™ floor coating effectively complement the rest of the garage’s revitalized décor.

The finished garage looks much nicer and will never face any storage issues!

Awesome garage makeovers are what we do!

Who wouldn’t want to own a garage that’s so impressive it can turn their neighbors’ heads?

For the 13 clients whose awesome garage makeovers are featured here, all they had to do was contact us. Together, we turned the dream garage concepts in their head into real-life spaces in their home they can be proud of.

Get your garage remodel project off the ground by scheduling a free consultation with one of our design consultants.

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(Video) How to Organize a Garage (w/ Monica from The Weekender)


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  1. Install A Functional Garage Door. ...
  2. Insulate And Vent The Space. ...
  3. Use A Smart Storage Strategy. ...
  4. Install Adequate Lighting. ...
  5. Put An Easy-To-Clean Finish On The Floor. ...
  6. Add More Electrical Outlets. ...
  7. Add A Walk-Through Door. ...
  8. Let Your Car Own The Space.

How can I make my garage feel cozy? ›

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  2. 2 – New Door. Garage doors usually have an old feel to them. ...
  3. 3 – Utilised Utilities. ...
  4. 4 – Store Garage Items. ...
  5. 5 – Add Some Furniture.
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How can I make my old garage look new? ›

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  2. Install a heater. ...
  3. Add cabinets and storage spaces. ...
  4. Organize the trash and recycling bins. ...
  5. Clean and refinish the garage floor. ...
  6. Use green pest control to protect it. ...
  7. Turn the garage attic into a living space.

The best way to keep the area clean & organized is by dedicating garage storage spaces and shelves to keep things in place.. Using adjustable wall brackets for the shelving is ideal, as it allows you to adjust shelf heights as needed Peg boards & slat wall – a great compact storage solution for smaller items; this is great for items and equipment you use often such as power tools and cleaning equipment Ceiling-mounted hooks & brackets – these are useful if you have enough ceiling room and are great for hanging and storing special equipment if you have them such as kayaks, paddles, bikes, etc.. Flooring made for heavy-duty use such as epoxy, polyurethane, or an appropriate coat over your concrete floor, will definitely improve both aesthetics and utility of the garage. Simply adding appropriate storage in the garage already greatly improves the area.. it lacks storage space as you can see a lot of items placed randomly around the area bare concrete flooring – concrete is porous so it easily attracts moisture and stains it lacks proper insulation which can make the garage uncomfortable during hot or cold months.. Using hooks, you can easily transform the slat wall and add more storage.. It also added garage storage cabinets made for heavy-duty / outdoor use.. After installing storage cabinet units and shelving, the condition of the garage greatly improved.. Although the finish is better than the previous example, bare concrete does not give enough protection from chemicals, stains, oils and other damages common on garage floors.. To keep the rugged appeal of the raw concrete floors, instead of completely changing the finish of the floor, it was simply coated with an epoxy coating.

Check out these 7 amazing garage makeovers where these families used easy-to-find storage solutions, some smart planning, and a little DIY magic to create some incredible makeover results.. This garage makeover took a bit longer than the others on this list, but the end results are certainly worth it.. They went with the more custom approach and built their own floating shelves to keep the floor free from clutter, wanting to make it easier to clean the floor.. That will make it much easier for you to replicate these results in your own garage without the equivalent woodworking skills required.. As you can see in the before picture, they’d repeatedly tried to put a strong organization system in place, but things didn’t stick.. That goes to show that having all the “right” tools won’t make your organization plan work if it doesn’t fit your habits and needs.. Finally, this makeover was able to help them properly store and arrange their things in a way that worked for their family.. This final makeover was done by some creative homeowners, who decided they needed to rework their garage space.

And while, when staring down a dirty concrete floor, a half-broken garage door, and a mountain of stuff you meant to throw out might make you want to raze your garage and start from scratch, there are less-drastic approaches that can make better use of that space in no time.. With that in mind, we've compiled 40 easy tips that will transform your garage in no time, turning that damp, dirty storage space into a part of the house you actually enjoy.. If you want to make the most of your space, consider upgrading that garage door.. "You can modify a garage for storage for all of the toys and crafts without affecting the resell value since great storage in a garage space is desirable.". "To make any garage more storage and activity friendly, take the time to paint masonry or damp walls with a moisture blocking paint and sheetrock walls with paint formulated for clean-ability," says Gianna.. ShutterstockIf you want to make your garage a more hospitable space for you and your car all year, install a ductless mini-split system in the space for heating and cooling .. "If you need the garage space for other purposes, go the extra mile and convert the garage into what you really need: an extra room, office, art studio, or workshop," suggests Gianna.. Adding some spray foam insulation to the inside of your garage door can help you maintain a more pleasant temperature inside the garage, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.. However, something as simple as installing carpeted stair treads on the steps from your garage to your house can make the space safer (and get rid of any of that dirt you might otherwise track into your home).. If you're an avid gardener but don't want to take up any of your precious green space, transform your garage into the perfect storage space for your tools.. Just a few hooks, pegs, and shelves along your garage walls can make it easy to store your tools without taking up much space.. A car lift means you can store two cars in a single garage or use the newly-opened floor space for those hobbies you don't have space for inside your home.. Pegboard is an easy addition to any garage and makes storing those tools that might otherwise clutter your space a breeze.

A roll-away worktop cabinet adorned with string lights lends ample surface space and lighting for projects, while floating shelves installed between the upper cabinet and worktop put small tools close at hand.. The floor was largely taken up by piles of racing tires, a large tool chest, a workbench, and a metal shelf with a paltry three shelves stuffed without rhyme or reason with tools and cleaning supplies.. A taller floor cabinet and shorter base cabinets with built-in drawers were set along one wall to corral floor clutter and create surface space for Shannon’s handiwork.. Tools teetered on the edge of a wooden table and a floating shelf, cleaning supplies were laid against walls, and a freestanding tool chest and the kids’ toy trucks ate into parking space for the real car.. A freestanding three-tiered shelf and a two-in-one cabinet and bench now stand in place of the wooden table and floating shelf to reign in tools and supplies and create seating for quick shoe changes, while wall-mounted track shelves between these units keep the tykes’ toys off the floor.. By ditching the tool chest for a rolling tool shelf and craft table against the opposite garage wall, DIY-savvy Monica Mangin, host of Lowe's The Weekender video series, redesigned the space to create room at the garage entrance for a kid-sized lounger and a chalkboard door for daily doodling.. A storage rack installed above the garage door keeps heavy holiday decor under wraps and doubles as a bike rack, leaving more than enough floor space for her family’s four-wheeler.. A clean garage is a happy garage.

Sick and tired of your fishing rods getting tangled ?. Here’s how to build an easy fishing rod organizer.. All you need is a length of 3-in.-diameter PVC pipe and a foam swimming pool noodle.. Drill one-inch holes spaced every four inches in the PVC pipe.. Use a utility knife to cut slits in the foam noodle, spacing them four inches apart.. Line up the pool noodle on the wall so that at least two of the slits sit over studs.. Pull those slits apart, slide in a fender washer, and screw the noodle to the wall with two-inch screws.. Then screw the PVC pipe to the wall beneath it at a comfortable height and insert your fishing rods.. No more tangles!

Find out why a minimalist garage philosophy and design style could be perfect for your home , especially if the rest of your house features minimalist design elements.. See your future garage before building begins Your garage designer can help you envision what your finished minimalist garage design will look like.. 3D render of a minimalist garage design by Garage Living.. Simplify the garage design process To simplify things, you can choose a minimalist theme from Garage Living’s Designer Series , which features themes with pre-chosen colors and materials that help simplify the design process.. Use negative space in a positive way Using negative space as part of your minimalist garage design focuses more attention on the room’s finer points.

The simple garage is the multi-purpose and additional space in your home.. Your garage works as a great place for storage especially if you do not have enough place inside your home.. By replacing or repairing your garage door , it is sure to increase the value of your home.. In case your garage door takes up a large chunk of your home’s street frontage then you should invest in a new door.. You need the expertise of a professional or if it’s a simple garage door repair then your enhanced home warranty package should take care of it.. You should know that a floor done by a DIY garage makeover would not be as good as that done by a professional.. A damaged garage floor which needs to be redone is an instigating factor that helps decide a garage makeover.. One of the toughest things to install is the garage door and the opener.. The garage door requires to be fit in the door frame perfectly in order to ensure proper operation and optimum energy efficiency by removing the gaps.. A garage door has several moving parts that need to perfectly interact with each other Your garage door springs would need to be adjusted to account for the different weight of your new door.. By adding garage cabinets and storage racks and shelving in the garage it will help organize the garage.. You should cancel your DIY garage makeover and choose a garage makeover professional install.. Now that you have realized that a DIY garage makeover is not as good as the craftsmanship of a professional, you should take preventive measure for your home.. This works based on the home warranty service contract and the technicians that they send out to repair a faulty appliance or system.The price of a home warranty is relatively cheaper than the expenses you would make for individual repairs.. After comparing these home warranty, you can opt for a Free quote and start your negotiations with the home warranty companies that you requested for.

While it’s easy to just swap out the old garage door with a newer version of the same design, do your research to see all of the new garage door options.. A prominent feature on the home, the garage door is painted Sherwin Williams "Amber Wave" to match the front door.. Our September imagineNATION Makeover Contest winners love the look of their new garage door so much that they ordered a Clopay Craftsman Collection fiberglass front door to complete the transformation and sent us new photos after it was installed.. A Clopay fiberglass entry door complements the steel Ultra-Grain finish on the new garage door.. Our October imagineNATION Contest winners discovered that choosing the right garage door COLOR is equally important to selecting the right garage door STYLE for your home.. Soon after, they saw a Clopay Ultra-Grain garage door they liked on another house and wondered, “Why paint the existing door when they could get a brand new one with the style, quality, and finish they originally wanted?”. The windows and simple "V" design on the new Clopay garage doors complements the timber frame detailing over the front door.. Find garage doors that match your home style in our Garage Door Buying Guide .

Organize your garage and revamp this space with these awesome DIY garage makeover ideas!. Allow your garage door to make a statement about the style of your home.. This design saves save you a little space, compared to other garage door styles.. Your garage can double as a work area and a workout space!. Do a garage makeover to make the most of this space!. Your garage can both store stuff and create extra space for other needs.

says, “Painting a garage requires a few more steps than painting a regular wall in your home.”. Painting the walls will allow your garage to have a clean finish.. Regardless of what color you choose, you will love how new, clean, and modern your garage will look after a fresh coat of paint.. Jodi Jacobson/Getty Images Painting your garage floor may seem like a strange concept to anyone who has never had a painted garage floor or seen one.. You will love the many benefits of painting your garage floor, such as:. Choose a paint color and texture that you love, so you can enjoy walking into a garage that is clean, practical, and beautiful.. One of the other great benefits to painting your garage floor is how much easier it will be to clean.. Making over your garage can be as simple as a coat of paint or the addition of some stylish storage.. Enjoy making your garage customized to your needs through fun paint colors, useful cabinetry/shelving, and durable flooring.

These exterior makeovers might make you take a second glance at landscape, detailing, and more to give new life to these useful spaces.. A new multipane garage door helps to lighten the home's front facade, while a fresh coat of yellow paint gives the existing siding a cheery new life.. A revamped roofline creates a continuous design line between home and garage, and two windows in place of one offer welcome symmetry.. This home's car entrance did its job just fine but did little to add interest to the streetside view.. Trim makes its appearance in the new garage door -- this one with subtle detailing to repeat the lines of the updated accent brick.. A revamped roof also ties into the color scheme and establishes a contemporary connection between house and garage.. There's power in design -- even for those must-haves like garage doors.. Pretty shake siding and horizontal and vertical accents connect home to garage, as does updated landscaping, which adds a welcoming feel to the home's entry.


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